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Monday, February 27, 2017

Frankie Hart reports from the World of professional hockey....

Hello blog world,
Frankie Hart here from Danbury, Connecticut. I've recently been given the opportunity to play minor pro hockey with the Danbury Titans. It's been a great experience thus far, very welcoming group of men and it didn't hurt to have old linemate/ buddy, Taylor Bourne here to make me feel at home.
Now for some special words from the man, myth, and legend himself. Taylor Bourne: "Its been great to have Mr. Frankie Hart join me in Danbury Connecticut, he was thrown into the fire joining us before our first set of 4 games in 4 days and definitely stepped up to the plate.  He chipped in a couple points this weekend and fit in with the newly formed college kids line perfectly.  It's always fun to get the opportunity to play with another Fredonia alum and good friend.  Frank definitely brought his A game, his tenacity and unrelenting work ethic and I couldn't be happier to have him on my team."
It has been a little change of pass from college hockey in terms of practice vs games. College hockey has many, many, many practices with at most two games a weekend. I arrived here last Wednesday for practice, which launched us into a home game on Thursday and games the next three days straight on the road. We traveled to Berlin, New Hamshire for the Friday and Saturday game. Then proceeeded to drive 6 hours to Cornwall, Ontario for the last of the 4 games in 4 days. We came out on top with a 3 wins and one loss which was cruical to maintaining a playoff spot. 
Hope everyone in Fred is doing well, miss you all! 
Frankie Hart #27

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The best thing about Fredonia is that is had such a great family feel to it ....


Hello everyone it's senior Mac McAvoy tuning into today's fredonia men's ice hockey blog. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as Friday was beautiful out and almost 80 degrees and it's not even march yet! 
I must say it's a little weird not playing hockey on the weekends as our season ended Wednesday with a loss to Buffalo State in the playoffs. Another thing to add to that it's very weird that this was my last year and there is no more next year for me. I think that's biggest reality that is starting to set in and hit me hard. We worked so hard this year and had a great hard working team and I'm proud of every guy in that room for making this year a successful one and to leave the program on a high note for them to take over and keep moving forward.
I just want to thank the coaching staff for a tremendous 4 years I had here and giving me the opportunity to play and be a part of a great family and culture! Also to all the teammates and friends I play with over the 4 years in which on consider them brothers to me. The best thing about Fredonia is that is had such a great family feel to it and there's no other place I would like to end my hockey career!
The last thing I want to add to my blog is that I want to mention that not only have I grown as a hockey player over the past 4 years, but I have grown as person to where I am more mature than I was when I came in and I can't thank Fredonia enough for that.
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and hope the warm weather and sunshine are around the corner!
Yours in hockey,
Mackenzie McAvoy#27

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Family has been our team's motto

Hey there hockey fans,
Well it's been 3 days since our playoff loss on Wednesday and it hasn't quite fully settled in that our season is truly over. The past two seasons have ended on slightly different terms than it did this year making playoffs for the first time in my career. That being said, I wouldn't have wanted to experience it with any other group of guys that we have in our locker room. Family has been our team's motto since last spring and that's exactly what we developed - a group of guys that I will always refer to as my brothers. Through all the good times, bad times, ups, and downs the group of 20 plus guys we had sitting around the logo in the locker room were as close as anyone could get. We supported each other, laughed with each other, and bled with each other, it was a pleasure to be apart of what we created this year and will continue to move forward with. 
To all our seniors who will be graduating I just wanted to express my gratitude for everything you've done for myself and the team as a whole. Wether you were here to greet me my first day on campus my freshmen year or came in this year, your support, hard work, commitment, and friendship will never be forgotten. I hope to set the same kind of example for classes behind me as you instilled into our program. No doubt in my mind you guys left the program in a better place than you found it, so thank you!! 
Until next time Blue Devil fans,
Younger #3

Friday, February 24, 2017

a tough loss at Buffalo State

On Wednesday night our season came to a quick end after a tough loss at Buffalo State in the SUNYAC quarterfinal. The boys battled hard all game but it wasn't enough this time. It is always an empty feeling that creeps up on you when the season is over. Everyday for the last 4 months we have been practicing and focusing on the game so it is big change in the everyday life. Already can't wait to come back for my senior year and try to take it even further next year.

/Oskar Gerhardson #9

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"I begin to pursue my lifelong dream of playing professional hockey"

Hello all,

Fredonia Senior, forward, Marcus Ortiz checking in for this edition of the Fredonia hockey blog spot. Well this will be my last blog and as we look back on this Thursday it was a day filled with reflection on the season and last night's playoff loss. It really stunk to sit in my stall in the locker room today and look around and think about the memories from my last 4 years here. So many great things are ahead for this program and I am excited to see it all unfold.

As for me It was a busy day filled with travel as I begin to pursue my lifelong dream of playing professional hockey and further represent the Blue Devil name. I spent the day on 3 different planes with one more to go before I hit my final destination in Rapid City, South Dakota. I cannot thank the Blue Devil staff and my teammates for giving me the best college hockey experience possible. One last time this is Marcus Ortiz signing off!

Marcus Ortiz #28

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We are a FRED family

Hey there, hi there, ho there hockey fans. 

Hunter Long signing in with the newest blog. Well, it hasn't really hit me yet that the season is over. I am humbled to say that I played with a great group of guys my senior year and wouldn't have it any other way. After the final buzzer hit, I sat in the locker room looking around at everyone in disbelief that it was over. There were different emotions that were lingering in the room. The first thing I thought about was the first time I ever laced up the old Bauer skates that were from play it again sports. It was in Lexington Kentucky, and I was just learning how to skate. I thought about those uncomfortable skates and the sweatpants I wore over my used, over sized shin pads that looked like goalie pads on me at the time. I didn't get emotional like my other teammates did in that locker room. I still don't know why, but I think I was so proud of everyone in that locker room and I was at peace with myself because I knew I didn't have any regrets for the time that I spent here in fredonia playing hockey. I knew whatever I did, whether is was on ice or after a Saturday night game, I did everything at 100%. I want to take this time to thank my teammates and more importantly my folks back home for supporting. 22 years of my career they have been there for me and I am very blessed. Every night during the national anthem I always prayed and thanked the big man for letting me have the opportunity to stand on the blue line for another game and to lead a team full of great guys that made it easier on me as a captain to do what I did. Fredonia has always been a big brotherhood and family, but this year we took that meaning to the next level. I am thankful for my time here and I'm looking forward to what the future brings. 

We are a FRED family, and family is a strong bond that can never be broke no matter what. 

Until next time,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle "

Last week I received a gift from home. I was given a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for me and the boys in the house to try and conquer. It started out with me and Todd starting it out putting in an hour a day into it, slowly more and more guys on the team would add some pieces when stopping over at the house. With a lot of patience and help from multiple guys on the team, while preparing for playoffs, the puzzle has been completed within a weeks time. It shows that guys with a common goal working together can get things done quick.

#21 Bobby Polachek