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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lots of good times at the first annual golf tournament.....

Hey there folks, welcome back to old Fredonia!

All the boys are back and excited to start the new school year.  Today we held the first annual Blue Devil Invitational, at the local Hillview Golf course.  It was a great day for the guys to bond, catch up, and really meet the new freshmen.  The day was full of excitement, the crowds were cheering on every tee box and green.  There were many highlights including the McAvoy bank shot off the tree, on to the green, 2 feet from the hole, to the infamous Tyler Matecki putter throw.  In my foursome I was joined by Mac McAvoy, Chris Eiserman and Damien Kulynych.  We had a great showing but we just couldn't  pull through in the end, we finished off the day with a very respectable 4 under par.  The big winners of the day at 8 under par were Jared Wynia, Blake Forslund, Jamie Young, and alumni Ian Ellenburger.  Overall the day was a success and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Until next time Slickman25 ;)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kauf gets a warm up at Hillview for today's Blue Devil Classic....

Mitch Kaufmann checking back in for my first blog of the year here in Freddy State. I just have to say that it's great to be back here with the boys, although all the fellas don't stay in touch over the summer, we don't skip a beat when everyone's back.

The first week of classes have just wrapped up which I personally can say is a relief; even though it's only syllabus week of everyone's classes they have gotten almost right into the heat of the class material, especially the upper level ones. After classes yesterday and a workout at the school gym, senior Brian Doust, Alumni Andrew Christ and myself played a quick nine holes at the local Hillview golf course as a warmup for our first annual Blue Devil Classic. All of the squad and a few alumni will be participating in a 18 hole scramble Saturday morning which everyone seems to be pretty excited about. It's an early bed for me though so until next time..


Friday, August 29, 2014

Golf outing this weekend after long trip from Calgary......

My main man Rufio, on the road from Calgary in the old Civic.
             RIP New York Civics.
Finally back to Fredonia, had a little hiccup making it back from Calgary. The trusty old Civic had its last run, breaking down 5 hours out of Calgary in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Hats off to my Dad for dropping everything and picking me up and making the rest of the trip with me. Besides that, the trip was safe and sound.  Made it across the country in a day. Feels a bit surreal that my senior year has come so fast. But it's here and ready to make the most of it. The season has nothing but positives on the horizon, the boys have been putting in the most off ice effort in my 4 years here. This effort can only translate to better things on the ice, and hopefully make a solid run for my final season. Just trying to take in as much as I can while these last months fly by, making new friends and teammates, trying to put some great wins in the SUNYAC together.
Looking forward to the long weekend to get out with the new guys and some alumni to play our first ever golf tournament. We will be playing a 4 man scramble at the Hillview Course in Fredonia.  Big thanks to them for accommodating our group for the morning. It will be a solid day having former assistant captains, Andrew Christ and Ryan Edens in attendance. Hopefully the Swedes can hit a golf ball, although I don't expect much from the 'natural athlete' named Eric Moberg, but it will be a good day at the first Fredonia Hockey Open Championship, and good luck to all the teams. 
Brian Doust #23

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Senior Matecki getting settled in........

Hey there everyone. 'Teck here, sending my first post of my senior year. Four years sure does go by quick. Since I've been back here in Fredonia I have been very busy getting myself organized for my final year of school. It's going to be a quick and busy semester working an internship, going to class, and finally getting back on the ice again for a big season. The boys are looking good and the season looks promising.

It's time for me to head over to class now so until next time....
'Teck #22

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cappy schools Melky in Tiger Woods........

Seems kind of weird being back here for my last year but very excited for what's to come this year. It's been nice seeing all the boys again and meeting all the new guys on the team this year. Not so happy to be back in classes though. But it was nice to have Tuesday off so me and our captain, Melky sat around and played Tiger Woods golf most of the day. Of course, I'm doing most of the winning like usual.

Only a few more days of classes for the week then our first annual hockey golf outing, should be a real treat out there.  
Check back in next week for the results of the tourney.

Cappy #21

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wynie lands in TO and roots for the Jays.............

Good morning everybody! Jared Wynia here, senior checking in on a nice day here in Fredonia! Hope all are doing well as I make my way to class early this morning. It has been a pretty wild last couple of days here for me as I flew into Toronto last week and got to see the city before coming down to the border and shop a little bit before settling in to our house on Forest Place. 

The team has all met and are getting along great. Started skate and shoot yesterday also and was great to see all those faces back on the ice. My day isn't too bad today with only a couple classes followed with a workout and another skate session, but the only thing that's getting to me is the humidity here. Unlike back home when it's hot here - it is truly hot. Been able to dodge the heat as much as I can but I have to battle through with this walk to campus shortly. Wish me luck!

Also here is a photo of the world famous "real sports bar" in Toronto I watched the Blue Jays game at. For those unfamiliar, it has around 100 TV's with this one picture being a full movie size screen. Quite an amazing place to go eat dinner if you have never been!
- Jared Wynia #20

Monday, August 25, 2014

Captain Melkert kicks off the blog year......

Pictured is my Mom and I when I moved in freshman year.
Hard to believe I'm checking in for my last ever, first blog post of the year. People always say it, but time has really flown by and now I'm a senior in college. It's been a good last couple days here in 'FredVegas' catching up with the boys and meeting the new freshman. Everyone seems to be comfortable with each other and excited to hit the ground running this year hockey wise. I know my Mom always reads this blog so I thought I would give a shout out to her for setting up my new apartment this year. Without her help I dont think Jared Wynia and myself could have got it looking this clean, so Mom I appreciate it and cant wait to get that first win for you as a senior on October 31st against Cortland. Well that's it for now everyone. 

Stay classy and I'll be back later on this year.
Cory Melkert #2

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A bat welcomes the boys back to Fredonia....

After a long summer back home, the boys came back to Fredonia only to find a bat residing in their apartment.  Watch the video to see our 'brave young men' as they battle the fierce 2 oz. mammal.

Welcome back for another year of Fredonia Hockey blog!