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Friday, September 30, 2011

No Breakfast Club for Coz this year

It's almost October now and that means the season is right around the corner.  Easy to see the excitement start to ramp up, especially during captain's practice, as guys are beginning to realize they need to compete more and more each day.  I think everyone is ready for October 15th to get here.  Classes are going well, can't believe midterms are coming up so soon, before we know it we'll be heading home for Christmas break.  
Nice to at least be back in a routine although for some reason I felt like I had a lot more free time my first two years here.  Other than that things are pretty regular so far... weather is surprisingly nice, it hasn't even rained that much so far.  Just had the dreaded 2 mile test yesterday and advanced conditioning will nearly be over after that.  I have no intentions of being a first-time Breakfast Club member, but I'll let you know how that plays out next time you hear from me.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christer's thoughts on school and practice

It's now been over a month since the boys have now been back at school studying hard to be the lucky one honored by a spot on the Academic Excellence plaque in the locker room. Besides us working hard in the classroom, we've been out on the ice throwing hits and chucking sauce around three days a week. Our captain, Bryan Ross has been running us through great, game like drills, getting us prepped for the season. Today is our grueling, timed 2 mile test. The talk in the locker room is that most all of the guys are feeling pretty confident going into it this year. With all that said, I cant wait for October 15 to come around.

Andrew Christ

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beware of North Adams...........

This past week of classes have gone well.  Got the first few college tests out of the way and am getting used to going back to school.  The hockey is really starting to pick up.  There has definitely been more intensity this past week and the pace is really starting to pick up.  Getting ready for that official start date of October 15th.  And the North Adams workout we did was the hardest one we've done here.  Everyone got through it and worked together.

Stephen Castriota

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freshman, Ian Ellenberger off the bike and back on the ice

As each week passes here at Fredonia, it's beginning to feel more and more like home. The first game against Assumption will be here in no time. Time is passing by a lot quicker with how busy my schedule has been. As the adjustment of getting back into classroom has been pretty smooth, getting back to skating with the guys after having minor off-season surgery has been the highlight of my week. It's been great to finally get off the stationary bike and start to get into the swing of things with the team on the ice, as I haven't been able to really skate and work out with the team since the beginning of school. With the help of the trainers and the team doctor, I will be back to 100% in no time.

Ian Ellenberger

Monday, September 26, 2011

Eddy know the start is near

Now that we are wrapping up the first month of school it seems all the boys have settled into some routines with classes and school work. Its nice having Freeze in a couple of my business classes for support and studying with Nunner in the Lib makes me get work done.. When he's not looking up Hall of Fame wrestlers and laughing hysterically. Advanced Conditioning has been tough as usual but its nice to see all the boys picking up the intensity as the season nears. The weather is cooling down and the skates are becoming real fast paced. We all can't wait for the Hockey season to start for real.

Ryan Edens

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freeze trying to push it over the top

It feels great to have a few weeks of school out of the way, although things are starting to pick up with tests and everything coming up. I feel fairly settled into a routine now, and am enjoying my time here in Fredonia. I have been really impressed with the hard work of our team during our advanced conditioning classes. Yesterday we finished our North Adams series, and I was proud of the effort we all put in! I'm excited to see our hard work pay off come October. Ice times as a team have been great, and it has been good to have some time to get a feel for each other as players. We are a close group of guys, and we are getting better each week. It has been a good first month here, and I sense a feeling of increased energy and work ethic as we near our first game together. Each day I look up at the banner that reads "Sunyac Finals," and am reminded of how close we came last year. We are determined to be champions this year, and the disappointment I felt is still very fresh in my mind. I see us being a very dangerous contender this year and I can't wait to get the season going.

Mark Friesen

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workloads both on and off the ice for Junior, Ben Waldman

Can’t believe we are four weeks into school now and it feels like we all just arrived yesterday. It is nice to be back with the boys after a long summer, even though it feels like fall already outside. School is getting a little hectic as teachers start piling on the work loads, going to be a long semester ahead. But going on the ice makes it a little better. Can't wait for the season to start its going to be an exciting year with a lot of new freshman. Hopefully we can keep the momentum from last year and go a little further.

