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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The legend of the green helmet....

Hey there, its JD again back for another FredState Hockey blog.  It is a gloomy rainy day here in Fredonia and i was puzzled on what to write about today that would interest you.  It came to me today when i was in the locker room cleaning up the rest of my gear when I saw our infamous Green CCM helmet.  It was an achievement for the worst plus-minus overall and was added up every week, worst plus-minus had to wear that ugly old lime green bucket for the whole week of practice.  You had the ability to continuously wear the helmet each week if you were the most minus on the squad.  The first week was a tie and came down to a shootout of 5 guys, one of them being me.  I was so close to strapping on the helmet, but I dodge a bullet and Chad Bennet wore it for the first week losing in the shootout to decide it.  I eventually earned it and wore it the third week.  Yes it might have been embarrassing for the week, wearing that eye sore on your head, but it made sure that week you worked harder on your d zone and followed it in to the games on the weekend.  I'm pretty sure it also saved my noggin from a concussion also when Nosky #5 buried me in practice.  Overall while the legend of the green bucket lasted it brought some humor, embarrassment, and motivation to our team that I will not forget.
Talk to you soon,
John DeFeo #15

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Calc is the class of the day...

It's JD back for my second day on the blog, still grinding work out in the library with Wilkie #25 and Kauf #24, taking a quick break to rest my brain from calculus and physics homework.  It was a pretty sad day for our hockey team as a whole returning all our equipment that was issued to us at the beginning of the season. Seeing the seniors taking their name plates down from their stalls and packing their bags felt weird thinking that they will not be with us next season guiding us through all the adversity.  They have done so much for me on and off the ice, whether its Eddy #18 and Nunner # 17 helping me out with calculus, Nosky # 5 and Mueller # 26 knocking me around the ice making me tougher, or Hehrsy # 4 teaching me how to block shots, they were always there for me in some way improving me as a person and a hockey player.  I'd like to thank them for the great experience I had for my freshman hockey career and will remember it when I am a Senior and need to help guide the incoming Freshman through there first college experience.
Till next time,
John DeFeo # 15 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Very nice..........

JD here, coming to you live from Hemingway Hall, Its my first blog in my career here on the Fredonia State Hockey Squad.  It is a gloomy Sunday here in Fredonia and all of the freshman are just trying to get ready for the week ahead.  Kauf #24 is grinding work out in the library while the rest of us our doing much needed laundry and watching some hockey on our new 42inch tube.  Needless to say it was a great upgrade from my grandma's old 15" TV, that sophomore Brian Doust #23 called "The Gameboy".  Hope to have more to report to you all tomorrow.
Over and out, 
John DeFeo #15

Big screen in the dorm, very nice....

"Our new upgrade to watch hockey in hi def"
JD here, coming to you live from Hemingway Hall, Its my first blog in my career here on the Fredonia State Hockey Squad.  It is a gloomy Sunday here in Fredonia and all of the freshman are just trying to get ready for the week ahead.  Kauf #24 is grinding work out in the library while the rest of us our doing much needed laundry and watching some hockey on our new 42inch tube.  Needless to say it was a great upgrade from my grandma's old 15" TV, that sophomore Brian Doust #23 called "The Gameboy".  Hope to have more to report to you all tomorrow.
Over and out, 
John DeFeo #15

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Off season beginnings......

Since being on the east coast i've been able to visit my uncles that live in Florida during some of our breaks. Here is a pic from Thanksgiving Break this year.
Kauf here back for my final blog of the week; it felt great to sleep in today and be able to enjoy a nice Saturday off. This morning John DeDeo, Ryan Wilkinson, Taylor Bourne and myself headed over to the gym to get a workout in before lunch where we ran into a few other players on the squad including Andrew Christ, Will Mclaughin and assistant captain Rod Perkins. Now that the season is over we finally have time to let our bodies recover and work on certain areas that need some rehabilitation, in saying that though time still has to be put in to keeping up cardiovascular strength and also keep our body weights in check which can sometimes be hard to do without having ice times 6 days a week. After lunch a few of us went over to the library for a while before heading back to the dorms to watch the smorgasbord of hockey on today. Its nice to watch these east coast times while being in Fredonia, but I definitely miss watching Hockey Night In Canada on days like today. A few of us are off to the the Dunkirk Cinemas for a movie night now so thats all for me this week, hope you guys enjoyed the posts!

