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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Garrett the barber.......

Hi hockey followers,

Garrett Moore here, coming to you from Fredonia. Things are starting to change here as the spring season is upon us. School is also in full swing now as we have two more weeks until spring break. We have some extra time put into our schooling along with some off-season free time to relax a little bit.

On another note, Hunter Long decided to cut his hair today after two long years. I, being the team barber, was approached by Hunter earlier today with the plan to get his ears lowered. Quite hesitant at the start, he held it together despite his uneasy feeling about cutting it all off. Hunter did not leave the shop disappointed though as he was all smiles after seeing his new "doo".

 All in all, things are well here in Fredonia. Thanks for reading!

Garrett Moore #17

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lots of tests this week..........

Hello all!

Marcus Ortiz again here with the Fredonia men's ice hockey blog of the day. Not much going on right now honestly,  it's our fIrst week since the season ended and alot of the boys are already in the gym in off-season training mode already. As well as everyone has had numerous amounts of tests this week which is cause for one stressful week of school amd lots of sleepless nights. 
To blow off alittle added stress from this week the boys partook in intramural basketball in the spring. The boys dropped a heartbreaker last night to a team of guys who were alittle more than amatures.  After battling hard all night and trading shot for shot with them,  their apparent height advantage proved too much this time as we dropped the contest 56-49. Tonight all the boys will gather together and have some fun as a team as we share a sigh of relief that this week is now over. 
Till next time 
Marcus Ortiz #28
Fredonia Men's Hockey 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's JD back for my second day on the blog, still grinding work out in the library with Wilkie #25 and Kauf #24, taking a quick break to rest my brain from calculus and physics homework.  It was a pretty sad day for our hockey team as a whole returning all our equipment that was issued to us at the beginning of the season. Seeing the seniors taking their name plates down from their stalls and packing their bags felt weird thinking that they will not be with us next season guiding us through all the adversity.  They have done so much for me on and off the ice, whether its Eddy #18 and Nunner # 17 helping me out with calculus, Nosky # 5 and Mueller # 26 knocking me around the ice making me tougher, or Hehrsy # 4 teaching me how to block shots, they were always there for me in some way improving me as a person and a hockey player.  I'd like to thank them for the great experience I had for my freshman hockey career and will remember it when I am a Senior and need to help guide the incoming Freshman through there first college experience.
Till next time,
John DeFeo # 15 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A good first day of lifts......

Hello blog world, unfortunately are season has come to an end. I wish all the seniors the best of luck in the future and it was a pleasure playing with all of you. My stall buddy Steven Castriota will be missed and never forgotten. To the rest of us returning, we without a doubt have the guys to turn this thing around. We will take the past as a learning experience and something to rise above. We will take the necessary steps to work as a team to put a plan in motion to ensure we are on a successful path! I plan to workout hard with good buddy and future Marine Chris Eiserman! We had a good first day of two a day lifts and plan to continue to push each other. On another note school is starting to get a little more busy, I have two tests this week and a couple papers due so this extra free time with definitely come in handy. Anyways I am off to take care of one of my papers and want to wish everyone a good week!

Take care,
Frankie Hart #8 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sergi's Pizza Roll............

Hey there Bloggers,
JD is back for another rep here on the Fredonia Hockey Blog.  Today I had a request to talk about the best post game meal on the road we've ever had in the past three years.  We traveled all the way up the North Country one weekend and I can remember thinking to myself that there is no way we are going to get a decent bite to eat all the way up here in the boonies, boy was I wrong.  After a SUNYAC Meatgrinder battle my tummy was rumbling, strapped the suit back on and hopped on the bus.  Started unraveling what I thought was the usual Chicken Parm Sub but what I revealed was a famous Sergi's Pizza Roll, AKA the Slugga.  Deep fried to perfection the slugga melts in your mouth satisfying your pallet to the fullest.  Cross between a donut, calzone, and slice of pepperoni pizza its the best of all three worlds.  You could hear the boys on the bus "MMMMMMMMMmMing" on account of how much they enjoyed them.  Well thats all I got for you guys today hope next time your up in the North Country you stop by and grab one of them Pizza Rolls ( sluggas ).

