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Sunday, October 23, 2016

"the stories started flying and the laughs started flowing"

Hello all,

Senior, Forward, Marcus Ortiz here for this latest installment of the Fredonia Ice Hockey Blog. After an intense and draining week of practice, the boys got to enjoy the night last night with some of our alumni from the original year. As the stories started flying and the laughs started flowing it was at that moment when we realized just how big of a family we are involved in here. It is a proud time to be a Blue Devil, and after a summer of intense hard-work and training I am ready to put some pucks in Utica's net Friday night as I know the rest of the boys are!
I am excited to see my family and the rest of the families that will be in town for this game on Friday, sometimes we think our parents come more so to see and hang out with the other parents more than to see us (joking of course). School is getting tougher right about this time so the boys are pushing to get ahead in work to take the pressure off. Well I hope to see everyone on Friday night!
Stay tuned!

Till next time,

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Hey everyone,
Hunts checking back in for another blog. Today we played the Blue and White game along with meeting some of the alumni this weekend. It's special to see everyone who comes back for the weekend, there are always a couple good stories thrown around.
Looking forward to Monday as we enter our first GAME WEEK. Everyone has worked tremendously hard and I'm proud of the boys for the effort they have put forth this far, and now it's time for results. Utica is a respectable team, and playing at home is something I've been looking forward too. A day of rest and its back at it, gearing up for our home opener.
Hunts 26

Friday, October 21, 2016

"insane schedule of a student-athlete"....

What are Sunday's for? After a solid week of practice and a nice scrimmage to end the week, it's nice to hang loose. Football is the sport of choice on a Sunday and although Big Ben is out this weekend, I'll still be cheering on my Pittsburgh boys against the Pats. Sundays are great because nothing is expected, and sometimes with the insane schedule of a student-athlete, doing nothing can be the best for you. Back to the grind tomorrow, 

#21 Bobby Polachek

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The beauty of our team is that nobody feels cemented in their spot......

The Blue/White game is here!

Mike Freeman here with another blog!

This Saturday is the annual Fredonia Hockey Blue/White game and the boys and myself couldn’t be more excited.  Last year as a freshman, I couldn’t wait to pull on the Fredonia sweater for the first time. Now, as a sophomore, the excitement definitely hasn’t faded, but has multiplied.  Now that I know the ins and outs of being a Blue Devil, I am ready to get back to work and have the season get underway. It feels like years since I’ve had to opportunity to wear the Blue Devils’ sweater, so I’m pumped to get to wear it in a real game situation this Saturday.

The Blue/White game is a perfect tune up because of how professionally it is run. There are actual referees that officiate the game and full 20 minute stop-time periods. Although it is an intrasquad scrimmage, everybody treats is as if it were a real game that counts in the standings. It is, after all, the last chance you have to audition for your spot on the team, and everybody knows that.  The beauty of our team is that nobody feels cemented in their spot. We all feel that there is loads of healthy competition in our dressing room, and that really pushes the guys to be the best they can be. Because if they’re not, somebody is going to step right in and steal their job. We are all very excited to see what this years Blue/White game has in store.

See you next time,
Mike Freeman

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blue and White scrimmage coming up....

Hey Blue Devil fans,

Ben Casale here checking in for my first blog since the hockey season has officially started. Coaches stepped on the ice Monday and practices have been extremely fast and intense. The team is looking good as we have a lot of speed upfront. We have our big Blue and White scrimmage coming up on Saturday so come out and support your Blue Devils!

I am really looking forward to getting the year going starting against Utica next week. It should be a great game as we look to protect Steele Hall!

Anyways I have to start getting ready for practice.

'til next time Blue Devil fans

#19 Ben Casale

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Can't wait for it to be 3pm so we can go out in the ice again and get a step closer.....

Yesterday coaches finally stepped on the ice with us, and the battle of winning our season opener against Utica is getting closer. I think the wait has been to long for all of us, and we all a counting down the days on the calendar and hoping it will say, 28th of October and Utica show up for a battle. 

We just came of a well deserved Fall Break and prepared for this upcoming week, and you could really see the intensity level out on the ice yesterday. Can't wait for it to be 3pm so we can go out in the ice again and get a step closer. 

-Anton Rosén

Monday, October 17, 2016

Official team practice begins today ......

Things are heating up here in Fredonia. Official team practice begins today and we are only 11 days away from our first game against Utica. The excitement and energy amongst the guys is building each day! We have been anxiously waiting for this day since we arrived on campus in mid August. 

Currently, I am sidelined with a collar bone fracture. Fortunately, I have been able to skate every day on my own and am very much looking forward to being officially cleared by the Doctor, hopefully very soon!

-Chris Paulin