Ben Waldman

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Junior, Engineering Major, Brad Nunn anxious to get going

Week four is pulling to a close and it’s already time to put your hard hats on.  School is very demanding right now, spending a lot of time in the library, but there is always a bunch of the guys in attendance to keep in entertaining. 
            This is my second week on the ice; it’s great to see all the familiar faces wheeling around.  There are a lot of new guys this year, still trying to figure out what their favorite moves are.  Perkins is out for two more weeks from a broken foot, but that has not stopped him from working on his hands every time I see him.  He is looking to make the move to play maker this year. 
Although the start to this year has been a battle, I’m very anxious and excited for the weeks to come.  4 more weeks till camp.
Bradley Nunn

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Muhser and the boys grinding it out

The first few weeks of school have been awesome, with the exception of school work starting to pick up of course.  But it feels great to be back with the boys, especially being back on the ice with everyone.  Advanced Conditioning class has been a battle and everyone seems to be working real hard so far this year.  I got a real good feeling about this group of guys and hopefully we can transition to the regular season smoothly with no major injuries (I am keeping my fingers crossed) or other problems and have a quick start to the season! 

Looking forward to grinding it out with everyone the next few weeks.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Junior, Defenseman, Ken Nosky looking back and excited about future

We're a couple weeks into school now and it’s hard to believe I’m in the second half of my college career already.  It’s a little weird looking around the locker room for some of the upperclassmen I have grown to rely on and it’s the freshmen and sophomores from when I was a freshyman. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing, but this year is different. I want that title and I want to see nationals. School is the main priority here but don’t get me wrong hockey is a very close second.
Our team took a couple big hits losing key players to graduation last year and they will be missed. Watching what the freshman are bringing to the team has been surprising and exciting, as they look to be good additions to the line-up. All in all I believe we're in for an exciting year and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to be a part of the Blue Devil Hockey team. Also I can’t wait for the Sabres to win the Stanley cup this year.
Ken Nosky

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Senior, Bill Sanborn says the guys are in full swing

As the first month of school is rapidly coming to an end, all the guys seem to have settled in really well.  It has been great seeing all the guys after a long summer and a great opportunity to meet all the freshmen.  All the freshmen seem to fit in great with the returning guys, which makes everyone extremely excited for the upcoming year.  Classes have been going well to this point and I’m excited to see how it turns out.  Advanced Conditioning and skating a couple times a week has been in full swing the past couple of weeks, guys have been working extremely hard to continually get better every day.   Stay Classy Fredonia!

Bill Sanborn

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Freshman, Jared Wynia can't wait for the season to begin

It's been a couple weeks now and I'm starting to get more and more settled into the college atmosphere as each day goes by. The practices and off-ice conditioning have been great for the team and all the guys are looking excited to start the season off on a strong note. Feels great to be back on the ice. I'm looking forward to seeing how the team keeps improving everyday and working towards the end result. Can't wait for the season to start!

Jared Wynia

Friday, September 16, 2011

Perks pumped to be back

Its great to be back in Fredonia for another year of school and hockey. Although it took a couple days, I feel fully adjusted and back in the swing of things. Coming off a great playoff run last February, its very exciting to get back to the rink and see the boys, and with a new talented freshman class as well as a solid veteran group, I hope for big things this upcoming season. Overall, its great to be back and I am very excited for the upcoming hockey season and school year.

Alex Perkins

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Palmy enjoying the start of sophomore year

Three weeks in, and everything seems to be back to routine. With advanced conditioning, classes, and hanging with the boys, things are just like they were last year. The new freshman seem cool, but I'm still missing all the seniors from last year. This year I think our squad will go far. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the future this season with our team, keeping my fingers crossed for that SUNYAC title, even 'nattys'.
Right now I have a totally different mindset towards school, with getting average marks in the classroom all of last year things are going to be different this year. A little pressure from the old man never hurts too. I have high hopes for myself to contribute, as well as my team mates with going 11 straight semesters with the best grades of all men's sports teams. 

