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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shep signing off.......

Hey guys, Sheppard here again. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and had a good weekend. So far for me, this break has consisted of hanging out with old friends from high school and catching up with the family. A couple friends of mine are in a country band and I got to see them preform for the first time in awhile. Their very good and actually in the process of hopefully signing a contract in Nashville soon which would be pretty cool. Lets hope the Penguins can pull out another win tonight to make it twelve wins in a row. There has been alot of crazy winning streaks this year in professional sports with the Blackhawks and the Heat. Well unfortunately this will be my last posting. I'd like to wish everyone a happy spring break and happy upcoming Easter. Thanks for listening.

Tyler Sheppard #7

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Home for Spring Break...

Hey everyone, I'm happy to say that I'm writing to you from home, in Hermitage, PA. I'd like to wish all the guys a safe and happy spring break. It's been really nice to catch up with the family and old friends. Mid term grades were posted and I'm sure all the guys did very well as we continue the tradition of surperb scholar athletes here at Fredonia State. Doing homework and studying is always easier when you have your teammates doing it right with you. I was glad to see the Penguins pulled it together and came back to beat Brett Mueller sorry hockey club, the Islanders last night. Good teams find a way to win and bad teams always find a way to lose. I guess there's always next year Muelly. Well it's off to the gym for me, have a good weekend!

Thanks for listening,

Tyler Sheppard #7

Friday, March 22, 2013

Headin' home...

Hey everyone,

Today was a pretty typical day here a SUNY Fredonia. I wrapped up everything I needed to do for all my classes before break so all that separates me from home is a chemistry class. Its going to feel like the longest class pf the year. Most of the guys are taking off early tomorrow morning. Mitch Kaufmann is getting ready as we speak:

Inline image 1

  I'm fortunate enough to only have a two hour drive vs. an all day flight like the guys from Alberta and the guys going south for spring break. Hopefully this awful weather we have been having lets up so everyone has safe travels. The rest of the freshman and I all went out for the "last supper" this evening. Its always nice to get a break from Timmy's and the campus food every once in awhile.

Cya later,

Tyler Sheppard

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hump Day....Bump Day....

Hey guys,

Shep here and back at it again I hope everyone is doing well. Hump day is officially over and we can get into the second half of the week. For me, it always seems like Thursday and Friday go much faster than Monday and Tuesday. Today all the boys met up in the gym again to play a game called bump. The game starts with us all in single file behind the three point arc. The first two guys in line both have basketballs. After the first person shoots, the second person is allowed to shoot. If the second person makes a basket before the first then the first player is out of the game. After a basket is made the ball gets passed to the first person remaining in line and that person shoots to hopefully eliminate the player still struggling to make a basket, and so on... Jerry Wynia added to his win streak today and Brian Doust also grabbed a W. The game gets pretty intense at times especially when you play with a competitive group. After the game eight of us stuck around to play a little 4 vs. 4. It was a battle but unfortunately the other team stole one out from under us. I guess there is always tomorrow. Well its back to the books for me, Have a good day!

Tyler Sheppard #7

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Looking forward to Spring Break...

Hey guys, Shep here again. Lets just say its been one of those days. We have all had a lot of school work and on top of that there is some awful weather rolling through Fredonia at the moment. Everyone is really looking forward to break. Also, with Easter right around the corner it will be really nice to catch up with old friends and family. In-between the hours of homework I always go hang out with Chad Bennett for a bit. Hes always good for some comic relief and helps break up the grind. Today the team all met in the gym to play some basketball after classes. You can definitely tell were all hockey players based on our performance. I'd like to congratulate Corey Melkert #2 and Jerry Wynia #20 on their victories.
Thanks for listening,

Tyler Sheppard #7

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shep at the helm...

How it going everyone? Shep here again and I hope everyone's day went well. Today was "the first day of next years season." The team met up all together in the locker room to get re-focused and go over some statistics from last year. After that we all went for a workout. It was a little different looking around and seeing the seniors empty stalls. They will be missed. Since we are going to be spending the week together we should get to know each other. I grew up in a small town called Hermitage, Pennsylvania. It is located about an hour north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have an older sister who works as a nuclear engineer in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the summer when I'm not on the ice or in the gym there is a 100% chance that I'm on my boat on one of the local lakes. My two favorite hobbies are fishing and wake boarding. Somehow I was fortunate enough to turn tournament bass fishing into my summer job so going to "work" everyday consists of practicing for whatever tournament is next on the list. Its a pretty good deal. I got addicted to fishing at a very young age and I have my father to thank for that.

