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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jamie Young checking in once again for todays edition of the blog.

Hey there hockey fans,

Jamie Young checking in once again for todays edition of the blog. 

As always, the end of the semester is coming fast and all the boys are working hard to stay on top of their work in the classroom as well as the gym. Its been a great spring in a number of ways. All the guys have been working especially hard in the gym this spring already setting our sights on the ultimate prize for next year. I am excited to see how this hard work translates over to the summer and continues until the fall when everyone returns to campus. 

It is crazy to think that this will be my last summer before hitting the full-time workforce - really makes you appreciate the luxuries we experience here at school. I am excited for what the world hold for me, but man will I miss playing with 25 of my closest friends day in and day out. In the mean time though, I am going to enjoy every last second I have - bleed every drop of fun!!

Until next time folks,
Younger #3

Monday, April 24, 2017

Welcome back Damo!

Hello hockey fans, summer is approaching and we only have 3  more weeks left of school. The weather is shaping up and the sun has made some more sporadic appearances allowing for the boys to hit the links and also spend some more time outside. We also have the pleasure to have a former Blue Devil among us until next Monday. Damien Kulynych was finally able to come make the trip from Calgary, Alberta. Damo was an incoming freshman the same year as me so it is really nice for me and the other Juniors to see him again.

Sadly a big final paper is calling my name so I better get to work on that. Until next time !

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I can't thank my teammates and coaches enough for making this year unbelievable.....

Hello all! Dunner back on the blog, and boy is time winding down on my freshman year. With the end of school near my mind has shifted to school mode and concentrating on my grades. Trying to tune then up in the last month. With the season over and school coming to a close, I can't thank my teammates and coaches enough for making this year unbelievable and unforgettable. Well not much else to say folks. That's all for now.

Dunner #16

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Go Leafs Go!

Good afternoon Fredonia, this is Jon Carlson back on the blog. I was able to watch Auston Matthews make history last night in Buffalo. Myself along with 5 other Devils went up to Buffalo to catch the Sabres vs Leafs game. Toronto ended up winning 4-2, which made a big Leafs fan (Jacob Haynes) night worth while. As I mentioned earlier we were able to watch the leafs 2016 1st overall pick, Auston Matthews, set/break scoring records by an American born rookie forward. In other news, only about another month left of classes before exams so final projects and exams are soon approaching. Thanks for reading, hopefully this rain will leave us alone for a few days.

Jon Carlson #4

Monday, April 3, 2017

"the boys are getting after it"

It's been awhile since the boys been on the ice together. Off season workouts have started and we are all chipping away towards the start of next season. We set a solid bar this season reaching the playoffs, but our eyes are set on that championship. We have gained the experience and expectations of what we need to follow through on and the boys are getting after it. -  Tommy D

Sunday, April 2, 2017

"glad the weather is finally getting a little warmer "

Hey everyone! Freshman, forward, Thomas Dunn here for another blog.  Not much going on here lately in Fredonia, things are pretty boring and slow without hockey season. Most days consist of heading to class, doing team lifts, and just hanging around the dorms with the fellas. It's definitely a little weird having all this free time on our hands now. 
I'm glad the weather is finally getting a little warmer and can't wait to break out the shorts and flops. 
Till next time, 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"we got tunes playing and the bbq fired up "

Good day folks!
Bogs reporting in here on this fine spring afternoon from the comfort of my back yard! The suns out and the boys are taking full advantage of it, we got tunes playing and the bbq fired up to kick off the beautiful weather. It is about time we had weather like this we were staring to go a little stir crazy being couped up due to cold weather.
That's all she wrote for today folks!