Life outside of school is no different, with OC hanging out with... (well we don't need to mention names), me 'dummying' eddy in NHL on the Xbox in our spare time, the boys and their girlfriends and what not coughcoughfreezeandcoz...we don't need to get into any more details, but things seem to be rolling smoothly.

With advanced conditioning kicking everyone into shape, captain skates seeing everyone flying around, the boys doing their thing, this year is going to be a good one.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OC back in the groove

It feels great to be back in Fredonia!  It’s good to see all the boys again, and nice to meet the freshmen who all seem like great guys and have already made a smooth transition into the room.  Starting our third week of classes, I think all the boys are back in the swing of thing as far as hockey and school are concerned.  Personally I feel junior year is off to a great start, my roommate Chalky (Rob Michalka) and I are enjoying out new apartment in Park Place its certainly a big step up from the dorms, I have to say I am a bit surprised in how neat we’ve been able to keep it, although it does tend to get a little messy when Palmy (Tyler Palmerton)stops by.
Advanced conditioning is also going well, as tough as it is everyone understands its importance and has been giving it 110%.  It seems to me that the intensity in captions practice as well as advanced conditioning get amped up as the season nears and excitement for the upcoming year grows.  Until next time… Go Blue Devils!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Junior, Pre-Med Major, Will McLaughlin already taking tests

Back in Fredonia and it feels good to be reunited with the boys. Not looking too forward to the semester ahead from an academic point as it seems like its gonna be spent in the library. I guess my professors missed the memo that we just got off summer break, there hasn't been much time to get back into school mode, I already had a test in the first week!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pictures from our 2011 Senior Citizen Work Day

Former Buffalo Junior Sabres captain, Tyler Matecki weighs in

This was the first week of advance conditioning so everyday all week we had to be drinking water  to make sure we stayed hydrated.  It takes a lot out of you so I had to make sure I had a good nights rest every night so I could also pay attention in class.  Practices went well and it felt good to be on the ice training as well as off the ice.  All the older guys helped me out with questions I had, and also gave some pretty good tips.  The coaches, the players, and training staff is more than willing to help out with anything you need.  The facilities at Fredonia are amazing and its a great atmosphere to be in.

Tyler Matecki

Sunday, September 11, 2011

FSU hockey team helps local senior citizens

FSU hockey team helps local senior citizens

September 11, 2011
The OBSERVER by Craig Harvey
For the second straight year, the Fredonia State men's hockey team introduced themselves to the community by helping local senior citizens with home maintenance projects Saturday.
Sophomore, Ryan Edens from Sherwood Park Alberta with Betty Wise
Some of the jobs this year included painting steps, yard work, bush trimming, basement cleaning and even helping someone move from One Temple Square to the Concord Estates.
Blue Devils' hockey coach Jeff Meredith visited each place to meet the homeowners and see what kind of manpower was needed.
"A women down on Fourth Street, Florence Barone, is 92 years old and we are going to paint her front steps," Meredith said. "She is fantastic. I told her I would send strong boys and she asked if they were good looking ones."
Meredith enjoys seeing the unique relationships his players have formed with the senior citizens from the area.
"They were so grateful last year," Meredith said. "I got the most wonderful cards and letters and e-mails. It was really, really nice. It's a great experience for our guys to do some neat things for people and meet the people and sit and talk with them.
Meredith noted players were hoping they were assigned to Marty Webster's house this year as she gave all the helpers homemade jam last year for trimming bushes.
"We had so much success last year," Meredith concluded. "It's something we really enjoy doing."
Brad Nunn along with teammate Alex Perkins and Michaelina Comerford

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Junior, Rob Michalka trades his 50 hours/week summer job for school

