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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Exams almost over.....

Another relaxing day. Without hockey now for the break its hard to find things to pass the time that was once filled by practice or games. Had a nice breakfast with a couple of the guys and took advantage of this crazy weather and got out the running shoes for a jog around Fredonia. Jared Wynia just reminded me of the 5 more days till the end of the world, so not really sure if I should continue studying or not, but as a precaution that the world isn't really going down I cracked open the books for a few hours today. Decided to take it easy tonight and rent a couple of movies from the Family Video enterprise, bringing home the new Batman and the new Bourne flicks. Getting some good relaxation lately finding some quality time to heal the bumps and bruises, must interrupt my thought and say the Knicks got away with a win tonight some how as a Cleveland player doesn't know how to sink free throws? That really blows my mind that these pros can drain three points and fade away jump shots with a defender in their grill but cant hit a FREE throw to save their lives. Im not upset with that performance, signing off to watch Batman! Cheers.

Brian Doust 23

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hooping it up before exams.....

Its always nice to add some change to your regular routine. Instead of keeping hockey, hockey, hockey on the mind, the guys of Temple brought out their skills of another sport. We found the time between studying, laundry and cleaning the house to make our way to the gym and shot the basketball around. After a few games of 21 the Fredonia men's basketball team came in inviting us to test our skills and play a pick-up game. Unfortunately we had to refuse the offer to keep from getting embarrassed out on the courts today, rain check. But its always nice to get out and do something other than the constant routine, which I think really helps keep hockey exciting and fresh, realizing your true talents and getting your mind off your competitive sport with a casual game. With the holidays quickly approaching I was able to sit down and finish some last minute gift ideas, hopefully they show up on time, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for that though. Getting back to the books now and working to get up on the higher side of the GPA rankings this year. Pleasure to have the blog this week, thanks for checking in! Happy holidays!

Brian Doust 23

Monday, December 17, 2012

Secret Santa.....

Another fun time with the Fredonia State Blue Devil family. The boys got together again today in a rematch of yesterday's Canada/US scrimmage. I was pleased to get the call once again to mind the net for Team Canada. Brad Nunn, #17 this season, was the opposing goaltender. He was the best goal tender I must admit as I could not close my 5-hole if my life depended on it! Tonight was out Annual Christmas get together, no gifts were shared as of late but stay posted for our secret Santa updates! Happy Holidays, I hope Santa spoils you better than my secret Santa this year!

Brian Doust #23

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feels weird not being on the ice...

Stephen Castriota adn Jared Wynia have lunch at Cranston Marche'
Feels weird not being on the ice everyday, have had troubles finding something to do to fill the time. Today the boys got together and jumped on the ice for a scrimmage of 3 on 3. I mixed things up and strapped on Holloway's goalie gear and dusted off some old skills I've been hiding. Ill admit it took about 5 minutes to get the rust off but after Andrew Christ took a full power slap shot off my face in a half-moon warm-up, followed by a shot of the inside of the foot, my skills were awoken and live in action. It made for a fun afternoon as the team of Wynia, Tecki, Christ and Kauff won the best of 3 series in a game 3 nail biter. Enjoyed another few meals at the local cranston and sitting back watching the big Lakers Knicks game. Watching Kobe do his thing, enough said big win for the Lakers coming, got to run to watch em do it!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good battle against Penn State

Tough loss last night, the boys battle hard just didn't have the bounces, story of our first semester. On a positive note the boys spirits are high and hopefully for a strong second half finish of SUNYAC play. Classes winding down now really starting to get into holiday mode, ready to throw on the lounge gear and relax. Did some Christmas shopping tonight at the galleria in buffalo tonight, hopefully all finished now as the wallets feeling a bit light this time of year. Looking forward to the break and coming back regenerated to make a strong run in puck!

Brian Doust 23

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today was a good day

Today was a good day.
Today was a nice change in pace from a stressful, work filled semester. Turns out that the usual morning microeconomics class was cancelled for the this wonderful Monday morning and myself and three teammates, two housemates, were able to catch another much needed hour of sleep before cracking a book. Got a quick lunch with a couple of the boys on the squad at the always nutritious Cranston Marché. I was able to enjoy a nice entree of perogies a healthy salad and some fruit to cap off a great lunch. Class in the afternoon was nice and easy gearing down for dead week we continued our presentations in Epic and Romance where I was able to score an A+ on last Friday, so today I got to kick back and just listen and review. I concluded my day by finishing up on some Performing Arts performance critiques and re-watching the HBO TV show Entourage. Time to get some rest for the big game tomorrow against Division I, Penn State, should be a good match-up before Christmas break. Can't wait to get out there, hope to see you all out on the ice come game time tomorrow!
Brian Doust 23
The performing arts brochure I'm writing a critique on for class and the HBO hit TV series Entourage I'm watching!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The boys getting the bus legs out, walking up the hill to Elmira's Dome
Enjoying a nice Sunday with the boys of 102 temple street today reflecting on a positive weekend. A big home and home weekend against the Elmira Eagles proved to be a positive sign of good things to come. After starting the season pretty slow the boys were able to rally and come out flying friday with a big win 4-2. Saturday was a hard fought loss 4-1 but the score really did not reflect the play, commitment and attitude displayed by the boys on our squad. We battled hard putting pressure on them out shooting them and tallying 17 on their net with 37 for the game. Looking to take the positives out and look forward to playing the Division 1 Penn State at the Steele Hall on tuesday night! 

Nothing much exciting going on in the famous 102 temple house, we spent it relaxing watching some football games, basketball games and going over some notes gearing up for finals in just a weeks time. Excited to get at the ice tomorrow as we get set for Penn State which we look to build on a strong second half as a team to beat in the SUNYAC. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, stay tuned for more exciting news from the Blue Devils this week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ready to go this weekend......

Thursday night here in Fredonia. Another great day of practice earlier today and I can say the boys are definitely ready to go tomorrow. With a big home and home coming up we're going to have to take it one period at a time. I'm sure Matty Owczarczak will be ready to go tomorrow night and getting the 'W' will make playing Elmira that much better. I've heard they have a big team, but with our physical/grinding style of play we will just havwe to give it right back to them. Other than getting ready for this weekend of hockey, I'm just finishing up an essay here in the library before I head back to the apartment for another NHL 13 matchup with Declan aka Dekey Gunovski. Looking forward to being done with classes for the week, the last couple weeks before finals are always the most stressful. Luckily we have a good group of guys here who keep up with the schoolwork so there's always somebody to hangout with on these long nights in the library.

Until next time,

Ian Ellenberger 27

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dinner at Cranny

Christ in action.
It's Wednesday night in Fredonia and I just had a nice Cranny dinner with a few of the fellas. It's always nice to wind down with the guys after a good day of practice, we've been building momentum all week for this upcoming home and home with Elmira. In just 48 hours we'll have already started this coming weekend of hockey, and after a disappointing  loss to Buff State we're all anxious to get back at it. Also just found out my finals schedule for this semester. Not looking too difficult, with only four finals to prepare for. At the moment I'm in the library with junior power forward Andrew Christ working on some chemistry. Last, but not least, I heard a rumor today that the NHL is close to a deal between the owners and the players union. Hopefully they'll have a deal done and hockey will be back soon, I can't stand watching the NBA.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Warm in Fredonia

Before my 12:30 class so I'm not swamped with work tonight. Being in the library makes me appreciate my junior hockey days of just having hockey to worry about. It's a pretty odd day here in Fredonia thus far, its about 60 degrees or so and I'm in sandals, jeans and short sleeve shirt. Keep in mind it's December here in western NY, pretty strange weather for us especially at this time of year. Earlier today I had made plans to visit my older brother in Washington, DC over Christmas break. Although he's already coming back to Hershey to visit for Christmas, it's always great to get down to DC to visit he and his wife. I'll be making the three hour trek from my hometown of Hershey, PA with two of my good friends from home so it should be a good time. That's all I have for now here in Fred.
Ian Ellenberger

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'A' successful day.....