Hang Loose,
John DeFeo

Sunday, February 22, 2015

to the seniors......

First off I want to congratulate and thank all of our Seniors, it has been a pleasure and a privilege playing alongside them the last three years.  It is bittersweet to be losing our Senior class I wish them all the best in their futures but they will be greatly missed.

Aside from hockey school has been pretty busy for myself as well as many other guys.  I am not sure if I will be making my way to the library today as my truck has a flat tire and I'm not sure if I want to battle the cold and walk.  Most people around campus are getting pretty antsy for spring to say the least, but of the little bit of the news I have gotten to see it appears the whole country is fairly cold right now so we aren't the only ones.  I am about to grab a quick lunch and get back to my homework and getting prepared for the week ahead 

Taylor Bourne #29 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last night.......

Tonight was the last game of the year for the Fredonia Blue Devils.  It was an emotional night to see the seniors play their last game.  They were great leaders on the team and will be missed in the locker room.  Next year is a new year and I plan on making it count as it is my last year.  Next year may be the last time I ever play hockey and I don't want to look back and think what could have been.  I know that we will have a promising team next year and I can't wait to see what is in store for us.  

Until next time,


Friday, February 20, 2015

Sub zero........

Hi there everyone!!  The end is finally here, definitely came a little to soon this year but even in the hard times I feel as though I have learned a lot and was able to grow as a person.  It will be bittersweet playing these last two games with this years group of seniors.  Spending the last three years with these guys has been a pleasure and I wish we could stick together for a few more. 

But aside from hockey this has been a rough week with a lot of time spent in the library.  Studying for three exams, two quizzes, one paper and one project can really run a toll on a student.  On top of that the temperatures have been freezing here making it very tough to want to go outside.  It will be nice to finally have a break on Sunday.

I hope we can get our first SUNYAC win this weekend!! 
Talk to y'all later #25 Ryan Wilkinson

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another cold one........

Kauf here, blogging from Starbucks on yet another cold and snowy winter day in Fredonia. I'm beginning to wonder if spring is truly ever going to come back and spread a little vitamin d over the campus as it seems everyone is getting quite bitter, especially with the recent cold snap this week with the only warmth coming from the dozen coffee's from Tim's I've slugged back.

Gotta head to my Chem lab now though so stay warm friends!

Cheers, Kauf

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last one ever......

Hey bloggers currently sitting in the computer lab with my two good friends Jared Wynia and Brian Doust just grinding away at some school work.  Have a pretty busy day ahead of me ending with a huge basketball game tonight at 10.  If you're looking to get out of the cold come by Dods Hall to see some fast paced basketball action tonight.  This blog is bitter sweet being that its my last one ever but hope you've enjoyed my entries over the years and make sure to keep checking in everyday to stay up to date with what the boys are doing.

Thanks Again,
Cappy 21

Monday, February 16, 2015

-28 degrees ??????????????

It's 9:00am here in Fredonia and I had to double check my phone was on the correct setting this morning when looking at the weather. -28 degrees Celsius out today, or as many of you prefer it here -18 degrees Fahrenheit. So safe to safe I'll be staying indoors today and getting some school work done.

We have two games this weekend coming up but a day off from the rink today which some of the boys, myself included, can use to rest up and get ready for Friday.

Hope all are doing well and stay warm out there! until then hope to see you in Steele Hall Friday evening!

- Jared Wynia 20

Sunday, February 15, 2015

In the home stretch........