Take it easy guys,

Tyler Sheppard #7

Monday, March 18, 2013

Take it away Shep!

Hey, this is Tyler Sheppard here. I'm a freshman, number 7 on the Fredonia hockey squad. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today has been a pretty typical Sunday, we watched the Penguins beat up on the Bruins earlier today and the boys and I are about to head to the library to catch up on some school homework. It seems like professors always pile on the work load at the same time. Classes always get a lot tougher right before break, but it just acts as motivation to get everything done. Hopefully Buffalo can pull out a W against Washington this evening. I always love seeing Ovechkin lose.
Until tomorrow, have a good one.

Tyler Sheppard #7

PS. Wynia #20 says hello.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lots of tests on tap this week before Spring Break

Hey everyone,
Last day on the blog. It has been a good ride. Here's a pic on how I saw the GSP vs Diaz fight last night.
Today's plans today are just study, nap and etc. I got 5 tests this week before heading on home to the mother land.
A lot of things happen this week were a lot of memories were made. I would like to thank everyone for reading my blogs which made me feel like a who's who. Just giving you guys the heads up, Sheppard#7 is next on the blog.
Thanks everyone,
Happy St.Patricks Day
Chad Michael Murray

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lots of things to do on a Saturday at Fredonia...

Hey guys,
Chad is back do his last blog. Alright ladies and gentlemen this is the finale of the blogs. Here is today list of things to do:
1.Today I got laundry to do today, both whites and darks.
2. I got homework for courses like Calculus, Computer Science, Philosophy, Accounting, and last but least World Cultures.
3. But that's not all, I got a workout lined up for the afternoon which consist of a bike and run. I like to throw in the odd cardio just to keep the body guessing.
4. Then I'm going to eat at the Cranston marche, were the champions like to go and dine out.
5. Get my hair did and get ready to paint the town red.
6. Pick up sticks
7. Head to Scummy's (hockey house) to watch to the UFC fight
8. Wrestle Sneaky Deaky
9. Run away from Sneaky Deaky
10. Put on my boogie shoes and head down to Sunny's to busta move
11. Grab some food and head home
12. Sleep
Doesn't get any better than that
Here's a pic of our wrestling matchup tonight
Place your bets:
Chad "The Bad" Bennett vs. Sneaky "The Little Ball of Hate" Gunovski
Take it easy guys,
Chadric von Bennett

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hands down, Chad wins the coveted, 'Blogger of the Year' Award

Hello everyone,
It's Chad again. I notice that a lot of my American friends here get confused on the lingo that we hockey players use when communicating to each other. So for today's blog, I'm going 1 on 1 to give you some examples of hockey lingo, it'll only be the basics and we'll keep it PG. Here's a little list I whipped up after finishing my homework.
Flow: Hair that would flow out the back of someone’s helmet and curl up around the back of the helmet. Someone can have a flow or be flowin. Long, curly or wavy hair. ex. Scott Hartnell’s flow.
Bar Down: Scoring off the crossbar.
Dummied: To beat/completely annihilate someone in a form of competitive event so badly that it was like you were facing a non-living mannequin. aka. a Dummy.
Pylon: Those defence that you dangle around like pylons in practice.
Plug: A word used to describe someone who is completely and entirely useless.
Chirp: Meaning to make fun of or joke around with or to talk trash.
Hey bobby, you've been scratched more times than a lottery ticket
Eh buddy i've seen more ice in my drink than you have all year ya plug (Reference back to Plug)
Rattled: Feeling of anger. Sometimes used by fighters. Ex: "Coach was really rattled about the game tonight."
A Beauty: This a guy on your team thats just the freaking man.....He does all sorts of crazy things and makes everybody just laugh their butt off.....He's an awesome guy ...a lot of fun...You can use this term by saying...." That Joey, he's a friggin beauty".
So anyway I hope that helped you out and maybe with a little bit of practice you can chit chat with one of the guys on the hockey squad. It can be fun if you know what your doing, but if you don't ....oh boy. You look like this guy:
I know I'm going on here so that's all I got for you today.
Thanks guys,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Counting down the days until Spring Break...