It's about 10:30 here in Fredonia and I'm just about to wind down another long school day. I just got back to the apartment from working on homework with a few of the fellas at the library. Overall it was a pretty successful day, getting an 'A' on my Chemistry quiz and another 'A' on a history exam. Hard work pays off, but I can't wait to put the books aside for a bit when Christmas break begins. I've already been making some plans with some friends back home in Hershey, it's always great to catch up with family, friends from high school and past hockey teams. It seems like just yesterday I left home for the first time at 17 to begin my junior hockey career. But for now its time to focus on school and hockey and finishing out the semester strong. Also, had some pretty abnormal weather here today. Hopefully everybody on the team was able to soak it in, the brutal j-term weather will be here before we know it.
Ian Ellenberger

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Bergler

The Bergler here, with my first blog post of the school year. I'm sitting here in our apartment with my good buddy Declan watching "The Walking Dead." It's the first time I've ever seen this show and I have to admit I think I just got addicted. I'm not a big TV guy, but it's nice to relax on the couch for a bit before another big school and hockey week begins. Once this episode is over I'll most likely get to work for my music class, I have to have two papers written for the class before Dec. 13. I have to admit I'm looking forward to getting all of these CCC's out of the way. It's hard to believe its already December 2nd, seems like the semester had just started and its also hard to believe that we only have three games until Christmas break. A sweep of our home and home with Elmira would be huge this coming weekend, and I'm sure former Elmira Soaring Eagle and current Blue Devil Marty Owczarczak is looking forward to this weekend of hockey.

Declan doing work on Sunday.
Ian Ellenberger

Friday, November 30, 2012

Close, but no cigar.......

Today was a pretty normal day filled with classes and hockey. Class dragged on as I have a few late classes from six to seven then seven to eight. Hockey was as it always is on a Thursday. A few drills, followed by working on our powerplay and penalty kill. The shootout did not go as expected, as the Canadians managed to pull out with the victory. The US guys came a little more prepared as it came down to the final puck at both ends. I held my own in the net while the boys at the other end could not seem to find twine. All in all Thursday was a successful and productive day and now everything is focused on tomorrow. Buffalo State Bengals are coming into town and they will be in for an absolute battle on the ice at 7 pm.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Biggest two points of the season coming.

Although only a day has gone by since the last blog post so much has happened. The hockey team started off the day with a practice at 6:30 am. It may seem a little early for most college students, it was actually pretty enjoyable. There is nothing better than to start your day with playing some hockey, and getting the blood flowing. It was nice to see some familiar faces out on the ice, such as Alex Perkins and Mark Friesen as both of them were out for a little while with some minor injuries. Tomorrow however both those faces will not be welcoming to see as they are both Canadians. Tomorrow is Thursday which only means one thing. US Canada showdown. Although the US team has yet to pull out a win and hang the flag in the locker room, I believe the tide has turned and we will come out with the win. With Perkins and Friesen being out with injuries, we need to capitalize on those weaknesses. Jared Wynia had a little longer break than the rest of the team, however I don't think a nice tan helps you score goals in the shootout.
If you were wondering how the relationship was going with John and his mistress, don't be alarmed. I have not forgotten to keep you informed. Day two of the relationship involves him having a nice hang out in the dorms with his right arm lady, relaxing and watching a movie. But I am sure he will bring his A game in the shootout. 

The most important thing however about tomorrow is actually not the shootout. We have a big game on Friday to prepare for as the Buffalo State Bengals will be entering Steele Hall. We just need to put those fine touches on our game, make sure we have everything ready for the weekend as it will be like a playoff game. Biggest two points of the season coming.

-Tyler Palmerton #30

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Breakfast at Timmy's

Sitting here in the Student Athlete lounge with Ryan Wilkinson and Mitch Kaufmann doing a little homework before practice later this afternoon. Earlier today I enjoyed a nice breakfast at Tim Horton's cafe located right on campus in the Williams Center with John O'Connor. We had plenty to talk about as he recently decided to settle down with a wonderful young lady whom he has been conversing with for the past few weeks. He told me he wanted to begin a relationship at the beginning of break when he spent the night at her residence in Orchard Park before heading home to see his family. He went to enjoy a nice nap later on at her place on campus, however she was already napping. They most likely will be hanging out later on tonight. However I wont be there to accompany them as I have a major homework assignment due tomorrow, so my evening will be spent in the library and the learning center after a few night classes and a great practice.
Sometimes it is difficult to balance athletics and school, but then again I would not want to be doing anything else. I cannot imagine life without hockey, or even hockey without school. Featuring I never played Juniors, school and hockey have always been tied together. Hockey provides a way to get away from it all, to focus on something else other than your every day activities. To get your mind off of a recent relationship, or a break from studying for an exam. They say exercise can improve your mood and boost your energy. What a more perfect way to exercise than with a bunch of your closest friends playing a sport that all of those close friends have a passion for. Which in return will help you with that exam you need to do well on or the relationship that may not be all you hoped for. 

-Tyler Palmerton #30

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arriving back to campus after an enjoyable break in Baltimore and Washington D.C. was filled with both excitement and calmness. It felt good to be back with the boys lacing up the skates and getting the rust off. Although three practices in less than 24 hours was exhausting, it was also nice. Nothing to do besides playing hockey and relaxing watching TV in the off time. However with benefits comes misfortunes. Today was our first day back to school which means these next few weeks are going to go back fast, fast and hard. Cracking open the books, late nights in the library, going over page after page of notes.  However with hard work comes rewards, Christmas break is near. This year I am headed to Holiday Valley for a little skiing with the family. It should be a good time as I haven't hit the slopes in about three or four years. But then again I was told skiing is like riding a bike, you just never forget how to do it. 

Tyler Palmerton

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rival week coming up

I am enjoying this snowy Friday night in the lovely home of Tyler Palmerton and John O'Connor. We are currently watching some Rochester Americans hockey on Palmy's enormous television. It sure would be nice to watch some NHL on a Friday night, but it looks as though the entire NHL season will be lost. Today was our first day back on the ice after our Thanksgiving break, and it was good to get some of the rust off. It may not have been our smoothest practice, but it was good to get our legs back and start working towards a huge game next Friday against our rivals, Buffalo State. Another positive from the break was that it allowed us some extra time to heal from our injuries. We have had a few guys with some bumps and bruises, and the break only helps us get healthy and ready for an important stretch of hockey coming up in the next few weeks. I am not looking forward to getting back to classes and homework on Monday, but we get a couple of ice times tomorrow and a good weekend with the boys before we have to worry about that.

-Jeff Holloway #31

Friday, November 23, 2012

Movember is coming to an end.....