Spent my final Sunday of hockey season watching some golf and doing some homework. Watching the pebble beach Pro-Am and must say there are some celebrities that really surprised me with their golf game. Country star Jake Owen looked like he was a PGA professional out there, his gear was spot on and his golf swing looked perfect. Wayne Gretzky has a decent game for his age, probably has had a few rounds under his belt since retiring from the game, but he impressed me on the course. Watch all this golf the past few weekends has me praying this snow and cold will leave us real soon, can't wait to get back out on the course. Hoping to grab a new set of clubs for a graduation present in upcoming May (hint to Mom and Dad if you reading this!). Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, mine was relaxing with not much time to do stuff with the girlfriend due to hockey and my game day routine. But today I'll treat her to some dinner at EBC or somewhere new, well see where the evening takes us. Back to the homework I should go, stay inside and stay warm would ya, and hope the weather heats up fast!

Brian Doust

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Soak in every minute.............

Hey there fellow bloggers it's your old friend Cory Melkert checking in here for one of his final blog posts. It's a good weekend for hockey as a Devil as we renew our rivalry with the Buff State Bengals. The games between us since my freshman year have always been close and well paced hockey games. With my career winding down I'm trying to soak in every minute from my pre-game rituals all the way until the buzzer sounds in the third period of the games. It isn't going to be easy once my final game ends but it's been a good four years in Fredonia and I have gained many relationships that I will have forever.

I look forward to the next chapter of my life and hope that in the near future I'm behind the bench instead of on it, coaching a college hockey team.

Until next time stay classy.

Cory Melkert #2

Friday, February 13, 2015

Damo getting ready for his first "Battle by the Lake".....

Hi there bloggers,

Freshman Damo checking in again for today's blog! 
Today is a good day, it's a sunny and very cold day here in Fredonia! Reminds me of a winter day back home in Calgary! And what makes this day even better is that it's game day! Battle on the lake tonight as we travel to Buffalo to take on the Buffalo state Bengals. It's been a while since we've had to go to class on a Friday with our busy road schedule as of late, but it's good to get the mind going to help sharpen up for the game. 

Tonight is a big game for us. Me being a freshman it's my first time to experience the rivalry we have with Buff State but from what the guys have said it's always a high energy game. This past week at practice has been a great one for us. Everyone has been highly anticipating this game. We were supposed to play Buff State at home just before Thanksgiving but Mother Nature had other plans. The game got postponed which set up this home and home series this weekend with them. I know we are all looking forward to puck drop! 
Well that's it for me folks, time to get a little nap in and get ready for the game! 

Until next time, number #14

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Your favorite Swede #11 Marcus Andersson here with another post!

Hi bloggers, your favorite Swede #11 Marcus Andersson here with another post!

It’s February 12th and there are four games left of the season. Even if it’s really too soon to summarize it – we have four games left to win – I must say that this season has been the fastest season of my career.  

We did know from the beginning of the season that we only had around four months to play and compete, but I could never imagine it would fly by this fast.
Here’s one thing many people didn’t know about me: my first TEN years of my hockey career, I played on an outdoor rink. Back then, when growing up, my teammates and I never knew how long the season would be. A sudden heat attack or too much rainy weather could destroy the ice any day.

But that didn’t matter – I loved every second on that rink.
However, when the weather was getting warmer in the beginning of March, my teammates and I knew that the season was coming to an end. The ice could be ruined overnight, which meant that the season could end very abruptly. It was always tough. When I was 16 years old I changed teams.

Now, I have the privilege to play in Steele Hall Arena. Even if this season seems to be shorter than what we were all hoping for, we still know that we have three more chances to show our home audience what we can do. I can appreciate the small fact that we actually know the end date. It will still be tough, but at least it makes it possible for us to prepare for life without skating every day.

We know when the end is, which means that we know that it still isn’t over. We will keep fighting all the way to the end, which Buffalo State will see this weekend.

Still, we have more to show. Still, we have more hockey to play. No heat attack or no rainy weather can change that. 

Thank you for reading,

#11 Marcus Andersson

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Battle by the Lake"......

Hey everyone, Nick Harper here checking in for another blog post on the year.

Friday February 6th was our annual Pink the Rink game against fellow SUNYAC team the Potsdam Bears. All the pink the rink games have raised over $60,000 since when they first started. Although the outcome wasn't what we wanted, it was great seeing all those fans at the game wearing pink and supporting a great cause. Being able to represent someone who has battled against cancer was truly an honor. Reading about what all those people went through and reading about people losing loved ones really makes you realize how lucky we really are. Sometimes things aren't really that bad as they may seem.

