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Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Benney over and out.......Happy Holidays until the New Year everyone

Today on the blog I'm going to go in depth on the notorious group known as WMD. These guys are the real deal and they have agreed to let me into their world and take me behind the scenes of their everyday lives. Mitch "Pretty Boy" Kaufmann, John "The Bees Knees" DeFeo, and Ryan "Swagger" Wilkinson. Loke everything, the best things come in 3's; the 3 musketeers, the 3 little pigs, the 3 blind mice, the 3 billy goat gruffs, the 3 stooges, 3 goals for a hatty, and these guys being enigineers, the 3 laws of motion. I will go through each of them so you get a better idea of how this celeb group rolls. But not like the Backstreet Boys these guys are here to stay.
Here's Mitch "Pretty Boy" Kauffman
Number: 24
Words to live by: Look good, feel good, play good
Man Crush: Leonardo Dicaprio
Favourite Thing to do:Read "The Game", trying on shoes, and discuss latest outfits with fashion guru 
Brian Doust. This guy:

Fun Facts: Knits sweaters from time to time
Hidden Talent: Gifted stylist (learnt from watching queer eye for the striaght guy)
Go to lines for girls:
1. Doesn't have any lines, just uses honesty
2. Have you met my friend Ryan...?
Here's John "The Bees Knees" DeFeo
Number: 15
Words to live by: Live the Search
Man Crush: Paul Walker (may he rest in peace)
Favourite Thing to do: Die in Call of Duty
Fun fact:Can't get into R rated movies, still gets offered the kids menu at restaurants
Hidden Talent: Can put a chicken leg in his mouth and pull out just the bone
Go to lines for girls:
1. Excuse me, hey does this smell like chloroform... HeyJohn DeFeo (follow with a hand shake)
Here's Ryan "Swagger" Wilkinson

Number: 25
Words to live by: Doesn't have any, let his walking to the talking
Man Crush: Luigi and Luke Bryan
Favourite Thing to do: Put "WMD" on his twigs before every game
Fun fact: Likes to listen to music. Thinks of himself as a hunk of dynomite.
Hidden Talent:Can sleep with his eyes open
Go to lines for girls:
1. Can I buy you a Gatorade after the game?
So there you have it, WMD
Person of the day: Bing Crosby
Song of the day: White Christmas
Have a great day everyone,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Class in session with Chaz...........

I was caught up with homework and I forced the play. I was able to complete though, which I have this man to thank:

As my Fredonians friends would know, it's snowing a lot over here. So my question is what should my winter look be? Now the boys on the team I can't dress myself to save my life. That's why I get my dad to dress me everyday.
Here's a pic of the old man: 

Here's a guy you can ask a question to, and he'll have just the answer for yea. That's why he's got the receder, that's not just there for show.
 What look should I go with for the winter of 2014?
Option #1
By the way, I know I look intimidating but I'm just heavy on the eyes.
Option #2
Or Option #3
Only you will decide.
Also I would like to give a shout out to Mike Hehr, a Fredonia Alumni who is now coaching the furious Canton Kangaroos. In about 5 years this is what I predict he will look like:
And in 10 years:
Homework today to research
Another Person of the day:
Another Song of the day:
Pokemon Theme
Class..... dismissed,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First post from our blogger of the year, Chad Bennett

Hey everyone,

My name is Chad Bennett, I'm the guy who mucks the corners around here. Just finished another 2 game weekend against the Golden Eagles of Brockport and the Knights of Geneseo. I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty pumped to go home, get to see the family, see the pets, see the wifey. Just kidding, don't have a girlfriend. My apologies for not sending in blogs the past 2 days. But no matter I'm here now. And I'm not sure if you guys are aware but I was Blogger of the Year last year (no big deal). Where are my manners, here's a little bit about me. And everyday I'll be posting the song of the day and a person of the day. Since I missed 2 days ill throw in 2 of each just to make my fans happy. 


Songs of the day: 
Rock Dj by Robbie Williams 
How  Bizzare OMC

People of the day: 
Bruce Lee
Nelson Mandela 

Chad "Black in Black" Bennett

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hey guys, I said I was going to tell you a little bit about me but never got to it (was side tracked). So what's changed with me since last year, well just this.... 
But the hair is all gone now. And everything else the same:
Favourite Meal: Lasagna
Favourite Drink: Vanilla Coke
Favourite Dessert: Nanaimo Bars
Favourite Hockey Player: Bobby Orr
Favourite Hockey Team: Boston Bruins
Favourite Actor: Jim Carrey
Dream Girl: Michelle Trachtenberg
Brunette, Blonde, or Red: Not picky, but preferably brunette
Favourite Superheros: Gambit, Daredevil and the Punisher
Favourite Villians: Shocker, Bane, Venom
Favourite Season: Fall
Favourite Pump Up Song: The Feel Good Drag by Anberlin
Hobbies: Working out, watching movies, video gaming, having a couple cream sodas while chilling with friends, and playing with the cat and dog
Favourite Movies: Dumb and Dumber and Troy
Best Subject in School: Gym
Words to Discribe Me: A serious goof
Quote: "Success is a journey, not a destination" - Bruce Lee
Person of the day:
Coach Gordan Bombay
Song of the day:
Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters
Thanks guys,
Chad W. Bennett #14

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Big weekend ahead......

Today was slower day for the news related to the Fredonia State hockey team, I spent most of my day doing homework.  Today was a good day at practice for the boys as we are gearing up for a big SUNYAC weekend against Brockport and Geneseo with a much needed 4 points on the line.  I am still not ready to play in games but I am definitely looking forward to returning to the lineup and being able to play.  Well I am off to do some more studying before bed 
Taylor Bourne #29

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a busy day at class......

Today school was still busy as always for myself, with another night spent up in the learning center, but between my classes and my time spent in the library I was afforded the break as today was my first practice out with the team after my bout with mono.  It was really good to be able to get back out on the ice, I also was lucky as goaltending coach John Cullen stayed out late after practice with me, to help me work on my conditioning.  Also with today being Tuesday it's the weekly episode viewing of Sons of Anarchy in our house as many of the boys take a break from studying and relax and watch the show together.  
Taylor Bourne #29

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everyone is starting to feel the pressure of the semester coming to an end.....

Everyone is starting to feel the pressure of the semester coming to an end especially today, being that it is the first day back after Thanksgiving break.  We didn't an optional skate today after playing Saturday and Sunday this weekend out in Michigan.  I found it a long day for myself as this week has lots in store for me with assignments being due and a couple test before the final exam.  Many other teammates are feeling the same and buckling down in the Learning Center tonight as I spent most of my night in the Learning Center after dinner with teammates Ryan Edens and myself working on math, while John DeFeo and Mitch Kaufmann worked hard on Physics at a table nearby.  Its good to see all the boys working hard on their schoolwork as many other teammates were already in the library when I arrived, we are all getting ready for the final push as we head into the last couple weeks of class.
Taylor Bourne #29

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Michigan Alumni with Coach Meredith

Prior to our game in Ann Arbor, MI with the US Under 18 team, I had a chance to meet with several of our hockey alumni.  In the picture, from L to R: Bruce McGee, myself, Mike Dempsey and Bryan Green along with some of their children.

Also at the game was Noah Seidenberg with his son, Ethan and the entire Lupu family.

It was great to see them and meet their kids.