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great holiday. As Thanksgiving ends, it also means Movember is also coming to an end. For anyone who doesn't know, Movember is when guys around the world either grow their mustaches or go without shaving for the entire month of November. The reason behind the mustaches is to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men's health issues. I think everyone has been affected by these diseases in some way and it is a good way to show support for a great cause. My mustache growing abilities may not be the best, but it is a small sacrifice to make. Our faces are constantly itchy and it is impossible to drink milk, but one month of discomfort is worth it for supporting the cause. There are, however, a few other benefits to having a mustache, as the ladies are always all over us and our upper lips are always warm as the Winter cold appraoches. So for the next week if you see someone with a lovely Movember lip sweater be sure to give them a friendly smile and a head nod of approval. Also, if anyone would like to help support the cause, a few of the boys are accepting donations, so feel free to hit us up at
-Jeff Holloway #31

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holly looking forward to boys returning

It was nice to get out of Fredonia for the day today. I visited the good old Reed Library on Tuesday to use the printer, and it was the emptiest I have ever seen the place. It was kind of creepy to be honest. I can't wait for the boys to all come back soon.  I am very lucky that I have an uncle living only a couple of hours away, but being so far from Alberta certainly makes me appreciate it even more when I do get the opportunity to go home. As a final note, I went to see the new film "Lincoln" today and I was not disappointed. I thought Daniel Day-Lewis did a great job of playing Lincoln and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in history. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and is mindful of all the things we have to be thankful for.
-Jeff Holloway #31

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vent some of my frustrations over lost NHL season

I am going to take this opportunity to vent some of my frustrations over yet another NHL lockout. For the past two years, each Thanksgiving break I was able to catch an NHL game. In my Freshman year, my parents came down and we made a trip to NYC. We were lucky enough to be able to see the Rangers play my favorite team, the Calgary Flames, in a packed Madison Square Garden arena. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the Rangers ended up beating my Flames, but it was a great experience nonetheless. Last year, in my Sophomore year, I traveled down to Pittsburgh to visit my uncle for the break. This time I was able to see the Penguins lose to the St.Louis Blues in Sidney Crosby's second game back after his injury. It was a lot of fun sitting in a packed house of angry Penguins fans as I cheered against their beloved Crosby.  This year, however, I will not get the same opportunity. I was especially looking forward to catching a Penguins game this year, as a friend I played minor hockey with, Brandon Sutter,  was traded to Pittsburgh over the Summer. It is frustrating that greed and stubbornness are forcing me to watch football and basketball highlights instead of watching the NHL. The only exciting event happening in sports right now is the Calgary Stampeders heading to the Grey Cup in the CFL. I think both the league and the players should be embarrassed by the fact they are in their second lockout in under a decade. I was very interested to see how Jay Feaster could make my Flames even worse, but it looks like I will have to wait until next year for that.
-Jeff Holloway # 31

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving destinations.....

 I hope everyone arrived safely at their Thanksgiving destinations and are enjoying some time away from school. I am particularly jealous of Freeze, as he and his girlfriend are enjoying Vegas right now while I am still in Fredonia. I will be headed to Pittsburgh to visit my uncle for the break, but unfortunately he is away right now so I won't be able to head out until probably tomorrow. As I think about everyone traveling home to their families, it reminds me of my travels back and forth between Fredonia and Alberta these last few years. There has certainly been some interesting events along the way. Following freshman year, me and my dad were in the first day of our drive back for the summer. Our timing proved to be terrible as we drove right through Chicago in rush hour traffic and ridiculously hot temperatures, and then my Jeep started to overheat. We were forced to cut across about 7 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic to take the nearest exit. We ended up stopping to buy coolant at a gas station in one of the shadiest neighborhoods in Chicago. Driving around downtown Chicago with a Jeep full of stuff was scary at the time, but it is an experience I will never forget. Also, on the way back to Fredonia this year, we happened to hit one of the worst construction areas I have ever seen in my life. There was at least 2 and a half hours where there was not even a highway anymore, just a dirt road. There was no passing allowed and construction zone speed limits, so it made for a very frustrating drive through Montana. My Jeep has been through a lot and she struggles at times but I have certainly gotten my money's worth and she is still kicking! I hope everyone's travels this holiday go smoother than mine in Montana and Chicago!
-Jeff Holloway #31

Monday, November 19, 2012

As our weekend road trip to Cortland and Oswego comes to an end, our Thanksgiving break begins. We may not have gotten the results we wanted, but we have to focus on the positives that we can take from the weekend and keep moving forward. If anything, this weekend just goes to show how competitive this league is and that it takes a full 60 minutes every night. That said, I think spending some time away from the rink and being with family is necessary. It is a time to put school aside for a week to reset and recharge for a very important stretch coming up after our break. Everyone is excited to get back home and enjoy some home cooked meals and get away from campus food, except for Al, who is dreading being away from his beloved Erie Marketplace for an entire week. Some guys had some early departures this morning as they had to catch some early flights back home. I think this morning was the earliest Stevie Castriota has woken up since breakfast club as he had to catch his flight back to Long Island, while guys like Mat Hehr took the opportunity to head back to Alberta and enjoy the snow and cold weather. Nevertheless, I hope everyone had safe travels today and I am already looking forward to when we are all back as a group again.
View from our room at the EmbasySuites.

-Jeff Holloway #31

Friday, November 16, 2012

"Gameday Skate"

"Amanda's here!"
We had a great skate today as a team, and we are really looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow. As always, we expect it to be a grind but we are prepared to work! I just got back to Fredonia from picking up Amanda at the Buffalo airport, and it's really nice to see her again! We kept the win streak going today in the Canada US Shootout, although the US team came on a little stronger today. It's always nice to get that win going into the weekend! Now that the schoolwork is out of the way for the week after finishing a midterm today, it's time to put all the focus on hockey. It's time to get a great sleep and wake up for game day tomorrow! There are few better feelings than waking up in the morning knowing there's a game that night. Each time I find myself excited to wake up and start the preparation for the day. It's going to be a great weekend!! 

- #1 Freeze

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Enjoying the Experience"

"studying hard over at Park Place"

I just got back home from a nice turkey dinner with some of the boys
over at Erie marketplace. It was a good day of practice as we start to
get closer to our road trip this weekend, and I think one of the keys
we took away from today was staying mentally strong and battling
through when things maybe aren't going as well as usual. I got back to
winning in rebound today with a strong performance and some nice saves
on Coach Silengo! Ask him about it if you see him. Anyways, I'm really
looking forward to tomorrow as my girlfriend Amanda is flying down to
visit from Calgary. She is one of our team's (and my) biggest
supporters and it will be great to have her in the stands again this
weekend. I haven't seen her since August, so I'm really excited that
she's able to come see some games. I think the rest of my family is
jealous, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again over Christmas
break. Being away from home is tough sometimes, but it's been a great
experience so far in many different ways, and the bonds with the boys
are probably the best part. College hockey is different from other
experiences, because of all the time we spend together as a team. We
pretty much spend 24/7 together, attending classes, eating together,
living together, playing hockey together and going out as a team. I
have a lot of great memories so far, and I look forward to making many
more this year!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A great day in Fredonia

Alberta Boys!
Today was another good day in Fredonia. It was a typical day filled with classes, as well as the first signs of snow. I just finished a post practice meal with some of the boys, and now I'm back to doing a little school work. Practice was good today, and I think we got a few things figured out with our power play. I know that I personally have a lot of things to improve, and right now I'm really focused on tracking pucks, especially fighting to maintain vision through traffic. College hockey is great for working on a lot of different aspects of the game, as we only play on weekends. It gives us time during the week to prepare for the upcoming games, and I think that because of this, it's important to have high quality practices. We have been focused on this lately, and every time we hit the ice, we are reminded that it is the most important thing in the world at that moment. I think that's one of the best things about hockey. When you put the gear on and step on the ice, all other worries fade away and you can focus on being in the moment and enjoying the opportunity to play. There are few better feelings than being on the ice with some of your best friends. I really appreciate the opportunity every day to continue to improve and work on my game. I would like to be able to say that I won in rebound at practice today, and I was really trying hard because I knew I would have to write about it, but it was a rare day where I ended up losing. Mat Hehr had the scoring touch for once today I guess. I'll let you know how tomorrow's game goes. On a positive note, Canada is still undefeated in our Canada U.S. showdown that we do every game day skate! Let's see if we can keep that going all year (knock on wood).

- #1 Freeze

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Picture Day!"

