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Friday, April 18, 2014

Cribs.....Fred Hockey style..........

Hey Everyone,

After numerous attempts at posting a video to the blog, me and my roommate, Mitch Kaufmann, decided to throw in the towel.  We were trying to mix up the scene here on the Fredonia State Hockey Blog by posting a video of our take on the popular show MTV cribs, Fred State Hockey Edition. Showing you bloggers how college hockey players live off campus.  I don't want to give away too much because we might get in touch with our video tech guru, Tim Bracken and post it at a future time.  
But besides that we had a beautiful, sunny day here in Fredonia, and what better way to end the night with playoff hockey.  Sitting on the couch watching my Rangers beat up the Philly Flyers, what a great way to end my evening.  That's it for tonight folks.  Be sure to stay tuned in for that Fred State Hockey Cribs video hopefully soon.
Till Next Time,
John DeFeo #15

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter = Home cooked meals..........

Hey folks its Mackenzie McAvoy on the blog for this Thursday.
It's almost time for Easter in which we get an extended weekend and all the boys are looking forward to it. Most of the boys are heading back to their homes and are looking forward to getting home cooked meals, as recently named captain, Cory Melkert would refer it to as "having his mother serve him gourmet food". As for myself I will be heading back home tomorrow as well, and hoping to get a chance to make it out to the golf range for some practice for the upcoming golf season. Being that there are only 16 regular school days left this year, all the boys can really feel summer coming, and we all realized how fast this year has really gone by. However, Mother Nature here in Fredonia does not want it to be spring yet. As the year is coming to a end and guys are picking classes for next year, and of course picking our favorite class "Advanced Conditioning", the guys are really excited for next year, and looking forward to having a good season, especially when the stick reps came in which we got to take a look at some new lumber and pick our curves and all that sorts of stuff. 
Now that the NHL Playoffs have started, it give us something to watch in our spare times instead of wheeling around in Garrett's wheel chair.  Most of the guys have made their playoffs prediction brackets. For myself I predict the finals to be San Jose and Boston, and I'm not really to sure why I picked those teams, just kind of a guess mostly. 
Anyway I hope everyone is having a great day, and has a great Easter weekend.  Safe travels to all the boys who are traveling home.

Yours in Hockey,
Mac McAvoy #27

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Garrett rolling campus on crutches.......

Crutching to the end of the year!

Hey everybody, it's Garrett Moore. The last couple weeks have been a little rough for me as I broke my ankle playing intramural floor hockey.  To get around, I started on a wheel chair to help reduce swelling. Now I've graduated to crutches. 
My teammates and other students have helped greatly. Holding doors for me and assisting with anything I need. Poor Frankie Hart goes to Willy C every day to get me food. He also gives me the occasional piggy-back ride when I complain about my crutches. It's somewhat unfortunate but things happen and I'll be just fine.
Aside from my ankle, things have been pretty low-key as of lately. Mostly just focusing on classes and my homework. Now that it's getting nice out, class work is a little harder to focus on.  But it's time to start preparing for exam week which is quickly approaching.
I'd also like to throw out a big congratulations to Cory Melkert on being named our captain for next year. After my conversations with him he has great intentions for the 14-15 hockey season. I'm looking forward to playing with him as our leader. 
With that being said, best of luck to all of my teammates with the remainder of the school year. Also, best of luck to our graduating seniors that are moving on to the next stages of their lives. 

Garrett Moore #17

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We give up, Winter wins.......

Hey everybody, 

Well yesterday I was wearing flip flops and shorts with a t shirt.. and today I'm rocking a long sleeve and winter coat. I don't understand why it decided to snow, but as you can tell by the picture  the weather decided to make a drastic change. Slightly annoying but what can ya do. Not the best start to the day.

Other than that, I had one class this morning followed by a workout at noon, and I'm about to meet up with some of the guys for dinner here before me and Brian Doust head on over to Scuba class. We are actually enjoying it twice a week here and have a blast putting on all the gear and hanging out in the dive tank for an hour or so. It's a nice little class to look forward to at the end of the day and recommend anybody give it a shot if they ever get a chance too!

Well until next time, everybody take care and wish for some warm weather please! All the best.

- Jared Wynia #20

Monday, April 14, 2014

Looking forward to Easter Weekend

Well its been a real busy day for me here on the campus of Fredonia. This is the first break I've had since 9am.  It started off real nice waking up to 70 degree weather but now the rain and wind have picked up.  I've been doing work here in the library and will be all night.  Me, Melky, and Matecki have been grinding away at Stats getting ready for our big test tomorrow.  Good thing we have Ryan Edens to guide our way through this.
After this test its only a few short days until Easter break.  Looking forward to spending the weekend with family.  Its always nice to get away from campus for a little while and relax a little bit.  But once we get back next week finals will be here before we know it and that's when the real grind starts. 
Well hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and the little break this weekend.  Tune in tomorrow as I think Jared Wynia takes over the blog.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Leafs and Sabres teeing off.......

Hey guys Forsy here on another day at Fredonia.  So this week is a pretty big week for the NHL as the playoffs start and the real battle begins.  Unfortunately for me, my Leafs are going to miss the playoffs this year after just a brutal collapse over the last month.  I'm sure all the boys will be giving me the gears about it, but hey still better than the Sabres and the Oilers.  A couple of the rounds I'm most excited to watch are the Chicago and St. Louis series and LA and San Jose.  The Western conference style of play is unreal to watch if you haven’t seen it before as they play with a very physical style, which is even at a higher level in the post season.  I'm going to try and do something new here and predict the first round winners and in two weeks in my next blog will see how I do…. Eastern conference winners will be Boston, Tampa, Pittsburgh and New York.  The western conference winners will be Colorado, Chicago, Anaheim and LA.  

Have a good week, enjoy they hockey, Forsy.  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Masters........

Brian Doust here,

Not much going on around here these days but cramming for finals and getting the junior year wrapped up on a strong note. Been watching the Masters the last couple days and feeling this nice weather coming our way, has me itching to be out on the course again out west. The local course will have to do for now. Not that challenging, but fun everytime a couple of us head out there for a round or two. Looks like it will be a busy summer and senior finish to the end. Registering for classes is always a crazy time, but senior selections were something else. The final courses you'll take of college, and trying to figure out and be careful to pick the right ones that you actually need to have to graduate was a process in itself. But that being said, its exciting and scary to finally be winding down to the end, have had such a good time a Fredonia thus far and can't believe it's about to end so quickly.

That's all from me for the year, hope its been a good read, have a great summer everyone and check in for more next season!