It’s great to be back in Fredonia after a long summer of working. School seems easy after working almost 50 hours a week on the road. I forgot how much I enjoyed being back at school with all the boys. We have a large freshman class this year but they are all great guys and talented hockey players. There is no doubt in my mind that we will start off this season as a power in the SUNYAC. 
Advanced conditioning class has been interesting this year. As always we are throwing around cinder blocks like crazy, but coach has brought in some new workouts that are pretty tough. He always finds a new use for a cinder block. Being on the ice with the whole team has been great. You can tell that everyone is having a great time being back together on the ice. The classroom is more demanding now that I am a junior, but going to practice and workouts is a nice little escape that helps get me through it. I can’t wait for October to come around and being on the ice with the boys every weekend battling for the win.
Rob Michalka

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mules....freshmen fitting in well

After 2 weeks of classes we are back in the swing of things, it was good to finally see the boys as we kept in touch over the summer. All the incoming freshman are fitting right in and we are very excited to battle it out together in everything leading up to the season and when October rolls around. Everyone looks great in advanced conditioning and we are excited to get after it again.

Brett Mueller

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Freshman, Mike Monfredo excited about start of the year

The last 2 weeks of classes have been easy.  They weren't as tough as I thought they would have been; but I'm sure that they will only get harder.  The Advanced Conditioning class stated last week and it was a little tough but it only prepares us for the upcoming season and will make us better in the long run.  The team has done a lot of bonding which I feel is good because a team that bonds together is a team that wins together.  I just cant wait to get the season started and have a good year.

Mike Monfredo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All American, Steve Rizer joins Heffernan on Western New England staff

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Steve Rizer has been named an assistant men's hockey coach at Western New England.

Rizer, who had a brief stint with the Mississippi River Kings in the Central Hockey League (CHL), earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration-Marketing in 2011.

The Long Island, New York native enjoyed a spectacular career at Fredonia State (NY) where he was an All-American selection as a junior and senior.

Rizer also was selected to the All-State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Team twice.

Last year he helped the Blue Devils reach the SUNYAC final and was named to the All-Tournament Team.

Ironically, Rizer was recruited to play at Fredonia by present WNE coach Greg Heffernan who was then the school's assistant coach and recruiting coordinator.

"Steve will bring so much to our program. He was regarded as one of the best defenseman in the nation during his playing career and our guys are really going to benefit from working with him every day," said Heffernan.

While at FSU, he was an active member of the team's "Pink the Rink" cancer fund-raising program that was started by Heffernan.

Freshman, Cory Melkert gets the rust off academically

Coming into my freshman year at Fredonia I didn't know what to expect. The thought of mixing school with hockey wasn't too appealing to me at first but after the first two weeks of classes I'm kind of enjoying getting back into the swing of things school-wise.

Getting used to the homework and amount of work will still take some time but I feel it will get easier each day. Hockey wise is a different story, the upperclassmen have welcomed me and all the other freshman to Fredonia with open arms. They have been great involving us in team activities and get togethers. Advanced Conditioning class started last week, I did recieve warnings that it was going to be tough but I didnt know it was going to be that tough. I look forward to the start of the season and playing games, along with learning more in the classroom.

Cory Melkert

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Senior, Chris LaBella ...planes, trains, automobiles and Championships

After working an internship all summer, it is nice to be back in Fredonia. I must say though the flight from Logan to Buffalo was a bit scary considering I thought it was the pilot's first time flying an airplane. I am fortunate enough that my landlord lets us keep all our stuff here over the summer (except my hockey bag of course comes home) otherwise I would probably be broke already from luggage fees. It is a bit strange being a senior considering I felt like freshman year just passed by like it was yesterday. Fredonia has become like a second home for me over these past years which I would not trade for anything.
I thought we had a pretty successful season last year just falling short of a SUNYAC Championship which was heartbreaking to say the least. We have a bunch of new freshman and they already seem to be buying into the FSU Hockey mentality and image we strive to always have as a team. With advanced conditioning and solid captain's practices, I feel once that first game comes that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with and bringing home a SUNYAC Championship is the only acceptable path this year. 

Bellzy #24 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Freshman, JD Howard thinks the "sky's the limit" for this year's Blue Devils

At this point I can honestly say that I am very happy that I chose to attend school at Fredonia. I am currently a double major in Biology and Medical Technology. The entire faculty has been amazingly helpful in getting back into the swing of school after taking a few years off to play juniors.