 #11 Alex Perkins contemplates taking up a new sport
Today was a fairly routine Monday here in Fredonia. After an early class I was able to get a solid workout in, followed by an afternoon lecture. We got together as a team today for some pictures, and it was nice to have one more day to rest both mentally and physically from the regular grind of practice. It will be interesting to see how the pictures turn out! I am now in the campus Starbucks trying to work my way through some homework, having just finished a nice meal with some of the boys at Cranston dining hall. As I'm writing this I see #18 Ryan Edens walk in, as well as Coach Meredith talking to some new recruits. It makes me think of my first trip down to Fredonia, and all that has changed and happened since then. It has been a great experience so far, and I continue to enjoy it! Time to get back to some homework.

- #1 Freeze

Sunday, November 11, 2012

- Throwback photo of the Canadian boys on Thanksgiving.
L to R: Edens, Grinch, Perks, Brunzy, Kuli, Daver, Hehrsy, Freeze, Oye and Holly
We are back in Fredonia after a trip up to the North Country. It was a long bus ride home last night, and it was good to finally get some sleep back at the apartment. We ended up splitting the weekend, and although we didn't get the result we wanted in Plattsburgh, I think it was a good experience for the boys to get on the road together. We still have a lot to work on and things to address in practice this week, but I think we are headed in the right direction. I felt that we really pulled together and put in a strong third period, showing some character. We have a lot of great guys on this team, and each game is another learning experience. Nothing comes easy in this league, and each SUNYAC game is going to be a battle. We need to find ways to win each night. I was proud of the way we played Potsdam, battling back after an early goal against to come out with our first road win. Like I said, we have a lot of work to do in practice this week and I look forward to getting back on the ice and back to work again Tuesday. I'm going to try and take the Sunday to relax and get some homework done as I have a few papers and projects due coming up. It's going to be a good start to the week!

- #1 Freeze

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Big "W" over Potsdam...greasy as it gets!

TGIF everyone, its game day! I just finished a tough rigorous chemistry exam thanks to Dr. Milligan, needles to say im glad it’s the weekend. Even though its tough being home for this important weekend, I have all the confidence in the boys to have a great weekend up in North Country! Tyler Matecki #22 , Matty Owczarczack #16, Ryan Edens #18, and myself will be nestled right up to the TV cheerin for the boys on due to our injuries! Make us proud fellas. Only a few more hours before the puck drops, so I better get over to the Cranston Marche to get a good pregame meal in me!

Christer 19

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Feast at "Azteca"

Tonight I felt as if I deserved a little treat from all the vigorous rehab, so I just got back from a delicious meal from our local Mexican restaurant "Azteca". With that said, the boys leave tomorrow at 12:30 sharp for the north swing up to Potsdam and Plattsburgh. They had a quick but beneficial practice today to get the legs, hands, and mind going. They'll have one more skate on friday to get their minds completely cleared and prepped. Like always they'll end the game day skate with a little game called CanAm showdown. I know us Americans have had a tough go this year so far, but I have faith in my stall neighbor Tyler Palmerton #30 to pull out a big one between the pipes for the  American Boys

Christer #19

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family is everything.....

Great day for the spirits, last week was the first time running in 6 and half months. I was only able to clock in 7 minutes and 30 seconds for my first run time, today I ran for 20 minutes. I think there is was a little bit of improvement, that just means that I'm getting that much closer to lacing up the skates. Which I'm pretty pumped up for since I have not been able to step on the ice since last march. Since were talking about lacing up the skates, It was pretty cool to see that my good friend and roommate Mike Hehr #4's father Teddy Hehr was able to make it down for today's practice to lace up the old jets for Mikey. You're able to see how enthused he was for practice, just by looking at his facial expression. He was gracious enough to let Al Perkins #11 catch this inspiring moment.

Christer #19

Monday, November 5, 2012

Christer has a long day.....

Today was my long day of school, 9 AM straight through till 5 PM with a 1 hour break and it still continues in the library for me. Sadly I was unable to watch practice today, due to my Hefty Monday schedule. Im sure it went smoothly since the boys had a good workout to shock the body before a typical Monday battle practice and also since they're getting pumped up for a huge weekend I am sure it was nothing but hard work, grit, and focus. However I am about to take a break from my school work so that I can fill my stomach at our local Cranston Marche with a couple of the fellas.
Until Tomorrow

Christer #19

Typical Sunday

Its a typical Sunday afternoon here in Fredonia, coming off a great win defeating our SUNYAC opponent Morrisville in a stressful OT. Thanks to one of our freshman Chad Bennett getting his first collegiate goal out of the way, which could not have came at a more crucial time. With that now behind us we have to start looking ahead to our next opponent SUNY Potsdam, which will be another big test for the boys. However, now its back to the books for me. I just arrived in the library for a long cram session for a vigorous week of school, with two papers a presentation and a grueling Chemistry exam to end the week.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Game day today! Started off the day with a lovely Meal over at the Cranston Marche, which unfortunately hasn't made much of an impression on me over the last 3 years and currently ranks in the late 90's on my top 100 USA restaurants list, but that's OK. After breakfast the boys went over to the rink for some video and an outline of tonight's game plan, all real good stuff. The boys are fired up for tonight's SUNYAC meat grinder against Morrisville.
After the scout we headed down to Dods Hall gym for a couple games of bump; a game in which I used to dominate on a weekly basis, but as of late have struggled to make the final 10, I guess my jumper needs a little work.

Came home for a pre-game snooze and then met team captain #26 Brett Muellers over at DeJon's Pasta House on Main Street. We both enjoyed a salad and nice plate of spaghetti. As Brett and I were leaving we ran into #20 Gary Wynia, #12 Chris Jung, and #22 Tyler McTecki doing the same. Tyler was enjoying just a salad which I thought was a little odd, but who knows. Anyway, just going to hop in the shower here and get ready for the game. Adios. 

Roddy Perkins #11


Great day today! Lots of positives at practice, including a big win for Canada in the Canada-USA showdown.

#4 Mike Hehr, #19 Andy Christer and I decided to go get out hair cut after practice, unfortunately our local barber was out of town on holidays..? And we didn't feel like risking it over at Henry's, so we decided to head over to Wing City Grille and treat ourselves to a nice meal on Peggy and Gail. Real nice spot, and quite frankly my second favorite restaurant in all of the USA, next to Erie Market Place.

After the meal Andrew #19 headed to the library, at which point Mike #4 and I took in a little vintage WWF; a very educational documentary on the Undertakers rise through the ranks of the federation. I feel like the Edmonton Oilers could use a guy like the taker to give them a little more sandpaper, but heck what organization wouldn't want someone like him!

After the wrestling Andy picked me up and we went over to the local theatre and took in Disney's latest flick "Wreck-It-Ralph" with a couple of the freshman. Real feel good movie with a great story and a couple good laughs, I was more than impressed. But now just got home and heading to bed, time to start thinking about Morrisville!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Honking and Waving

Started the day off by giving my good friend and team captain Brett Mueller #26 a lift to school today, front door service. He was a little embarrassed by some of my antics (honking, waving) but I think he'll get over it.

Had a great day today at practice, the boys were firing on all cylinders, and I think we're in a great spot heading into the weekend. Really excited about the orange line, I think if Sneeky Deeky #10 keeps playing the way he has been, our group could do some real damage.
Just enjoyed a gourmet meal at the William Center with #4, I had a slice of pizza and well for Hehrsy the question is more along the lines of what he didn't get. Poor guy might not be able to drive home.