This upcoming weekend is our "Battle by the Lake" against Buffalo State. It would be nice to have a weekend sweep against our close rivals. That's it from me everyone have a good week! 

Nick Harper #30

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Det var allt för mig denna gången.........

Hi everybody, Daniel here again!
After two rough SUNYAC home games this weekend we had both yesterday and today off from practice. To me that was something that I needed since my skates broke after the first period on Saturday. This is stuff that happens now when the season is going towards its end, the equipment has been used frequently and sometimes breaks, but I was lucky enough to be able to borrow #5 Zach White’s extra pair of skates for the remainder of the game.
So yesterday Nick, Damien, and I went to Buffalo to try and fix them but the store closed at 5pm and we did not arrive until 5.02pm… Two minutes, too late. We could see the guys who worked there looking out through the window, laughing that we missed closing time by two minutes. Since we did not have practice today I had another shot to fix them and today I was there far before closing time. I actually got lucky. Got them all fixed and ready for a new week with new possibilities and a new pair of skates.
Det var allt för mig denna gången,
#18 Daniel Mårtensson

Monday, February 9, 2015

I was proud to represent my aunt......

Hey there Fredonia fans, Jamie Young checking in again!!

It was a special weekend here in Fredonia for the boys. It was great to finally be back at Steel hall after a long stretch of road games. 

To start the weekend off was Pink the Rink and what a great experience that was. I was proud to represent my aunt, Bridget Hardage, and her successful battle against breast cancer by sporting her name on the back of my jersey. She's shown a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and perseverance throughout her battle that has inspired me and makes me proud to call her my Aunt!! Even though we didn't come out with the two points it was a fantastic experience to be a part of and at the end of the day it's all about beating cancer one day at a time!! 

Saturday night didn't get the result we wanted either, but when it was all said and done the boys battled hard and never gave up which is always something to hang your hat on. The season is a journey and every day we gotta get better. 

Today I spent the day at home in Cleveland watching my little brother, Joey, play in his final game at home as a senior. I want to congratulate him on a great four years at Gilmour, I'm proud of you big guy!! 

Until next time Blue Devil fans,

- Jamie Young #3

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Oskar Gerhardson signing in..........

Hey, freshman Oskar Gerhardson signing in. Yesterday the annual pink the rink game was on the schedule and first of all I wanna thank all the people that came out to support us and the american breast cancer association. To see that many people coming together for a good cause was truly amazing. It was a very touching night, hearing all the stories of people and families that have had to encounter this horrible disease.

For me and the other Freshman it was the first time we got to experience this event. Even though we did not get the result we wanted in the game, it was a really good experience, an experience that really makes you appreciate what you have. I also got reminded of that even though we love the game of hockey and it is really frustrating to lose, there are bigger problems out in the real world and I am very fortunate to be able to step out on that ice everyday and do what I love !

The jersey I wore was bought by my parents. It is dedicated to all the women and men who have chosen a professional carreer fighting cancer.

Thanks for reading,

//Oskar Gerhardson #9

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kurt weighs in on Pink the Rink.....

Hey there hockey fans,

It's #6 Kurt Gottschalk tuning in for today's blog. It's been a pretty busy couple of week in terms of school work to kick off another semester. This semester I have a pretty hefty course load that consists of all 300 level Business courses but it helps when you have guys like #7 Erik Moberg and #27 Mac MacAvoy who supply the jokes to put a positive spin on our Stats class. Aside from school today is a special day for the Fredonia community because it's our annual Pink the Rink game. 
All the jerseys that are being worn in today's game against the Potsdam Bears are purchased by those who have lost a loved one from cancer. All the money that was raised through the purchases of the jerseys, tickets sold and raffles goes to the American Cancer Society. It's a good feeling to be a part of such a great event that contributes to such a great cause and shows respect to loved ones that have passed away from cancer. 