All the upperclassman on the team have been very open and inviting, making the transition to college much easier. They boys have been more than willing to help any freshman with questions and concerns. I've only been here 2 weeks now and it's safe to say this group of guys is by far the best team I've been around. I don't mean that just from a hockey standpoint. As soon as the freshman showed up they older guys were very polite and open to conversation, making it easy to be myself. The biggest concern I had was that I needed to please everyone before I gained their acceptance. That wasn't the case at all, after 2 days of spending time with everyone I felt as if we were a family already. That is often hard to find when going to a new place when you don't know many people. This team is filled with character and classy people. This season is going to be very exciting because I feel that everyone has the work ethic and ability to do something special in the college hockey world.  Sky's the limit!!!!! Go Blue Devils!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gunner feels at home

The experience at Fredonia has been nothing short of amazing. Being a 21 year old freshmen, and from Canada I was a little nervous and did not know what to expect, but Coach Meredith and the team have welcomed me with open arms.

The training has been intense but its only just starting.  I can't wait for the season to start and just start playing for the Blue Devils.

I have been with a lot of teams and played hockey in different places but with the people I've met here and the work ethic we have I think we have something special here at Fredonia.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Junger....unpacked and seeing the boys back in the groove

It was a long journey here but finally made it, driving in from Utah. Its great to be back and with the boys. Getting moved into the new house went smoothly, it was nice to be all unpacked and organized for the first day of classes. This semester I have only three classes I have to attend with two internet classes so it should be a good semester. Its hard to believe that we are already juniors it feels like yesterday we were all walking onto this campus as freshman. Being a junior and an upperclassman is nice and it seems like it is a lot easier to get back into the swing of things after the long summer break. It is nice to get back in the room and to have met all the freshman as it looks like we have a great group coming in. The first couple skates you could tell everyone was just trying to get back into the groove of things, but they have picked up immensely now. It is exciting to be back and I cannot wait for the weeks to come.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Sophomore, goaltender, Jeff Holloway gives props to teammmates

We are now onto week # 2 of the academic school year and already the workload in the classroom seems overwhelming. One of the best parts of being a member of this hockey team is that after a frustrating day full of stressful assignments and lectures, we all have an opportunity to meet at the rink at 4 everyday and just forget about being a student for a couple of hours and do what we love to do.
We have been skating for nearly a week now, and under the guidance of our fearless leader Brian Ross, we are already starting to look like a contender. Clearly Andrew Christ had been working on his hands over the summer.  As last year came to a close we saw friends and teammates leave us, but with the new season came new friends and new teammates and the camaraderie is already there. I can already tell these are the type of guys I want to be in that foxhole with.
Tomorrow marks the first day of our advanced conditioning classes, and for many the feelings are bittersweet. The blood, sweat and tears we all experience will not be fun at first, but it will all be worth it come playoff time when we build on last year and take it that extra mile so we can hang that championship banner in our rink with pride.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mat Hehr on his 36 hour drive from Alberta to Fredonia with the Grinch

  After a long summer, we are finally back in Fredonia which is a great feeling. Me and Grincher drove down together, with "Grincher" (Kody Van Rentergem) following me in his vehicle for about 36 hours or so. Well it was mostly my Dad driving while I slept in the passenger seat.

Seeing all the boys again and meeting all the new ones has been alot of fun. We have done some team bonding for a week and a bit now which has been alot of fun, and now we get to look forward to playing with some cinder blocks. It will be nice to finally battle it out with all the boys next to you, since we all have a bitter taste of the way our season ended last year in the finals. 

               It is a little weird coming to the room and having new faces replace the old ones that have moved on from our program. With nine freshman this year, it is a little tough trying to remember everyone's name, I can only imagine what the team thought when my class came in with 16 new faces. I look forward to battling it out on the hill, which sadly still stands tall, and then battling it out with the boys on the ice when October finally rolls around. 

Mat Hehr