Anyway, overall great day and looking forward to tomorrow!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just got home from night class with #4 Mike Hehr, had a great 2.5 hours of Marketing Foundations, some real good book learning. Hehrsy is making a late charge up the standings after a slow start in the class, but I believe in him.
After a great practice and a riveting night class, I arrived home to some of the boys handing out candy to the local treaters; some real cute kids with some awesome costumes. A little different than Canada where my winter jacket would always take away from the spunk of my costume, but that's ok.
On the hockey end of things, I think the club is making progress everyday, and everyone is really stoked for the match up with Morrisville on the weekend. Another couple good days of practice and we will be firing on all cylinders.

Here's a couple of the boys on the farm handing out candy, gettin' in the spirit of things.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sons of Anarchy

Just finished up getting my weekly dose of Sons of Anarchy with Mikey Hehr #4, Muelly #26, and Chris Jung #12. Tonight's episode was not as gritty as some of the other episodes so far this season, but hey even the Sons need a night off every once in a while. Hehrsy seems to think that he has many of the same qualities as Sons President Jax Teller, but I beg to differ.
Today was our first day back since Hurricane Sandy gave us an extended weekend, Sandy seemed to let us western New Yorkers off the hook a little more than anticipated, but that's probably for the best. A little bummed out we had to postpone our meeting with Penn State, but that's OK we'll be ready for them in December. 

Had a chance to catch up with a couple standout freshmen Mitch Kaufman #24 and John DeFeo #15 in the library today. Nothing but great things to say about those two com padres; very smart cats. Needless to say the future of Fredonia State hockey looks bright for years to come.

Overall, great day today, looking forward to the rest of the week.

Sunday, October 28, 2012 day

Sunday's are a good day for relaxing and watching football. Seeing as it is a bye week for our Buffalo Bills though, today provides a nice opportunity to catch up on a little school work. I am here at the library working on some ridiculous calculus and watching Burger struggle with some chemistry. Will and Declan are also here. Some of us like to come and sit with the boys while working on a Sunday to keep it a little lighter while others decided to cozy up at a table with their significant others. Above is a nice shot of Palmy doing just that.. Your welcome Tyler.  
Eddy #18

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"its a brand new day for some puck"

To steal a quote from @Jwyniaa "its a brand new day for some puck". That it is and its a new challenge for the boys. Personally, my hand hurt this morning and was swollen from a blocked shot late in the game last night. Our knowledgable training staff recommended an x-ray so i just got home from doing that. The good news is there is no fracture so I will be back in action right soon. I am disappointed i cant be out there battling with the boys tonight in such a big game for us but i have confidence in my teammates to do what needs to be done.
Eddy 18

Friday, October 26, 2012

GAME day in Fredonia and it's going to be a big one!

GAME day in Fredonia and it's going to be a big one! Last year we beat Geneseo in the first round of the playoffs so we know they will be coming hard but it is our first home SUNYAC game of the year and we are ready. I am excited to remind Geneseo what playing in Steel hall is like. Me and Nosk had dinner together last night and talked about our strategy for the game, body, body, body, and we cant wait to get out there cuz its exactly how both of us like to play. For dinner we had Nosk's grandpas meat sauce with pasta and i have to admit it was pretty damn good, not better than my own grandparents but who could ever say anything like that about their own grandparents. Anyways, it's time for a nap and then it will be time to go to the rink.

Eddy #18

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Melky getting ready

Ian Ellenberger approaches the tee

This year there was a third annual Business Golf tournament at the Casadaga Country Club hosted by the Fredonia Business club. It was a 9-hole two-man scramble style so me and Cory Melkert decided to enter, and, if it wasn't for a miserable double bogey on the very first hole we could have won it. Our competition was the other twosome we were paired with which consisted of our good friend Terry and a former teammate Dom. I'm sad to say they beat us but they did by one stroke on the 9th to win the tournament. Since then I have been on the coarse a couple of times with a couple other guys. Its really nice to get out there and relax and have some fun with the boys. Here's 2 pictures of Melky and Berger's golf attire.

Ryan Edens #18

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Remembering when it was warm......

I was looking through some pictures today and found some from the beginning of September this year. Palmy was nice enough to invite some of us out on his dads boat a town over. It was a beautiful day and i think i can speak for Tyler, Ellenburger and myself when I tell you it was hilarious watching OC try and get up on the ski's. I don't actually have a picture of OC on the ski's because, well, he didn't get up.. but the first picture there is him excited to try. The second picture is of Ellenburger driving the boat...might have been the reason OC couldnt get up. And the third is just us having a great time with our shades on.
Eddy #18

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Holly and Benney

Jeff Holoway and Chad Bennett were born on October 22 so Id like to give them a birthday shout out. Holly is an old man and I believe chad just became legal in the United States of America. Both of them are celebrating their birthday this evening buried in some books at the library. I snapped a picture of the freshman studying together; bourny defeo and kauf are all doing a calc web assign while Bennett is.. well we don’t know what he is doing. He’s in his own world with those headphones he’s rocking. By any means it appears that the freshman wont let us down in the gpa column if they continue to work like this. As for me I also have some calc homework to get back to.
Eddy 18

Monday, October 22, 2012

A new day, a new week!

Sunday night, just finished watching Shooter with nunn and nosky, great flick about a man who is fighting for what is right. . It was nice to have a day off to recharge and get ready for next week. We had a tough loss this weekend, it is a humbling experience to be defeated like that. I feel like every time a team starts a season they may have lofty goals, but many times they do not know what is necessary for them to do. This weekend just showed us how much we have to work and get better every day to succeed in being the team we want to be. We have to continue to push each other each day so that we can establish our identity as a tough hard working team. Tomorrow is the start of SUNYAC play for us and i know everyone is really excited to get our league play started

Eddy #18

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not time to 'tilt'

It has been a late night on the bus and we are finally home. We have a big week ahead of us to prepare for our SUNYAC opener. My parents and Perks parents are flying down for the weekend, so it should be a great weekend. They are flying in thursday night, so after practice we will go out for a big dinner. We have a big day of football tomorrow so it is time for bed after a long day on the road.

Hehrsy #4

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great way to start, Kauff gets first!

I just got back home from Wing City for a post game meal with the boys. We had a great start to the season tonight with a 5-2 win over SUNY Canton. The crowd was great and it made for a great atmosphere in Steele Hall tonight. Before the game, I was contacted by tons of Alumni wishing all of us luck and saying they will be listening. I think that goes to show how much of a family we are at Fredonia State. Kauff got his first ever goal in college which is a great way to start off his career, and Marty O' also got his first as a Blue Devil. He led the way with big hits all night, which everyone followed. It was great to see and be apart of. Off to bed now so I can get a good night sleep for Utica tomorrow. Time for a gritty and greasy road game.
Hehrsy #4

Friday, October 19, 2012

Canada, one and O...Opener Tonight!

Canada claimed the first victory today of the showdown in the 2012-2013 season. We had a great pre game skate today, I personally had a little trouble with the whole skating aspect during a 2 on 1 drill, but hopefully that will work itself out overnight. After practice 8 of us went to the beautiful Applebee's here in town and hammered out a few 2 for 20's. We had Crystal Doust as our hostess as wel. After Applebee's me and Teck went to the computer lab and had to write up a paper for our class tomorrow, guaranteed A's. Tomorrow my teachers decided to really spice up my day by making it go quiz..paper due..quiz. Pretty ridiculous friday and game day if you ask me. Here is a picture from our dinner tonight. Cappy's face describes the Yankees playoff run, JD looks like he is 14, I am not sure what Wilky is smirking at, I am pretty sure Tecki isn't even talking to anyone and laughing by himself and Kauff is staring into Dousts eyes smiling. It was a very nice picture to sum up our dinner. Well it is time to head to bed here, we have our home opener tomorrow. Sadly, it will be my and all the other seniors last ever home opener so lets make it a good one!