Till next time,

Gottsy out.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's Pink the Rink.........

Hello everyone,

It is Darrin Trebes here for another blog post,

This past week has been crucial for our team to prepare for another must-win weekend vs. Potsdam and Plattsburgh. Friday’s game is our annual Pink the Rink game, we will be raising money to fight the battle towards breast cancer. We need to take everything one play at a time and everything will take care of itself.  It was nice to see the New England Patriot’s win the Super Bowl because alumni Rob Gronkowski went to my high school (Williamsville North). He graduated with my older brother and I graduated with his younger brother. We have been receiving a significant amount of snow for the past few days. Yesterday, on the way to work out my car actually was stuck at the end of the driveway and I needed to call teammate Frank Hart to pick me up. 

Everyone, stay safe with this winter weather and GO BLUE DEVILS.

-Darrin Trebes #4

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nobody is waving the white flag........

The seasons almost over and it hasn't been the outcome we wanted it to be. People may look at our group and say these guys are just going to wave the white flag for surrender! To those people I look and laugh. If anyone could have have the privilege to sit in our locker room one of these days, they would see the same result the Grinch did when he took all the gifts from Whoville. My teammates love the game of hockey, they enjoy it, they have fun with it. Nothing's going to take that away from them.

So when the Bears of Potsdam coming rolling in on Friday night, your not going to see a more dedicated, hardworking, passionate team in pink and blue then us!

As a whole we control the ship, and this ship has no anchor, and will never sink!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hello everyone it's Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into today's blog.

Well as everyone should know by now, this Friday is our Pink The Rink game, in which this game we help raise and donate money to the fight towards breast cancer. so i hope to see everyone there at the game in their best pink attire. This is the most important game of the year for us as a group, not only because its Pink The Rink, but because a crucial 2 points are also up for grabs.

Being from Canada I think I would be use to snow and the cold weather, but since yesterday was groundhog day, we have 6 more weeks left of this brutally cold and snowy weather. also yesterday we had a pretty big snow storm and they decided to not cancel class, so i was a little upset i forget my snow shoes back in Canada.

So since it has been so cold around here lately I decided to ask sophomore forward Erik Moberg if he was sick of this brutally cold western New York weather yet since he is after all from Sweden, and he came up with this response

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello from Whitey.....

Hello everyone, Zach White here for another blog post.   

This Sunday happens to be one of the most important Sunday’s of the year for Americans, its Super Bowl Sunday.  Super Bowl 49, looks to be like a good battle between the Patriots and Seahawks.  Although I can’t say I like either team, so I’m taking the neutral approach and not routing for either team. 
            My Sunday has a bit of a change of plans; I was planning on going to Rochester for the night to visit my girlfriend for the night.  However, Western NY is supposed to get a big snowstorm tonight and into tomorrow, so I decided to stay off the roads and stay here in Fredonia.   

I intend on catching up on my homework today and get prepared for the week ahead of us.  At night I most likely will watch some of the game once I get my work done.

                        Happy Sunday,
                        Zach White #5

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday........

Super bowl Sunday

            Hey folks Forsy, signing in here on the blog on a seemingly mild day around campus.  Now of course everyone is aware of this but today is Super bowl Sunday and the boys are starting the prep for our gathering.  Mitch just came over and awoke me from my beauty sleep, which I certainly need, to get some snacks for the boys.  Now were thinking wings are must and I’m thinking mozza sticks are an absolute necessity.  I’m sure most of the boys we’ll have some pretty decent snacks lined up.  Since gambling is a strict NCAA violation I will be doing no such thing but I am going to say I think Seattle is going to win, but I kind of want to see New England win just to see Eiserman’s celebration.  After the tough weekend it will be nice to hang around the boys and talk something other than hockey for a few hours, as we know our week of prep for pink the rink is ahead of us.   

Special shout to my parents who drove all the way to Morrisville this weekend, I really appreciate when you guys come do that for me.  Well folks I’m going to go enjoy my Sunday and hope you all do the same… 

Thanks Forsy.