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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A good first day of lifts......

Hello blog world, unfortunately are season has come to an end. I wish all the seniors the best of luck in the future and it was a pleasure playing with all of you. My stall buddy Steven Castriota will be missed and never forgotten. To the rest of us returning, we without a doubt have the guys to turn this thing around. We will take the past as a learning experience and something to rise above. We will take the necessary steps to work as a team to put a plan in motion to ensure we are on a successful path! I plan to workout hard with good buddy and future Marine Chris Eiserman! We had a good first day of two a day lifts and plan to continue to push each other. On another note school is starting to get a little more busy, I have two tests this week and a couple papers due so this extra free time with definitely come in handy. Anyways I am off to take care of one of my papers and want to wish everyone a good week!

Take care,
Frankie Hart #8 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sergi's Pizza Roll............

Hey there Bloggers,
JD is back for another rep here on the Fredonia Hockey Blog.  Today I had a request to talk about the best post game meal on the road we've ever had in the past three years.  We traveled all the way up the North Country one weekend and I can remember thinking to myself that there is no way we are going to get a decent bite to eat all the way up here in the boonies, boy was I wrong.  After a SUNYAC Meatgrinder battle my tummy was rumbling, strapped the suit back on and hopped on the bus.  Started unraveling what I thought was the usual Chicken Parm Sub but what I revealed was a famous Sergi's Pizza Roll, AKA the Slugga.  Deep fried to perfection the slugga melts in your mouth satisfying your pallet to the fullest.  Cross between a donut, calzone, and slice of pepperoni pizza its the best of all three worlds.  You could hear the boys on the bus "MMMMMMMMMmMing" on account of how much they enjoyed them.  Well thats all I got for you guys today hope next time your up in the North Country you stop by and grab one of them Pizza Rolls ( sluggas ).

Hang Loose,
John DeFeo

Sunday, February 22, 2015

to the seniors......

First off I want to congratulate and thank all of our Seniors, it has been a pleasure and a privilege playing alongside them the last three years.  It is bittersweet to be losing our Senior class I wish them all the best in their futures but they will be greatly missed.

Aside from hockey school has been pretty busy for myself as well as many other guys.  I am not sure if I will be making my way to the library today as my truck has a flat tire and I'm not sure if I want to battle the cold and walk.  Most people around campus are getting pretty antsy for spring to say the least, but of the little bit of the news I have gotten to see it appears the whole country is fairly cold right now so we aren't the only ones.  I am about to grab a quick lunch and get back to my homework and getting prepared for the week ahead 

Taylor Bourne #29 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last night.......

Tonight was the last game of the year for the Fredonia Blue Devils.  It was an emotional night to see the seniors play their last game.  They were great leaders on the team and will be missed in the locker room.  Next year is a new year and I plan on making it count as it is my last year.  Next year may be the last time I ever play hockey and I don't want to look back and think what could have been.  I know that we will have a promising team next year and I can't wait to see what is in store for us.  

Until next time,


Friday, February 20, 2015

Sub zero........

Hi there everyone!!  The end is finally here, definitely came a little to soon this year but even in the hard times I feel as though I have learned a lot and was able to grow as a person.  It will be bittersweet playing these last two games with this years group of seniors.  Spending the last three years with these guys has been a pleasure and I wish we could stick together for a few more. 

But aside from hockey this has been a rough week with a lot of time spent in the library.  Studying for three exams, two quizzes, one paper and one project can really run a toll on a student.  On top of that the temperatures have been freezing here making it very tough to want to go outside.  It will be nice to finally have a break on Sunday.

I hope we can get our first SUNYAC win this weekend!! 
Talk to y'all later #25 Ryan Wilkinson

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another cold one........

Kauf here, blogging from Starbucks on yet another cold and snowy winter day in Fredonia. I'm beginning to wonder if spring is truly ever going to come back and spread a little vitamin d over the campus as it seems everyone is getting quite bitter, especially with the recent cold snap this week with the only warmth coming from the dozen coffee's from Tim's I've slugged back.

Gotta head to my Chem lab now though so stay warm friends!

Cheers, Kauf

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last one ever......

Hey bloggers currently sitting in the computer lab with my two good friends Jared Wynia and Brian Doust just grinding away at some school work.  Have a pretty busy day ahead of me ending with a huge basketball game tonight at 10.  If you're looking to get out of the cold come by Dods Hall to see some fast paced basketball action tonight.  This blog is bitter sweet being that its my last one ever but hope you've enjoyed my entries over the years and make sure to keep checking in everyday to stay up to date with what the boys are doing.

Thanks Again,
Cappy 21