Hehrsy #4

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh Canada

The boys had a great practice today, maybe a little iffy at the start, but we pulled it together and had a strong finish. Before I forget I have to give Freezer a shout out for beating us in rebound today, I promised him I would. After practice me and Perks had night class which was just lovely. A guy next to me slept sitting up for 45 minutes of it, so you know how much fun it was. We also received our tests from the previous class and somehow Perks beat a lot..pretty devastating. Tomorrow is a big day, first Canada vs US showdown. I know Palmy has been looking forward to this all summer so we are going to have to be sharp to keep the Canadian flag hanging, just like it was all summer. After the Canadians win that, then our focus will be on Friday night. Steele Hall is going to be rocking for our home opener and the boys cannot wait to finally get the season underway.

Hehrsy #4

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Classic picture of Perks

I just finished watching the TV show, Sons of Anarchy with Mueller and Perks and we are all pretty stunned about tonight's episode. Their club is pure grit, just like us. Today's practice went very well I thought, everyone is getting out of their comfort zone and battling in preparation for this weekend. After practice I made an unusual appearance at the library with Tecki, since we have a test tomorrow we thought we should go buckle down for most of the night. That was after Marty O', Tecki, and I had a lovely dinner at Tim Hortin's on campus. Marty was not afraid to clean up the boys left overs, no questions asked. Through my investigative work, I found a nice baby picture of Perks when he attended a red carpet ceremony. You can see him in the background, front row, standing on the gate. Cute Kid.
Hehrsy #4

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First day wrapped up

                                          Freshman, Chad Bennett on his first day of practice

The boys just wrapped up the first official day of practices. It was a good day in both sessions, the boys were fired up right from the start. After practice, Muelly, Perks, Doust, Tecki and I decided to skip out on the AAA Alberta Beef that the Cranston Marche feeds us and we went to Wing City for a meal. We were planning on going to the DeJohn's pasta place but apparently they are not open on Mondays. It is now time for some rest and hydration so we can get back at it tomorrow with another strong day. I also have to mention the beating that we put on Freezer today in rebound, and Coach Bill with the GWG. No better way to end a practice with a win over Freezer, probably because it doesn't happen to often.
Hehrsy #4

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Early to bed, early to rise....for Day One of the season

Freshman, Mitch Kaufmann on his first college practice.
We are just finishing up Fall Break here, it was been a much needed and relaxing break. Perks, Christer, and I really put ourselves to work, we went to the dump one day, and then we also cleaned up our house and bought a rug. After accomplishing all that in four days, we decided to treat ourselves and go have a very nice family dinner at the White Inn. Brian Doust tagged along as well. Tomorrow is the day we have been looking forward to all summer. It is important for us to get off to a good start in practice and carry into our game against the Canton Kangaroo's. Well it is about 5pm so I think I am about to head to bed here soon so I can wake up tomorrow.

Hehrsy #4

Willy got the paper finished and found time to scout as well

Fall break has quickly come to an end. The good news is I finished up my paper and tomorrow I will be making the long journey back to Fredonia. I did a little scouting when I was home. I went to Penn State vs. AIC game. Seeing that we play PSU at home this year I thought it would be good. The biggest thing I noticed was that PSU doesn't like to hit or to be hit. Let me tell you that they got another thing coming once they step foot in the Steele hall. They won't know what is coming. I'm excited for the matchup because our style is such high intensity and physical we are gonna show them what fredonia hockey is all about!

AIC vs. Penn State
#9 Will McLaughlin

Saturday, October 13, 2012

One page down, fifteen to go and Wilky riding shotgun on Bourneys cell

I'm getting anxious to get back to school already, I never thought I would say that. But as Monday approaches I get more and more excited.  It's nice to have our teammate Bourney back and it seems like he is taking advantage of having Fall Break with another teammate Wilky. Wilky accompanied Bourney in uncharted territories as Bourney went to get an American cell phone. What a big day for him, I'm proud of him. At my end, break is going well. I got about 1 page out of the 15 done so the next couple days I'll be shut off from the World trying to get it done. Other than that it's nice being home.  I got to see my grandparents and went out to dinner with them, it was nice.  I sure miss them and it was nice to spend some time with them.  Playing a sport in college is very hectic and time consuming but its truly a blessing when you get some time off to spend it with the people who are most dear to you.

Ryan Wilkinson waiting for Taylor Bourne who is getting his phone.
#9 Will McLaughlin

Friday, October 12, 2012

Willy living it up at home over break

Glad to be home for some nice R&R. Day one of fall break is going great, met up with some old friends, got to see my doggies, and got spoiled by my mom with some awesome delicious meals (you dont find these in cranston marche). From what it seems the boys are also enjoying their time off I know some of them are going to our coach's house to help build his backyard rink. Make sure you bring your working gloves boys. Its of the utmost importance to keep in mind that just because we have a break does not mean we can take a break from working out. We need to be ready to go in tip top shape come Monday. Hopefully all of my ma's cooking doesn't make me too slow, I'll do some extra cardio to burn it off. I'm getting excited as Monday approaches but I'm also enjoying the break because once hockey starts we don't get much time to go home. All and all Day One of break was a success.

Will McLaughlin #9

Thursday, October 11, 2012

On Fall Break

Today was the last day of ice, it also was the start of Fall break. It is a much needed break where we get Thursday and Friday off of school. A lot of teammates went back home while others mostly Canadians are staying in Fredonia for it. I just got back home in Mountaintop, PA. The drive was brutal because I was exhausted after practice but I'm glad to be home in my own bed. Unfortunately I won't really to get enjoy the downtime of Fall break because I have a 15 page paper that I have yet to start, due on Monday, so its crunch time for me. I've always been a good procrastinator and work well under pressure so I'm sure I can get it done. Well until next time.
Will McLaughlin #9

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dress to impress

Today was a big day it was picture day for the Fredonia State Men's hockey team. All the boys were dressed to impress in their freshly ironed suits. The hair was gelled, the eyebrows tweezed and the facial hair was shaved. Well, except for a select few who decided to go with the retro look of having a mustache. To say the least they went unnoticed with people only having great remarks about them. I guess its just another way of showing that we are the old men on campus accounting for the select few of individuals that can actually grow facial hair. I'm really thinking about keeping the mustache for a little bit longer it has been lucky. I've been acing my tests, feeling stronger in the gym (maybe due to working out and not related to a mustache but who knows!), and lastly, the mustache helped Team White pull of the victory in game 7 to conclude the captain skate scrimmages. To the boys that grew them: I know its sad to part with them because that upper lip gets awfully cold especially now that the weather is taking a turn for the worse but I encourage to keep them going and maybe they will continue to bring us good luck and great things for the future!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The 2 most exciting words in sports...Game 7

Back to the work week. We had a good scrimmage today, had the lead, got to relaxed and the 'colors' team made a comeback and beat us in overtime. Series is all tied up now at 3-3 so game 7 is gonna be a battle. The feeling around the locker is one of excitement as the season nears and we are also excited to get have Bourney get back. This week is going to fly by with Fall Break just around the corner. I can't wait for it because come Monday the season officially starts. GO BLUE DEVILS!!

#9 Will McLaughlin

Monday, October 8, 2012

McLaughlin leading the charge in the classroom

Fredonia in the fall is great. The boys are in school mood and I'm leading the charge. I had two tests this week, but I did great on both of them. My one professor is already impressed, gotta love getting off to a great start. I'm so excited to get the season underway Oct. 15, it can't come soon enough!!

Will McLaughlin

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"I have never been part of a team that is this close in my life "

Nice little Saturday we had here in the fall of Fredonia. All of boys got together for football today and hung out. It feels like the leaves changed over night, this year continues to fly by and I love every minute. I have never been part of a team that is this close in my life and it'd be hard to find a group of guys better than this. We're all excited for hockey to start and I'm especially pumped to start my senior season.