Mitch Kaufmann #24


Saturday, February 23, 2013


This is the Christmas card myself and fellow freshmen John Defeo and Ryan Wilkinson sent out to our family and friends this year.
Kauf here relaxing with a few of the freshmen back at Hemingway Hall playing some video games and talking with the guys about their school day. After a long week I think i'll take a night off from studying, the mind can only take so much of a beating after 4 late nights in the library this week. I decided to head back to the rink for the first time since the season ended Wednesday to mix in a workout between classes and found our facility, that opened this semester, under going its grand opening with speakers including our school president, a senator, student athletic council, and the architect/designer of the brand new facility that converted it from a swimming pool into a spacious top of the line gym. It was very interesting to hear about the process and how the long it takes an idea such as wanting a new gym to fully follow through, we are extremely lucky to have the students and faculty with the motivation to put the gym project together and I hope everyone at the school can appreciate it especially our student athletes. Anyways, I gotta tune the boys at Mario Cart so that's all for tonight.
Mitch Kaufmann #24

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Season ends at Buffalo State in first round

Our 8 seniors and 2 junior goaltenders that have just finished their final season of college hockey.
It's hard to put words together after an abrupt end to our season Wednesday evening. It still hasn't quite registered that my freshmen season is already over and that 10 buddies won't be around for next year. My hat is off to all our seniors this year; through thick and thin those 10 individuals kept us focused each day at the rink and the character they brought into the room will be hard to match, I can only hope to have an impact my senior year as they did on us freshmen.

Now that our season is over I feel as if there's really nothing to look forward to other than completing the second semester and heading home for summer, with no more practice or games much more time will be spent on homework and keeping our cumulative GPA of the student athletes highest among all men and womens teams here in Fredonia.

Speaking of homework I have to head to the library with Wilks, thank God it's almost Friday.
Mitch Kaufmann #24

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First round of playoffs at Buff State tonight

Kauf here wrapping up my day in Hemingway Hall watching The Americans with my roommate John DeFeo. It was hard to stay tuned into class today with what's on the line tomorrow, so much has to be in order to be fully prepared for a week day game which we usually don't have to deal with. With our last practice taking place today before the game tomorrow I believe the boys are ready to go and I personally can't wait to step on the bus tomorrow and head to Buffalo State. We've been through so much this year; I don't think I've ever gone through such an emotional roller-coaster, but in saying that we've made it this far and as a group we should be proud of how far we've come. Well I have to catch some sleep here so wish us luck for tomorrow!
Mitch Kaufmann #24
Ryan Wilkinson and myself during "Movember" this year, his moustache is near the top of the podium on our team.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Words from the wise, OC and feels just like yesterday

Just finished up with my fellow freshmen and senior John O’Connor at our favorite meal establishment on campus, Cranston Marche. It’s always good to have a meal with John or “OC” as we like to call him, to catch up on what he’s been up to and what kind of stories he has, you can learn a lot of life lessons from a gentlemen like himself that has spent almost 4 years here in Fredonia. Today at practice it was all fine-tuning and preparing for what has to be our greatest effort this year. As our captain Brett Mueller put it today “It’s not going be all systems that wins us the game Wednesday night, it’s going to be whoever wants it more.” On that note I’m off to hit the books at McEwan Library.

Mitch Kaufmann #24

Myself with fellow freshmen John Defeo and Ryan Wilkinson on picture day, feels as though it was only yesterday.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday at Sabres game...

Kauf here reporting for my first blog entry of the week, fellow teammate Brian Doust and myself are currently enjoying an afternoon matinee between the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburg Penguins at the First Niagra Center. We were fortunate enough to have a couple tickets set aside by a friend from home playing for Pittsburg which has been a treat so far on a nice Sunday off after a full week of practice and a battle on Friday night against Buffalo State. It's back at it tomorrow though as we prepare for our first playoff game against Buffalo State come Wednesday evening. Hope the boys had a chance to recover today because we're about to begin the best time of the year; playoffs. That's all for today, enjoy your Sunday!