Hey Guys,
Nothing special happened today. Went for another workout today, did my lifting infront of the mirror to help me see if I'm lifting the weights properly and also sometimes I forget how good looking I am. For classes, my philosophy class was cancelled due to the teacher getting the cold or something, notice a lot of people are coming down with that. And at the end of the day I was able to watch a couple scary movies with the boys in my suite. The movies were Grave Encounter's 1&2. I gotta say that I've been getting better when it comes to watching and sleeping after seeing scary movies. And here's a pic of me today in World Cultures, compliments of Cory Melkert#2
Picture copyrighted by Cory Melkert (Dingleberries in Action©)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A typical day............

Another day has come and gone, today I was able to have a Skype date with my mom and dad, where I chit chatted about me coming home and my plans for the Spring Break (which I'm very excited for). My day has also been pretty interesting. Ever since I've switched rooms at the beginning of this semester, I always see the soccer guys in my hall. I've notice that these guys are a very special breed then your typical bro. When I came back from the Freeze, Deaky, and Ellenburg's house from playing a couple rounds of Call of Duty Black Ops (the new one of course), I got to see what the soccer guys like to do on their spare time. Well here's a couple of pics on what I did today and what the soccer guys like to do.
Cod for me and some of the other hockey guys
Also today I did a workout.
Talk to you later,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I think we have a winner here in .......

Hey Guys,
Today was a pretty productive day; went to class, did a workout with sneak the deak, completed some homework, wrote this blog, and got a movie is all lined up for tonight, that being Shrek. Also too today, I found this girl's meal card as I was about to head to the gym. Her name is Michelle Kirisits, who lives right down the hall. Well it turns out this girl knows Sheppard#7, pretty well actually. And so for my efforts, I was rewarded an X-Large Timmy's hot chocolate, giving me a shot at the Rollll Upp to win. Sadly, I didn't win, but that's fine, I'm 2-2-3 for roll up the rim. Alright guys I was told that my last blog thing was kinda long so I'm keeping this one short and sweet.
Here's a pic of me and Miss Kirisits

Well till next time, I'm Chadalac
You stay classy Fredonia

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's going to be quite a week..........

Chad Bennett here and I'm on deck for the blog this week. As some may not know, I'm number 14 on the Fredonia State Blue Devils hockey squad. If you're not sure what I look like, here's a pic.
I was told today that I look like this guy, I don't know what do you think? Ignore the tan.

Not much happened today so instead here's a little bit more about me:
Favourite Meal: Lasagna
Favourite Drink: Vanilla Coke
Favourite Dessert: Nanaimo Bars
Favourite Hockey Player: Bobby Orr
Favourite Hockey Team: Boston Bruins
Favourite Actor: Jim Carrey
Dream Girl: Michelle Trachtenberg
Brunette, Blonde, or Red: Not picky, but preferably brunette
Favourite Superheros: Gambit, Daredevil and the Punisher
Favourite Villians: Shocker, Bane, Venom
Favourite Season: Fall
Favourite Pump Up Song: The Feel Good Drag by Anberlin
Hobbies: Working out, watching movies, video gaming, having a couple cream sodas while chilling with friends, and playing with the cat and dog
Favourite Movies: Dumb and Dumber and Troy
Best Subject in School: Gym
Words to Discribe Me: A serious goof
Quote: "Success is a journey, not a destination" - Bruce Lee
Lastly, shout out to our newest member of the Fredonia Blue Devils, Travis.
Chad W. Bennett #14

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nice to sleep in........

Today we had a recruit come in from Calgary, it interesting to see how small the hockey world is, as talking to him we have played with a bunch of the same people. It was definitely a breath of fresh air to be able to sleep in today and not being bogged down with a heavy workload after completing my exams yesterday. Its good to have a weekend to relax and recharge the batteries for the up coming week of classes.

Till next year,

Taylor Bourne #29

Friday, March 8, 2013

Semester flying by........