Ken Nosky - #5

Friday, October 5, 2012

Where's the NHL????????????

Today I really just wanted to rant a little on the NHL situation. Why is this collective bargaining agreement taking so long to figure out? Both sides of this argument are making crazy amounts of money and were the ones that have to suffer. I just want to watch some professional hockey instead of watching the KHL games streaming from the Internet. It's only October and this is really starting to grind my gears.

Ken Nosky - #5

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Battle tested......

Today was a battle, I had two tests and I had to miss hockey practice. To say the least it wasn't my favorite day this semester However when I walked out of my second test I felt accomplished and proud of the work I had put in. Tonight I can finally rest a little and maybe beat up on Edens a little in NHL. Even if there's no NHL we still see them on the television quite a bit. Plus with twelve more days until our season starts I think well be alright with no NHL games for a while.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last class...........

Today I participated in my last ever Advanced Conditioning class. I have many memories from that class from my four years here in Fredonia. I can't really explain the feeling when I made the last turn, of the last lap, of my last time running the North Adams exercises. It was a new feeling but a good one at that, because we are just one step closer to October 15th. I can't wait for the start of the season and I know my team feels the same way.

Ken Nosky - #5

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big exam with Dr. Telly

It is now 1:50 AM and tomorrow I have my first Business Law exam. The teacher is Dr. Charles Telly and he is the smartest teacher I have ever learned from. I have heard that his tests are ridiculously hard from players on the hockey team and other friends around campus. However this test is the hardest I've ever had to prepare for. Ryan Edens is my housemate and is also in the class. We have been yelling back and forth from our bedrooms all night about definitions and interpretations from our book. Teammates really are there for you through everything here in Fredonia. Well I have to get back to writing my essays, wish us luck tomorrow. Also just want to say there's a ton of love and prayers coming from this house for a friend and teammate Taylor Bourne. We miss ya bud.
Ken Nosky - #5

Monday, October 1, 2012

"If it was easy, then everyone would do it."

  Today I slept in until around noon and woke up in a pretty good mood. This feeling stayed with me until around the middle of the third quarter of the Buffalo Bills game. This is around when they decided to not play anymore and lose the game to the Patriots. Just around then I remembered this week is packed with exams. So I checked into the library, sat down next to Will McLaughlin and Ryan Edens and went to work.

As a friend once said, "If it was easy, then everyone would do it." Ian Cosgrove

Ken Nosky - #5

Friday, September 28, 2012

Junger doing the dirty (sand bag) work

It's been a busy, busy last two days here for me in Fredonia. I had my first test of the semester in my least favorite class,  Finance. Spent a late night shutting down the library last night and up again early this morning for some last minute review before my test at 10. Feeling OK about how it went.  Didn't fail but sure didn't get the A, guess we will have to just wait and see. Just happy its over with. The only thing that was good about yesterday was getting to play around with some sand bags. For our advanced conditioning class yesterday we had our second annual sandbag work out not gunna lie it was a good one my 'hammys' sure are feeling it today. Only disappointing thing was the bags were re-bagged so we definitely didn't get quite as sandy as last year. Now its time to head to the rink to get some redemption for the colored team, we are currently down 2-1 in our captains practice scrimmages. But after a gritty comeback win in our battle drill competition on Wednesday i know the colored team is hungry for the W.

Chris Jung

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How time flys.....

Schools starting to get busy again for everyone seems like all the teachers are having there first round of midterms so the boys are grinding it out in the library. It's crazy to think that pretty much everything that I do this year will be lasts in my college career. When you come in as a freshman and all the seniors tell you how fast everything goes you could never imagine how fast these four years actually do go by. It honestly seems it was just yesterday that I was walking onto campus as a freshman not really knowing anybody or knowing what Fredonia was about and now I lifetime of memories and experiences. Now all there is to do is soak in this last year and everything it has to offer, and hope it doesn't slip by as fast as the last three did.

Chris Jung

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Junger sweeps four years of run

Today we ran the two mile and I can now say that all four years I have made it in under 13 minutes and today I ran a personnel best . I can honestly say that I am not one bit sad that I will never have to run two miles in under 13 minutes ever again! I thought they boys did really well today in my group. We had a good showing and most of the guys to my knowledge made it. Its alway a little nerve racking leading into it but when its over it one of the best feelings ever knowing you don't have to have to be in breakfast club and that you don't have to do it for another year, but for me never again. Its a hard 13 minutes but feels good know you put forth a hard fought thirteen minute grind. Now that thats over the season is drawing near and it cant come soon enough going to be a good year for the boys I can feel it in the air.

Chris Jung

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More on the Stanley Cup celebration

Thursday morning we got up early and headed to Trevor Lewis's aunts house for a little breakfast before we headed to the airport to pick up the Cup. When we got to the airport we headed to baggage claim where the keeper of the Cup told Trevor he would meet us. There was a little bit of a delay waiting for the keeper of the Cup to get off his plane, while we were waiting we could see a large case that looked like it could contain the Cup and sure enough that was it. That's when I got my first glimpse of it and Trevor raised it above his head. After that we went in the bus we were riding around in all day to head to where our ECHL team plays so Trevor could do a public event with the Cup. In the bus on our ride over to the rink is when I got my chance Trevor asked who wants to take the first drink? Me sitting next to him volunteered right away. The rest of the day was just hanging out with friends and family and of course the main attraction the Cup at a barbecue then to a party at a local bar for the rest of the night. Honestly, it was one of the greatest and most fun days of my life. Heres a few more photos of the day.
Chris Jung

Monday, September 24, 2012

The sweetist drink of all........

About a month ago I got the opportunity to spend a day with the Stanley Cup, my good friend Trevor Lewis right wing for the LA Kings was able to win the cup this year with them. When he final found out what day he was going to get it of course it was thursday of the first week of classes but I new I couldn't miss it so I booked my flight back home. Luckily it was syllabus week so I really didn't miss much. I flew out Wednesday night and went straight to the house that me Trevor and another buddy lived in this summer. The next day was one of the best days of my life doesn't get much better then enjoying a nice cold beverage out of the cup and just getting to hang out with it for an entire day. Not sure what could top it besides winning it for myself and sadly to say I think that ship may have already sailed especially since not gunna lie I did touch it and drink from it. According to the lore if you touch it before you win it you never will. But I will get a little more into the details of how the day went tomorrow. For now heres a little taste of how it was.
Chris Jung

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking for the picture of the scoreboard....

Pretty sure I aced my first exam of the semester this morning in social psychology.. Been a pretty relaxing Thursday so far in Fredonia.. No Advanced Conditioning class today so were headin to the rink for a skate instead.. Can't wait until tomorrow for the rubber match between team Matecki and Team Mueller.

Gearin up for the game of the week right now.. Series is currently tied 1-1 but team Tecki is fired up today for a big W.. Everyone's just happy that the school week is over and excited for a nice skate before the weekend.. I'll take a picture of the scoreboard for tomorrow's blog with our margin of victory

Cos #6

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cos has long day in class

Currently on my way to class from workout.. Solid effort by the 11 am group this morning. Today should be a long one with class from 12-3 then 4-7.. Unfortunately I won't be skating with the boys today but I'm sure they'll be fine without me. Gotta go for Drama & Film class.
Cos #6

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grinding in the sand

Just got back from my Social Psychology class this morning.  At the moment I'm just watching some TV, but I'll probably head over to Nosky's house before Advanced Conditioning class.  Just gotta make sure I'm stockin' up on the fluids because as all the boys already know it can be a grind.  We have the sandbag workout today but since it's been raining it's hard to say whether we're still outside.  No more classes for me today, just have to work on a couple writing assignments after Advanced Conditioning class this afternoon.
Cos #6
                              Chris Jung weighs in on the Triathlon and Castriota's ability to tan.

