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Friday, October 24, 2014

A day in the life of Marcus Andersson..........

Hello all,

This is Marcus Andersson with the honor of writing today’s blog. 

The first week of practices has now passed and tomorrow we’re playing a scrimmage. The intensity is very high on the ice – but also off the ice. Therefore, I thought it could be interesting for you to read about a regular day for a hockey player in the Blue Devils. Let me present… my Wednesday!

9 am
Wednesday morning means English class, which of course is perfect for a Swede like me.

10 am
Over to next class – Communication. One hour of sitting still, listening and taking notes in a big lecture hall. Luckily, the chairs are very comfortable.

11 am

12 pm
Noon and it’s time for my Journalism class. Journalism is my major and this class is always fun and challenging.
So it begins – the afternoon of training. This afternoon is what will make us successful this year. No other guys in any other team in the SUNYAC can work harder than what my teammates and I do here in Fredonia.

1 pm – 2 pm
Workout group. Sprinting, jumping, lifting and getting better, stronger and faster.

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Skill practice on the ice.

3:45 pm – 5:45 pm
Team practice. 

6.30 pm
Low on energy after a long afternoon of training. A big dinner with the team always helps!
And this is how it goes on. Every day we get better, both academically and of course on the ice. Let us show you what we can do on the ice. Next Friday it is time, and we will see you then!

Thank you for reading, 

#11 Marcus Andersson

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harps getting a little extra time in BC............

Hey everyone!

Nick Harper here checking in for my second blog post of the year. This week was the week all of the boys have been looking forward to. The first week of official practices. After only a few days into the season, you can already see the intensity starting to pick up as everyone is giving it their all out there.

The first week of the season also means that the infamous Breakfast Club starts. For those of you who don't know what Breakfast Club is, you're in for a treat. The Breakfast Club consists of selected individuals who didn't make the two mile run in under 13 minutes. What we do in the Breakfast Club is that at 6:30 in the morning, we have to do 45 minutes of cardio in the gym. Tuesday the 21st was the first day of breakfast club and it was great to see all the boys' smiling faces bright and early in the a.m.

All joking aside, only a little over a week away from our first two home games of the year against Cortland on Halloween, and then Oswego the next night. It's awesome seeing all the dedication and desire to win all of the boys have. We know a fast start to the year will be a tremendous help and it's about time to play some games! That's all for me today and hope to see everyone October 31st and November 1st!

Nick Harper #30

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looking forward to the opener.......

Hey Everyone! 
Matt Cessna checking in to fill you in on how the team and I are getting well prepared for our season and home opener at Steele Hall. Coach Meredith has us working hard everyday in the classroom, on the ice, and in the weight room. We have a talented team this year and have a great compete level that will make us do well this season. The boys and I know what it takes now to win a championship thanks to the great advice we got from the 93-94, 94-95 championship winning alumni hockey team that visited Fredonia this past weekend.  They gave us great advice and shared their experiences here at Fred with us. We can't think too far ahead though, we have to take it one game at a time so our focus now is all on opening night against Cortland. I am also very excited because my parents will be traveling from Chicago for the weekend to watch the Blue Devils home opening weekend. It will be great to see them and show them around this great campus and community. 
That's all I got for now. Thanks for reading and hope to see you all at our first game on October 31.
Matt Cessna #19

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Daniel getting ready for the home opener............

Hi everybody, Daniel here!
The second day of the season is currently rolling and in only a few hours it is practice starts.
Yesterday I had my first DIII college hockey practice and it was a lot of fun, workout and skill session with practice afterwards. The season is really picking up now and I cannot wait to see where this season will take us and in 10 days we have our home opener against Cortland followed but Oswego the day after, make sure you are there and support us at 7:00 pm both nights.
It was a fun but long day yesterday, early morning for testing and late night studying but that’s the life of a SUNYAC student-athlete sometimes.

Have a great day,

Daniel Martensson #18

Younger loved talking to the Championship teams.........

Hi all,

Jamie Young here checking in for my second blog post of the year.

Today is the day all the boys have had circled on their calendars since the day we stepped on campus, October 20th, the official beginning of this years hockey season!! It started off with a bang this morning at 6:45AM with physical testing in the gym lead by Coach Meredith and Coach Lysyj and will be followed by our first official practice today at 3:45PM

Its been a long but productive pre-season here at Steele hall. The boys have been skating 3-4 times a week paired with workouts in the gym, track, and the pool to get us ready to go for the season. As the season has changed from summer to fall we've all made a collective effort to turn our focus on the set team goals and our Halloween opponent, Cortland. 

This past weekend was Homecoming weekend here on campus and it was great to get a chance to meet all the alumni from the 1993 and 1994 teams who made back-to-back appearances at the Frozen Four. Getting a chance to pick their brains about how they found so much success was a great experience for everyone here from the freshmen all the way up to the seniors. They provided great inspiration to all of us right before the start of the season and it was a perfect way to celebrate what they did 20 years ago!!

Well, that's enough from me for now, I hope everyone’s fall is off to a great start and I hope everyone gets a chance to come out for the home opener against Cortland!!

Until next time,

Jamie Young #3

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oskar says the cold means it's hockey season....

Hey everybody, Oskar Gerhardson here signing in for the second time.

The last few weeks here in Fredonia things have started to change, leaves are turning into all different colors and the cold wind is blowing them off the trees. Two weeks ago I could still walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. Now I have brought the winter jacket out of the closet. The change in weather and temperature might not be very nice when I walk around campus but it doesn't matter to me, it means that the hockey season is upon us.
Tomorrow Coach Meredith steps on the ice and the real season begins. In a week and 5 days we open the season at home against Cortland. This is what we have been waiting for since we got here in the end of August. Sure it was warm and nice back then but I'm pretty sure that all of us prefers the cold which means that we get to do what we love and that is playing hockey.  
Hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did!

Until next time,
Oskar Gerhardson

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Looking forward to meeting the alumni.......

Hello all,

It’s Kurt Gottschalk signing in for my 2nd blog post of the year.

It’s been a busy week getting back into the swing of things after a nice fall break. It’s always nice to get the chance to spend time with family, relax and have a nice Canadian Thanksgiving.

Aside from relaxing and doing a bit of homework I went apple picking with my mom and my sister. I also went with my cousin and my Dad to see Dracula which was really good and I highly recommend seeing it, if that’s your cup of tea.

Yesterday was just a short day for me just having one Accounting class and had some computer science homework. It’s been a busy week for me having 2 exams yesterday that consisted of Geology and World History and a couple of assignments earlier in the week. Aside from school, we had our last day of skate finishing off with a scrimmage with my Team White to take the game 9-7. This week was exciting because we got our team equipment for this year that consisted of new gloves, helmets, sticks and pants which is always a nice thing for a hockey player.

Today we will be meeting with the 93-94 and 94-95 SUNYAC champions and Frozen Four alumni team looking over highlights of that year with my team. We will also have the chance to talk to them about their experiences as Champions and Blue Devils. Hopefully we can learn from their success as a team so we can win a Championship ourselves. I am excited to meet these alumni it should be a good time and a good learning experience as a team. Like Eisey says in his post, we're a talented unit of selfless hockey players that will go to war for each other. 

I also wanted to say good luck to my sister Alison on her marathon and a Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Till next time 

Kurt Gottschalk #6