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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oskar says the cold means it's hockey season....

Hey everybody, Oskar Gerhardson here signing in for the second time.

The last few weeks here in Fredonia things have started to change, leaves are turning into all different colors and the cold wind is blowing them off the trees. Two weeks ago I could still walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. Now I have brought the winter jacket out of the closet. The change in weather and temperature might not be very nice when I walk around campus but it doesn't matter to me, it means that the hockey season is upon us.
Tomorrow Coach Meredith steps on the ice and the real season begins. In a week and 5 days we open the season at home against Cortland. This is what we have been waiting for since we got here in the end of August. Sure it was warm and nice back then but I'm pretty sure that all of us prefers the cold which means that we get to do what we love and that is playing hockey.  
Hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did!

Until next time,
Oskar Gerhardson

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Looking forward to meeting the alumni.......

Hello all,

It’s Kurt Gottschalk signing in for my 2nd blog post of the year.

It’s been a busy week getting back into the swing of things after a nice fall break. It’s always nice to get the chance to spend time with family, relax and have a nice Canadian Thanksgiving.

Aside from relaxing and doing a bit of homework I went apple picking with my mom and my sister. I also went with my cousin and my Dad to see Dracula which was really good and I highly recommend seeing it, if that’s your cup of tea.

Yesterday was just a short day for me just having one Accounting class and had some computer science homework. It’s been a busy week for me having 2 exams yesterday that consisted of Geology and World History and a couple of assignments earlier in the week. Aside from school, we had our last day of skate finishing off with a scrimmage with my Team White to take the game 9-7. This week was exciting because we got our team equipment for this year that consisted of new gloves, helmets, sticks and pants which is always a nice thing for a hockey player.

Today we will be meeting with the 93-94 and 94-95 SUNYAC champions and Frozen Four alumni team looking over highlights of that year with my team. We will also have the chance to talk to them about their experiences as Champions and Blue Devils. Hopefully we can learn from their success as a team so we can win a Championship ourselves. I am excited to meet these alumni it should be a good time and a good learning experience as a team. Like Eisey says in his post, we're a talented unit of selfless hockey players that will go to war for each other. 

I also wanted to say good luck to my sister Alison on her marathon and a Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Till next time 

Kurt Gottschalk #6

Friday, October 17, 2014

........what we do now will determine how we do in the future......

It almost that time as the season starts on Monday as the boys are anxious to step on the ice and get better every day. Today started with getting my classes organized starting with Corporate Finance and then ending with an exam in Operations Management. Once that was over it was time to focus on hockey. I am about to head over to the gym right now to get in a work out before we go on the ice today.
            We are going through the transition of getting our equipment for the season, so it will be nice on Monday to start using that equipment. Getting that new equipment in my stall always reminds me that this year is going to be a new start, a fresh slate. Everything that happened in years past doesn’t matter, because what we do now will determine how we do in the future. I’m excited to get to work as I know my teammates are too.
Until next time,
Darrin Trebes #4.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eiserman readies his troops for battle.........

The season is three days away and the team is very excited to get things underway. Our team is filled with a lot of talent and a lot of character. One thing that I learned about hockey is that hockey doesn't build character, hockey reveals it. When I look around the locker room I see a lot of guys that are hungry, guys that want to be the best, and they're going to whatever it takes to get there.

My favorite part about this team is that we're blue collar.  We're going to have to fight day in and day out. We will not get respect by any team, we're going to have to earn it. The way I judge a best friend is if they're going to have my back. I know if I had to call up anyone of these guys and say" Hey I'm headed to Iraq, and I need you by my side". Without any question I know my teammates would be on that Black Hawk helicopter next to me. So keeping with the theme, three days from now. the Blue Devils are going to boot camp, and were getting ready for war.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gearing up for the season

Gearing up for the season 

Hi there folks its Mackenzie McAvoy tuning in for today’s edition on the blog. 

It’s almost time for hockey season to begin, and Monday cannot come any faster. With this week being the week before the season starts, coach has been giving us our new gear for Monday. With all the new gear just sitting in our stalls waiting till Monday, the boys are just itching to use it. It feels like just yesterday we all arrived on campus and now the fun is just about to begin. With the NHL back on T.V it gets all the boys excited to get the season rolling, and have a great year as well. In this point of the year it is a really busy time, because we are gearing up for the season, but also a lot of us are taking midterm exams or have some projects due in the next couple of days. For myself I had 4 exams in the past week and a half, so a lot of time spent studying in the library after dinner, and of course getting "PSL's" from Starbucks. For anyone who doesn’t know what a PSL is it is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Swedish favorite, Erik Moberg, usually gets one after our dinners at Cranston before we hit the library.

Anyways it’s time to get back to study, and also continuing hitting the gym and getting ready for the season, and be in the best shape possible for practice Monday and first game on the 31st. Goodbye from Fredonia, and till next time.

#27 Mackenzie McAvoy

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“Whitey and Hunter in stealth”

Hello Folks,
Just got back to Fredonia from fall break and it was one to remember.  Me and teammate Hunter Long have been planning a hunting trip to my house since last year and when we saw that we were lucky enough to have time this fall break to get away from school we were both excited to get out in the woods.  It just happened to be the fall turkey season in the part of the state I live in, so we headed to my house Wednesday night and planned our strategy for the next 4 days of tacking some turkeys down.  We started every morning off waking up at 6 am, in order to get out to where we would be sitting and get set before the turkeys got off their roost shortly after sunrise and started moving around for the day.  We did not get to shoot a Tom (which is a male turkey), however we did see around 25 hens between our 4 days of hunting.  This seemed to be a little frustrating since we saw so many birds, but not what we were looking for.  We expected it to be very difficult to shoot a Tom, because the fall season is unlike the spring turkey season in that the Toms will not respond and come in to you a call.  So basically we had to locate where the turkeys were feeding and roosting and try to be sitting in the right spot where we could cross paths with some of them.  We also had some fun hunting for Coyotes in the middle of the night, which was a new experience for Hunter that he has never done and we did get to see 2 coyotes, but did not shoot one.  Although we did not get the turkey dinner we wanted to bring back to the boys in Fred, it was a great weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of school and be able to relax and get out in the woods and enjoy what we love to do.    

Monday, October 13, 2014

Forsy takes Ortiz to Owen Sound for Canadian T-Giving.........

Hey guys Forsy signing in here on a rainy day at Fredonia. 

Most of the boys are arriving back on campus after a nice little Fall Break. We had a couple days off of school so most of the boys headed home for a few days. 

Now for those of you that don’t know, this past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving so it was nice getting home to see family and friends. Flags and I decided to take Marcus Ortiz home with us so he could experience Owen Sound and a nice Canadian Thanksgiving. For a guy from Dallas, Ortiz sure seemed to fit right in Canada. Over the weekend I had a chance to do a little fishing as Owen Sound is right next to Georgian Bay. As always I was accompanied my copilot and dog, Sweetpea who is my favorite fishing buddy. The break was really nice as the next few weeks are going to be very busy. 

Starting this week hockey is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier about it. The boys and I are preparing for Halloween night when we play Cortland at home. I can’t wait to get after it. 

Anyway hope you have a good start to your week and I’ll catch up with you in a month. 

Signing off,