Will McLaughlin comments on Triathlon

                               Senior, Will McLaughlin comments on his swimming prowess.

Monday, September 17, 2012

"back to the grind"

After a couple relaxing days off it's time to get back to the grind. By far the worst news this weekend was the NHL lockout. The only good thing to happen to my team was getting the Winter Classic this coming January against Detroit. Leafs and Wings in the Big House at U of Michigan (roughly 115,000 people)... it better happen. Now that every house has a copy of NHL '13 the excitement has been building for another hockey season so it was hard news to take. Excited to be back on the ice where we belong tomorrow afternoon, just wish I didn't have class for 3 straight hours before.
Cos #6
Hehr, Kauf and Perks celebrating their shirt choices.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cos enjoying the view from the top

The first few weeks back on campus as a senior have been a blast.  It's gone by super fast but it's hard to complain about being one of the top dogs.  I think we're all really excited to get the season going.  The changes being made to campus are turning out to be pretty nice, for sure the Tim's in Willy C is the best addition.  It would've been nice to be around to see the new science building get finished up, but at least we'll be able to use the new gym for a little bit.  I'll be on the lookout for great blog pics this week, hopefully I can provide as much entertainment this week as OC did last week.

Cos #6

Saturday, September 15, 2012

OC wraps a great week inside Blue Devil hockey

OC here again for my final blog installment of the week.... where to begin?  We just finished our third week of classes  here at SUNY Fredonia.  I had a test today I think I did well on, but as my Dad says "the proof is in the pudding" so we'll have to wait until I get my mark to see how I really did. 

Friday was our second scrimmage of the year, where Team Matecki was able to rebound from last weeks defeat and take a 9-7 win to even the series up at 1.  This weekend won't be one of pure leisure for me.  I have a few home work assignments and an online quiz I need to get done for Monday and with that being said its off to the library.
OC #8
Senior, Will McLaughlin, gets ready for Friday's Scrimmage

Friday, September 14, 2012

Crime and Crime Theory and Team 'Teck looking for the big "W"

Today was our second annual triathlon, although the running with the cinder block portion was cut back a bit from last year I think this years may have been tougher.  The reason I say this is because this years was more of a sprint to the finish then last years.  That being said it was a good workout and I think all the boys got a lot out of it.  It's 9:43pm here and I'm just taking a quick study break, while Palmy works tirelessly on his homework assignments for the night.  I have my first test of the semester tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm in my Crime and Crime Theory class.  Upon completion of the test I'll be headed over to the rink for our final skate of the week, hopefully Team Matecki can come up big and get the W to avenge last weeks 6-5 loss.  Back to the books.
OC #8

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NHL 13' ...let the games begin


It's 10 o'clock pm on the dot here in Fredonia on Wednesday night.  I just got done beating Palmy in back to back games of NHL 13', closing the gap on his 3-2 series lead here at the house.  NHL 13' came out Monday night at midnight, so technically Tuesday morning, palmy and I picked up our copy at game stop last night.  Hehrsy and a few of the other boys were first in line for the game over at Wall-Mart lining up around 11:40, he was a little disappointed they didn't release it until 12:04 but he was happy to be the first Blue Devil to have the game none the less.  Tomorrow we have the triathlon in Advanced Conditioning class, which is a tough workout but its always nice to have a little competition with the other guys.

OC #8

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OC remembers September 11th

 Tuesday September 11th a day that will live in infamy.  It's hard to believe its been 11 years since that tragic day.  It's important to remember all those who lost there life, one of my uncles, a reporter for the wall street journal had an appointment scheduled for a few hours after the planes hit the world trade center.  Thankfully he was not around Manhattan during the attack.  As one of my teachers put it yesterday, September 11th is the tragedy of our era, much like pearl harbor on December 7th, 1941, an event that almost everyone can remember where they were when they got the news.  As I remember I was going to school in Connecticut only about an hour outside of NYC, so for fear that one of my peers would have family that worked in the city, we the students didn't hear about the attack till the very end of the school day right before dismissal, I'm certain I will remember that for a long time to come.
OC #8

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holly rocking the dreaded Philly Flyers shirt

Monday's finally over which means my week is down hill from here, I have been under the weather here today, so I payed the health center at LoGrasso hall a visit.  They were very helpful and gave me some stuff that should hopefully clear me up by tomorrow, just in time for Advanced Conditioning.  I was able to grab a bite to eat with some of the boys today at Cranston, as you can see from left to right Tyler Matecki, Jeff Holloway, and Will Maclaughlin.  I took a couple tablets of NyQuil about half an hour ago so the clocks ticking till I pass out.  It's nice to have a little bit of down time tonight and not be in the library.
OC #8
Tyler Matecki and Jeff Holloway having dinner last night.

Monday, September 10, 2012

John O'Connor here, second blog installment, it's a Sunday afternoon here in Fredonia.  I got back from the library about an hour ago and I've been watching Step Brothers with Palmy and former Fredonia state blue-liner Robbie Michalka.  Although Step Brothers is a good movie it doesn't compare with my all-time favorites, my three favorite movies in no particular order are Good Will Hunting, The Town, and Happy Gilmore. The clock hasn't struck 8pm yet but I'm already looking forward to getting to bed, tomorrow will be a busy day with class at 10, a lift at 11, class at 1, class at 2, skate at 4 then a night class from 630-9.
OC #8

Palmy taking in Step Brothers
OC at work in the Library

Sunday, September 9, 2012

OC at the helm this week

Hey there, OC here, Fredonia state senior, forward.  Today was jersey day for the boys, so everyone has been wearing there favorite jersey all day.  Al Perkins is wearing my favorite Eric Lindros, in my opinion, the ultimate power forward.  We're currently all hanging out after a long week.  We're all hoping to see Sheppy soon.   Some of the boys have seen him already but others have not, as we wish his a speedy recovery, and can't wait to see him back on the ice.  Most of the boys are enjoying college football right now.
Until next time OC #8

Saturday, September 8, 2012

DJ Hehr plays it right

" Perkins ( his dobble ganger) hard at work at 8am in the library
Today was our first scrimmage,.Brett's team had a lucky win due to Plmy's mental let down.  Everyone is having an easy night looking forward to snior Ctizen Work day. Still anticipating Sheppy's  returnto campus.  Captain skates today were the most intense I  witnessed in 4 years, mostly due to Hehrs warm up playlist.  "Look out for each other", this is a key together we are invincible.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Nunner optimistic about Team Matecki

Just made it back home from the library, it has been a long day.  The work load has picked up at the end of the second week and every body has noticed.  New teams for captain skates were drafted for tomorrow's Friday scrimmage.  I am on Team Matecki and its a very solid roster, Mueller and his team have a lot of work to do tomorrow for a chance of winning the game.  Saturday is Senior Citizen Work Day.  All the boys will get out in the public and go help out doing minor chores unable to do by some of the local seniors.  We are all thinking about Sheppy and hoping for a speedy recovery.
Nunner '13

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy, busy day for Nunner and the boys

Today was a busy day; between practice and workout, let alone class.  Coach Silengo set up new workout groups for the boys.  A few guys on the team are getting together to watch the Giants / Boys game.  Brett and Mat are both hopping for a big win for the Cowboys.  Tomorrow is the second day of Advance Conditioning class, which coach promised us a great cinder block/ shuttle workout.
Everyone has been doing the right things in the rink and in the gym and setting higher goals.  "I can't wait to be 230lb and look just as shredded as Will,"- Melky.  Not too mention Edens walking around the room flexing at everybody.  Tomorrows another battle, but we will all be better for it.
Pink The Rink jersey's on sale soon.  

Nunner '13