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Monday, January 23, 2017

"we have hit a critical point in our season"

Hello all,

Senior forward Marcus Ortiz here on this installment of the Fredonia Hockey Blogspot. As we step into a new week and heading back into a hunt for playoffs we say goodbye to our parents as they depart from this past weekend and Pink The Rink. It was very nice as a player to see just how close all the parents became this weekend. It s very often overlooked how team chemistry can translate off the ice and it showed this weekend through our elders. We laughed at some parents and were amazed by others. 

Turning the page, we have hit a critical point in our season now as we head back to conference play with just 6 conference games remaining. Every game counts and the boys all know this too well. The hard part is trying to remain calm and collected and focused on one game at a time and not the ultimate big picture. We have come a long way this season and it is time to show it in the North Country this weekend. Until next time ladies and gents!!!

Marcus Ortiz #28

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Second sweep in a row and it feels good.....

Hey everyone,

Coming off our second sweep in a row and it feels good. Excited to get back into conference play and make a run at playoffs. Every game is going to be a big one for us because every point will matter when it's all said and done. Had the folks in town this past weekend for pink the rink and I had a great time seeing them and the rest of my relatives. Happy I was able to be apart of it for my fourth year in a row. Big week of practice and preparation to try and sweep the North country for our third weekend in a row. What a test it will be for this hockey team. This is always the time of the season where everything gets more and more serious everyday. Going to take every moment in and leave no regrets.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The energy in the crowd was electric.....

Yesterday marked the annual "Pink the Rink" game here at Fredonia. This year was a little different for me as I didn't participate in the actual game but got to experience the game as a spectator due to injury. The energy in the crowd was electric. All people from Fredonia gathered to pack the rink like a sea of pink and support the hockey team and the  greater cause of breast cancer awareness. Although I missed being out there with my teammates on the ice, it was nice talking to different people in the stands, and understanding the importance of what this game represents to everyone. Everyone on Earth is in some way affected by this disease and the awareness and money we brought in makes all of us proud to be a part of it.

#21 Bobby Polachek

Friday, January 20, 2017

I often forget of how far we've come together.......

The Fresno Boys

Mike Freeman here coming at you with another blog entry!
My favorite thing about being a part of the Fredonia men's hockey team is being able to play the game I love with the friends I love. Every now and then,  a reminder comes that hockey has the uncanny ability to be greater than just a game. After last night's victory again Post University, some family I had in town asked me to pose for a quick picture with Kyle Jelinski and Jacob Haynes, both of whom I played junior hockey with in Fresno, California.  None of the three of us anticipated that we would be coming to the same college team to continue our careers, and quite honestly, I often forget of how far we've come together. While in the middle of the daily grind, you tend to forget the nuances and take a lot of things for granted.  Seeing this picture and actually taking a good hard look at it, I am reminded of all the growth we've undergone together, both as individuals and as members of a team (even though Haynes still looks like the fifteen year old kid I first met).  I am also reminded of how much not only these two mean to me, but every single man on our squad.  It is so special to be able to be a part of something that's bigger than any individual, and to have the opportunity to face adversity together. Adversity that can only be overcome by one cohesive unit composed of individuals all pulling in the same direction. I know that everybody on our team, to the man, feels the same way about our group. Though Jelinksi, Haynes and I have evolved a great deal together, we still have a few more years left in us to try and achieve something special with our new family in our new home here at Fredonia. 
Until next time,
Go Devils!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Blue Devil crazies better be as rowdy as possible"

Hello blue devil fans, Ben Casale here for my first blog of the new semester! Big weekend coming up as the boys gear up for Post University and the pink the rink game Saturday night. It is truly one of the best nights of the year and all of you blue devil crazies better be as rowdy as possible. As for me right now I am trying to buy all my textbooks which are overly expensive and are going to put a dent in my bank account. I'm going to get back to the search,  but I will see you this weekend!

Yours truly, #19 Ben Casale

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Today is the start of classes...

Today is the start of classes, and everyone is adjusting from J-Term schedules in to their class schedule. Spring is going to go by fast so hockey practice is more important then ever, no time to slack on or off the ice. 
The upcoming weekend is our Pink the Rink weekend, a weekend that's going to be filled with emotions from all players family and friends in the stands. Going to be nice to being a part of my first Pink the Rink. Let's not forget that we are still playing for the win. 

Have a great day ~ Anton Rosén

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hey guys! 
Well another J-term has come and gone. It was nice to have a lot of down time and just kind of hang out with the boys and just focus on hockey. In my down time I played a lot of rainbow 6 siege with jimmy, bobby, and todd. As far as hockey we also did well coming off our first sweep of the year against western New England and Johnson and wales. Looking forward to getting back to SUNYAC hockey and making a strong playoff push in the upcoming second semester. 
Till next time!