Mitch Kaufmann #24

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Now the good stuff starts....

As the regular season has come to a close I look back at how much our team has grown, as well as myself.  This years team has had our ups and downs, we have been through so much together and this has become one of the closest teams that I have ever been a part of.  We didn't end on the best note but I truly believe, with the character in our room, that we will bounce right back.  Personally, I cannot believe how much I have grown on and off the ice this year.  I think this is due to having such great guys to look up to.  Starting with our senior class right down to my fellow freshmen I couldn't ask for a better group of guys.  Although the regular season is done I know we have plenty of hockey left to play.  Over and out.

Ryan Wilkinson #25

Friday, February 15, 2013

Big night in Bengal land.....

On the last day of practice before our final regular season game versus Buff State, the only thing the guys could think about was playing tomorrow night.  We practiced with determination today, passes were crisp, shots were hard and the boys were flying.  You could feel the energy in the room and out on the ice, everyone is coming to play tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what happens.  This will be an emotionally charged game but I know we can stay focused and come out on top.  I don't remember the last time I was this excited for a game, but hopefully I will be able to stay focused during classes tomorrow and maybe learn a little something too.  Now it's time to get a good nights sleep, I will see you all tomorrow.

Ryan Wilkinson #25

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What are you giving up for Lent?

Well we made it to the halfway point of the week and we're still kicking.  Everyone is looking forward to our game Friday and can't wait to step on the ice at Buff State.  But since today is ash Wednesday, there was a lot of talk in the dressing room of what all the guys are giving up for lent, and who would be the first one to give in.  It sounds like most guys are giving p dubs or fast food.  I personally am going to give up sweets and feel pretty good that I can make it the whole 40 days.

Here's to everyone's last night before they give something up, stay strong you can do it!

Ryan Wilkinson #25

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...sitting all alone at a table in Starbucks

Not too much happened today, although it seems that everyone is starting to get back to the school grind and keep finding themselves at the library longer and longer.  Tests are starting to pop up along with assignments and papers.  I joined about half of the team today to study in the library.  It's going to take hard work from everyone to keep up our high team GPA but it looks as though everyone is up for the task.  I did my part today when I got a %100 on my Psych paper, it felt good to see my studying pay off.  On a side note the team had a good laugh today before practice when we found out that Chad Bennett "misplaced" his over sized backpack.  With the help of my good friend Chris Jung we were able to track it down sitting all alone at a table in Starbucks.  I made sure to put my backpack away where I know I will find it in the morning, with that said I'm all out of words for now, until next time.

Ryan Wilkinson #25
"Chad's "misplaced" backpack"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Starting the week with AAA Alberta beef...

Today was a great start to the week, classes flew by today and I seemed to get a lot of work done.  When all of the guys met up at the rink before practice we were reminiscing about all the events that took place this weekend and we all had some good laughs.  When we got on the ice for practice everyone came ready to work and start preparing for our final regular season game on Friday night versus our rival Buff State, we got back to the basics and fine tuned some areas of our game.  After practice most of the team enjoyed our regular Monday night feast of AAA Alberta beef served at the local Cranston Marche'.  To finish off the night I joined several of my teammates at the library, where I still am, to catch up on some school work.  Its time for me to get some rest in and head back to the dorms, talk to you soon.