It’s hard to believe that I have almost completed my first year at college and my first season here is done.  With two exams tomorrow, one next week and writing one today, this first bit of the semester has flown by.  Things look to be getting busy as there was about 10 guys scattered throughout the library tonight getting work done for their classes, keeping our GPA’s up hopefully again this semester.  Amidst all the work the guys are still able to find some time to relax as well, as this afternoon I got to play some basketball with Teck, Cappy, Palmy and Burger, and to say the least my shooting needs a little more work.

Taylor Bourne #29

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hump Day and 'Hawks still perfect....

Today is hump day, my mom used to say its all downhill from here.  That’s about all I can think about today is that this week is over halfway complete.  I just got back to the dorms after another night in the library and I am catching the second half of the Chicago Colorado game, tied at 1-1 right now it will be interesting to see if the struggling Avalanche can hand the seemingly unbeatable Blackhawks their first regulation loss.  I am going to catch the end of this game then get some shut eye for another big day tomorrow

Taylor Bourne #29

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Professor Swift up on his hockey...

Today is Physics Lab day for Defeo, Kaufmann and myself, during the season when we had practice, our lab was right after practice, but today we were able to head up to the learning centre to ask the great tutors there a couple questions.  Professor Swift has been keeping up on his hockey and had a chat with us about the NHL before class today.  Happy to see he is interested and hopefully he can come out to see a game or two next season.

Taylor Bourne #29

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Melky no longer rockin' the flow.....

The big news today is the sophomore, defenseman, #2 Corey Melkert, showed up to school today with a brand new haircut.  This is surprising, as Melky has been rockin the “flow” the whole year.  The reaction to the haircut has been positive across the board, as the guys are liking his brand new look.   Other than that today has been a big school day with JD and myself spending a couple hours in the computer lab working on our CSIT projects due tomorrow after Monday night steak dinner .

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Typical Sunday watching NHL hockey

Today is a typical Sunday for myself, after dinner I find myself in the library working on a couple assignments due next week, but before getting down to business I had some time to relax and watch some great hockey this afternoon. Detroit was taking on the best team in the NHL at the moment the Chicago Blackhawks, it was a great game to watch and I was hoping my Red Wings could break the streak, but sadly they lost in a shootout and Chicago is still undefeated in regulation. With the NHL now back with the shortened season there has been hockey on just about every night, sometimes it makes it difficult to get homework done with the opportunity to watch all the games. Hopefully some interesting things happen this week, so I have something to talk about.

Taylor Bourne #29

Nunner has first pro fight

Hey there, its JD once again here for my last blog. Last Night we ordered Nunners #17 first Semi-Pro hockey game for the Gwinnett Gladiators in the ECHL. We all were cheering him on as he had a stellar performance and was +1 on the night. That SUNYAC meat grinder style really showed as he was confident with the puck yet balanced in his defensive zone coverage. Overall all the boys were proud with his performance and hope he follows through tonight with his second pro game verse the Florida Everblades. We wish him luck and hope him the best.

Have a great night,
John DeFeo #15

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nunner signs pro contract.....

TGIF everybody, today has been just a good day all around. Blew through my calculus quiz and got a good workout in with my new personal trainer Wilky#25. As an exercise science major he knows how to get us into good shape in the off season. Also our senior Brad Nunn signed a contract in the ECHL and is playing in his first pro game tonight. He flew down to Georgia and is playing in Florida at 7:30 pm. Were about to go down to one of the hockey houses and watch the game. Nunner #17 were rooting for you buddy good luck. Tomorrow I will keep you posted and let you know how he played.

Till Then,
John DeFeo #15

Friday, March 1, 2013

The academic culture........

JD here, another night in the library putting in the man hours with Cappy #21 and Kauf #24.  Seems like the work just keeps getting piled on everyday but we keep grinding through it to maintain the best GPA in men's sports here at Fredonia.  Did not think I'd ever put this much effort into my studies, but all the guys here really stay on top of their work and it is contagious.  They get you on the right track for success and it shows in our teams GPA over the years.  But I have to get back to work so me and Kauf #24 can start are pro tour in the off season on Tiger Woods Golf.
Take it easy,
John DeFeo #15