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Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Matt Cessna....thanks for the blog entry.......

Hello Everyone,

      I can't believe how fast the time has passed since I have gotten here. There is already snow everywhere and we are playing our 7th game tomorrow. But it has been such a blast and I have learned so much from the guys and it has helped very much. We have a great group of guys and we are finally starting to click as a unit. We are ready to win and have a great rest of the season. Hopefully the snow doesn't cancel the game tomorrow against Buffalo State because the team and I all want our first SUNYAC win.

      Thanks for Reading,

           Matt Cessna

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Danny challenges Oskar for Call of Duty Championship.......

Hi everybody, Daniel here again!
Freshman, Oskar Gerhardson in his dorm room.
The past day has been filled with snow so school decided to close down, letting us have a day off from school work. Not much has been done today, breakfast at Cranston then a walk over to get a quick workout in the gym before our early practice.
Tonight is all about showing Oskar who’s the best on Call of Duty!
Hopefully we get another snow day tomorrow and that the snow stops later that night so Buffalo State can come down and play us on Friday for “The battle of the lake”.
That's all for me.  Until next time,
#18 Daniel Martensson

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The boys are 'frequent travelers'...........

Hi there Bloggers, Jamie Young checking in for again this year!!

Its been a hard fought and action packed past couple of weeks since I have had a post. It all started on Halloween when I got the privilege to play in my first NCAA and SUNYAC hockey game against the Cortland Red Dragons. It sure was a special night for me having my family in town for that weekend to see me play! 

The boys have turned into some frequent travelers the past couple of weekends making stops in towns like Alexandria Bay, Canton, Potsdam, and Plattsburgh as we have spent the past two weekends on the road. Its not so bad playing on the road when you get to compete in two brand new rinks and one that could hold almost 3,000 people on a good night! The boys are on a good track right now; every one in the dressing room is competing, working hard, and getting better every day in practice and its showing during games. It's still early in the season so all the boys are still very optimistic about where we can be in February; we all know the pieces to the puzzle are there, we just need to put them together as a group of brothers for 60 minuets every night! 

With Thanksgiving around the corner that means a nice little break where I can spend some time with my family. I have to give my little brother, Joey, and birthday shout out. On November 21, he will be 18 years old! I have to wish him luck on his upcoming high school hockey season with Gilmour Academy this winter and even more luck on his upcoming decision of where he will be going to college next year. 

Well Bloggers, until next time, stay warm and be safe out on those roads!!

- Jamie Young #3

Monday, November 17, 2014

Oskar excited where we are heading....... (check out the selfie with Sandy)

Hey everybody, Oskar Gerhardson signing in again. 
We are all back in Fredonia after a road trip to the north country where we battled hard this weekend but unfortunately we only got 1 point. Even though the result wasn't what we wanted, some good things came out of this weekend. Our group is getting closer every day, we just have to keep working hard and good things will come to us. I believe in this group and I am sure we will get on the winning track.
After playing Plattsburgh on Saturday night, a 7 hour bus trip waited to get us home. A few good movies and some sleep got us through the night and at around 5:00 AM on Sunday morning we finally got to get into our own beds again. Waking up at 10:30 on Sunday morning, my roommate and fellow Swede, Marcus asked if I wanted to come to the library. Tired I turned him down and decided to go and get some breakfast first. A decision I was pretty happy about when I met Marcus later and he told me that the library wasn’t open when he got there and he had to sit outside and study for an hour before they opened.
The snow is falling in Fredonia and I couldn’t be happier.  I am tired of the windy and boring fall after the colorful leaves have fallen. I am and looking forward to the snowy winter that I heard Fredonia offers. I think there is something special about the snow whitening the landscape around us. Finally I get to bring my winter jacket and boots out of the closet, preparing for a long winter filled with hockey.
Thanksgiving is also around the corner and it will be a nice break from school. I am looking forward to spend some time with my girlfriend and her family in Scranton, PA. But first we got a game to take care of.  On Friday night we are going to take our first SUNYAC win of the season against Buffalo state. See you there!

“Sandy” is a guy who is full of energy and he is always on the run. So when he took a nap and actually sat still for a few minutes I´d thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to take a selfie with him, I am pretty happy with the result actually
Until next time,
Oskar Gerhardson #9

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Everything is starting to get ramped up..........

Hello all,

It's Kurt Gottschalk #6 signing in for my third blog post of the year.   Its been pretty  busy these past few weeks at school as the semester is coming to its final stretch. As everything is starting to ramp up these last few weeks has made time fly. This past  week I was pretty busy with school, I had three exams that consisted of Geology, Accounting and Macroeconomics. Along with that I had a few Computer Science assignments to complete and a few short story history novels to read. Its that time of year where you have to stay ahead with your studies or you will fall behind.

Aside from school this weekend we had our big trip to Potsdam and Plattsburgh up in the Northern Country. On Friday we played against Potsdam and ended up in a 4-4 tie.Yesterday we lost against Plattsburgh in a 4-1 loss. Every game we play I find our team is getting stronger and stronger building a solid chemistry. I think we have a lot of potential as a team and we are only going to get better as a unit. This upcoming week we have Buffalo State then we are off for the American Thanksgiving break.

Just wanted to wish my teammate Darren Trebes a Happy Belated Birthday.

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" -Friday Night Lights

Till next time,

Kurt Gottschalk #6

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanksgiving is coming up........

Hello everyone Darrin Trebes for the blog today. It has been a long week getting ready for the road trip up to Potsdam and Plattsburgh. Thanksgiving is coming up as teachers are getting in their second exams of the semester before we head back home. It is important to keep up on the homework and tests with the road trips because once you’re behind it is hard to catch up with a heavy travel schedule this year.

It is always a great feeling having an amazing week of practice as it launches us into a significant weekend for SUNYAC games. Practice makes perfect as we will try to come back with a big 4 points on the weekend. It is important for us to have a fast start in the beginning of the season because that allows momentum to start early in the season compared to later in the season. It feels like it was just yesterday that I arrived on campus for the start of captain skates and here we are now as there are only a few weeks left in the fall semester. Hope you all have a fun weekend and enjoy this winter weather, until next time.

Darrin Trebes #4