Ryan Wilkinson #25

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday is family day

"My dad having a little fun at the Dunkirk Cinema."
Sunday night here in the dorms and all the freshmen are unwinding and watching Fast Five.  There was a lot of excitement in Fredonia over the weekend with Pink the Rink on Friday night and a hard fought game against Oswego on Saturday.  It was nice to see many friends and families out this weekend to support the boys.  It was a particularly fun weekend for me because it was the first time my parents came to watch a game in my collegiate career.  Today I spent the day with my parents picking up some "essentials" from Walmart then enjoyed a nice meal at the White Inn and got to see a film at the local cinema.  Well that's it for me tonight, wish all the families a safe trip home and can't wait to see everyone back at Pink the Rink next year.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink the Rink game this Friday

Wednesdays are always pretty long for me here at Fredonia with 4 classes one being a night class after practice. After a long day here on campus (almost 12 hours) I like to journey on home to 44 center street and catch some NHL action or watch some Grey's Anatomy on Netflix (Jared Wynia got me hooked). I do get teased a lot about going to bed quite early. I usually seem to hit the sack around 930 and the other guys on the squad seem to think that's funny, but I need my beauty sleep so I don't let the harassing get to me. On a hockey note we had another day of practice today getting ready for the upcoming weekend. I haven't mentioned it yet in the blog but the funnest game of the year is just around the corner. "Pink the Rink" is this Friday night and I know the boys are excited to play in front of a great crowd.

Keep your heads up and your sticks on the ice -Cory Melkert #2

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dinner at the President's house

Just finished dinner at the President's house here in Fredonia and it was quite tastey. Dr. Horvath was a great host and it was nice to spend time getting to know her.  We then came home to a nice Ottawa Senators lead over the struggling Buffalo Sabres, hoping they can hang on to the lead. On a lighter note over Thanksgiving break I was able to go on a cruise to the Bahamas and once the cruise was over I was able to spend a couple days in Miami. Knowing that I was going to be in Miami, I purchased tickets to the Miami Heat game and I was able to watch my favorite basketball team live in their own arena which was awesome. My girlfriend and I were able to cruise around Miami for the day checking out the sites and then hit the game up at night where the Heat pulled off a last second win. On a hockey side of things there are only three more days until the next biggest game of the year and the boys are pumped up about the challange ahead.
Cory Melkert #2
My girlfriend and I outside the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hockey team to dine at President's house tonight

Another day of classes in the books here at Fred state. Its been a busy start to the semester with alot of work in each of my classes. We had the day off the ice today to recoop from a hard fought weekend. The fellas did get their first taste of the new fredvegas gym today for the daily monday workouts. Lets just say the new gym is a little different from the old gritty fitness center. Looking forward to a team meal at the school's Presidents tomorrow after she was kind enough to invite us all over for a meal. I do have to extend a congrats to my last line of defense on the ice Mark Friesen for earning SUNYAC Goaltender of the Week in the competitive SUNYAC confrence.  Until tomorrow stay classy.
Cory Melkert #2 in the program #1 in your heart

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mondays are tough even when you sweep the weekend

Me and my mom on my first day of classes last year as a freshman.
Mondays are sometimes tough when its back to school for a tough day of classes but after a long j term I'm excited to have classes going again to keep busy. I have a pretty tough semester coming up with a lot of math orientated classes which I'm not very good at, but I'll have to battle on through it with my buddies Cappy, Tech and Chazzy Bennett. After making the "honor roll" last semester I think my mom is expecting the same from here on out so I better not dissappoint her after all she does travel about 6 hours every weekend to come cheer me on at all the rinks in the SUNYAC which is greatly appreciated.You see in the picture me and my mom on my first day of classes last year as a freshman. On a hockey note its a start to another week in preparation for another big weekend starting on Friday.
Cory Melkert

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Melky reports on Devils win over Plattsburgh

Mat Hehr with 2 goals against Plattsburgh in Devils 2-1 win
Cory Melkert, # 2 here, recording my first blog post of the year on a Superbowl Sunday. Just going to start off by saying it was a great weekend for our hockey team winning both games and beating #9 ranked Plattsburgh on Saturday evening. The boys came out agressive in both games and it paid off in consecutive nights. My roomate Mathew "hands" Hehrsy had a big two goals on Saturday which proved to be enough as we buckled down the d-zone for the third period. On an NHL note, the Ottawa Senators are off to a blazing start and I don't expect that to stop until they are hoisting the cup at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario. That's all for today.  Until tomorrow, enjoy Superbowl Sunday.
#2 Cory Melkert