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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oskar on his first month at Fredonia.......

Hello there,
Freshmen, Oskar Gerhardson here signing in for the first time. I think a little introductory would be in order so I am just gonna post some quick facts about me.
Age: 21
Position: Defensemen
Nationality: Swedish
Major: Business Management
Family: Mom, Dad and an older brother
Favorite NHL team: Washington Capitals
Favorite sports: Hockey, soccer, golf
Enough of that…..
Coming here to Fredonia has been a great experience so far. All the boys on the team have been very welcoming and helpful.  I live up in Igoe Hall with all the other freshmen from the hockey team. All of whom you will get to know in the next few days here on the blog. We all live in a dorm-suite so it´s four rooms with two people in each, and a shared bathroom. I have the honor to share room with our triathlon champion, and fellow Swede, Marcus Andersson. Fun fact here; Marcus is actually a world junior champion, not bad huh? If you wanna know what sport you should ask him when you see him running around campus!
On Senior Work Day me, Melky and JD had the opportunity to help 92 year old, Mrs. Crise.  We cleaned her windows and pulled a lot of weeds!
Here is a picture of Melky and JD working hard!
That’s all from me
Until next time, or as we would say in Swedish “Tack och hej leverpastej”
#9 Oskar Gerhardson

Have a good day !


Monday, September 15, 2014

Melky watching the Jays go down the tube........

Cory here, checking in for my second blog of the year already. With three weeks passing rather quickly here in Fredonia things are starting to heat up school-wise. I usually tend to do my school work during the week so I have my weekends to relax. Sunday's here at 26 Forest consist of a lot of sports watching. Currently I am switching back and fourth between football, golf, and my Toronto Blue Jays. Speaking of the Blue Jays there is still a glimmer of hope for that second wild card position.
My girlfriend and I at Yankee Stadium

I was lucky enough to watch them play this year at Yankee Stadium with my beautiful girlfriend which was a pretty cool experience. My roommate Jared Wynia and I are avid Blue Jays fans and we are still hoping for the playoffs. The Blue Jays have a tendency of getting all of Canada's hopes up by starting off quick and then always falter down the stretch and it seems like its much of the same this year.

Well I am going to get back to my sports so until next time stay classy.

Melky #2

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kurt and Bourney work for Mrs. Coon........

Hello all,
It's Kurt Gottschalk here signing for my first blog post of the year. My summer started off with working for a landscaping company which consisted of wheel barrowing and working with stone much like Mr. Forslund. Later on in the summer I had a commitment to work at a hockey school teaching kids the fundamentals of hockey, from learning to skate to doing mohawk turns. As for the work out portion of my summer I worked on my skating and shooting with NHLer's such as Mark Giordano, Cody Hodgson and Mike Cammalleri. 

It's nice coming back to Fredonia with a year of experience under my belt. I am now living off campus with Frankie Hart, Mac McAvoy and Garrett Moore. 
As you may know from Darren Trebes' blog post from yesterday we had our annual Senior Work Day. Taylor Bourne and I teamed up and were fortunate to do some work for a sweet woman named Mrs. Irene Coon. Taylor and I helped clean up her garage and reorganize tools. We also took out a bunch of grass from her front yard so she could lay down some mulch. It was fun working with Mrs. Coon, she was happy with the fact that she had two experienced men working for her, Taylor having golf course maintenance experience and myself with both golf course maintenance and landscaping experience.
Until next time thanks for reading,
#6 Kurt Gottschalk

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Darren and the boys helping out in the community today.......

Hello there hockey fans, this is Darrin Trebes signing in for today’s portion of the blog. 

Today I started my day by waking up at 7:00 AM to meet all of the boys in the Student Athlete Lounge area for our annual Senior Citizen Work Day. Cessna, Ortiz and I left at 8:15 to head to our location where we would be helping an elderly couple paint their shed. It was a great day to paint outside since it wasn’t too hot or too cold. Also, it wasn’t raining so that helps with being able to paint. 

L to R: Matt Cessna, Marcus Andersson, Marcus Ortiz, Hunter Long, Darren Trebes and Mr. and Mrs Bingham
There was more work that needed to be done so Hunter, Forslund and Marcus came to the house that we were working on once they were done working on the house they were assigned. Together we would paint a table, pull some weeds and take down a tree. It is strange to think that we are already three weeks into the year and the hockey season will be here before we know it. I hope everyone has a great day today.

Until next time,

Darrin Trebes #4

Friday, September 12, 2014

Eisey works out with his brothers over the summer

Hello everybody, Chris Eiserman signing on for my first blog of the year.

My summer this year was one to remember. When I went back home I was given the opportunity to train with my brothers. What was special about it was my brother Shane was getting ready for the NHL combine. My other brother, Billy, led the workouts and we followed. We pushed each other day in and day out. We had a routine that we followed. Some days we woke up early and started our training in the pool, others we would race each other around a track. Billy would set the bar on what weight we would use, it was always heavier than what we could do but Shane and I tried until we could get it up. I'm bigger, faster, and stronger this year because of them. I can't wait to get the season underway to showcase what I have worked for.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mac makes us envious of being in Aruba............

Hey there folks, this is sophomore, Mackenzie McAvoy, signing in for today's portion of the blog.

I must say it was a very tough morning to wake up today since we had our class triathlon yesterday which consisted of 10 lengths of the pool, then running around the inside track twice with a cinder block, then after that battling a mile run. I must say it was a battle doing the entire thing, but it was definitely a great workout, and my favourite portion of the entire triathlon would be the swimming.

It feels like just yesterday we all just arrived here, but now being 3 weeks into the year and the season quickly approaching, it really feels like time is just flying by.

Since this is my first entry on the blog, I must say I had a great summer back home, I did a lot of flying while I was home, enjoyed the beach and also hit the gym pretty hard,but my favorite part about summer, was definitely my vacation down south to Aruba. 
But its back to reality now, having school work to focus on, and also hockey to give our minds a break from studying and also having fun with the boys. Anyways, I hope everyone has a good week, and even better weekend. Here is a picture of me away on vacation wishing I was back on the 
beach... ha ha. 

Mackenzie McAvoy #2

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Andersson; Future Track Star?

Hello again bloggers, this is sophomore, defenseman, Zach White back for my second season here at Fredonia State.  

At this point the future of the team looks promising with a lot of talent and a solid work ethic.  Yesterday gave way to the annual event that all of the boys look forward to the most every year, the class triathlon.  This triathlon is not the typical triathlon; the race starts in the pool, followed by 2 laps around the indoor track with a cinder block, and finishing with the run around campus.  A lot of the boys lack talent in the swimming department and fall behind in this leg, especially my roommate Erik Moberg who could benefit from a pair of floaties in the pool.  After finishing the swim its time to toss a cinder block over your shoulder and grind out the 2 laps on the indoor track, in my opinion this is the worse part for me.  My shoulder is definitely feeling the aftermath of the cinder block today.  The last leg of the race is the run, this portion of the race is where future Swedish Olympic track star, Marcus Andersson emerged.  Andersson won the race in dramatic fashion circling the field as if he was on the home stretch of the Kentucky Derby.  

All in all the boys worked hard and finished well in the race.  However, today is a sore day for the boys so I’m sure a few ice baths will be mixed in as well as the foam rollers will get a lot of use.

Until next time,

Zach White #5