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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Juice boy..............

Good morning folks, 

It's Marcus Ortiz here on the blog again. 

Today was another day of classes and our final practice in preparation for a must-win weekend in Morrisville. I had class this morning with Hunter Long and Daniel Martensson. My next class and final of the day is accounting with my two buds Hunter and Chris Eiserman. The class is definitely a mental strain on us but so far so good in that class. Then its off to the gym with friend and line mate Frank Hart, and preparations for practice and the game tomorrow begin there. After a good skate and feeling ready for the big tilt tomorrow night we play a quick game of juice boy. Juice boy is a game where you have to score to be out, last guy in has to buy juice for everyone playing. Unfortunately for our assistant coach Mike, he has the poorest record so far in juice boy, investing a lot of money in juice boxes. After a quick game of juice boy its off to stretch and ice bath with Damien K and Frank. As the boys sit in the ice bath we all joke about the weekend coming up or discuss the idiotic tendencies of some of the boys in the classroom. As the unwinding comes to an end we head to dinner with the rest of the guys, where the endless banter with Erik Moberg never ceases. Then its back to the dorm to do a little homework with Damien, Jamie Young, and Nick Harper as we watch the various NHL games on tonight. When all the games have concluded we all part ways and hit the hay for a good nights sleep and a long bus trip to follow with one thing on all of our minds, the must win affair we will be entangled in in less than 24 hours. 

Marcus Ortiz #28
Fredonia State Hockey

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This is the final blog of my college career.....Brian Doust

This is the final blog of my college career.

Big weekend this weekend against Morrisville, needing to grab a few points to make a push for the playoffs this season. Have to give them credit as they seem to be better than previous years, so the boys will have to put a good effort in to get this done! After this weekend it will be the end of our long away game schedule with Pink the Rink the following weekend at home. Looking forward to a good super bowl this year with the Pats and Seahawks, two truly great teams. Routing for the Seahawks again this year, just like their uni's and Wilson at QB. Hope he can get back to back rings. Enjoy the Super Bowl, be safe as always and thanks for reading!

Enjoy the Super Bowl, be safe as always and thanks for reading the posts over the years!

Brian Doust
#23 Blue Devils

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mobey off to Stats class with Mac and Kurt..........

Hello Blue Devil fans,
Erik here again for another blog post. We are now entering the most important part of the season. Although we have not performed as we expected so far we still have a chance to get into playoffs, and as you all know anything can happen in a playoff. To all the fans out there stay tuned for updates for our upcoming road trip against Morrisville and I hope to see you all at our breast cancer game against Potsdam the following weekend. Unfortunately this will be it for today I have to go to my stats class, luckily for me though I have the pleasure spending 80 minutes of stats with Mac McAvoy and Kurt Gottschalk.

Enjoy your week folks.


Monday, January 26, 2015

a great bonding experience.........

Hello blog world, it is Frankie Hart here with my first entry of the new year!

Me and my housemates agree that J term flew by  compared to last year and the main reason for this is all the road trips we have had. It has been a great team bonding experience which has helped us grow closer as a hockey family. Are team as a whole has improved with every game we have played. There are always lessons and things to overcome. The SUNYAC conference is so close that every game is a season in it self. The standings, records can be throw out the door and the games are decided by who shows up too play on that night. Our team is the hardest working team I've been apart of and im proud to take the ice with the boys! It's now crunch time and time to be consistent with the hockey we can play. I have complete faith we can have a successful remainder of the season.

On a different note, the second week of classes of the spring semester are about to begin. My favorite class thus far has to be Elementary French 1, with captain Melky and a handful of others from the squad. I will be testing out my tutoring skills and excited to do so. 

Big week of practices coming up that will lead us into a very important, must win, two games in Mo'ville. No doubt in my mind we will come out will two W's. 

Well, take care all, it's homework time for this guy! 

Frankie Hart #8

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I needed hernia surgery that couldn't wait......

JD here clocking in on the blog,
Been a tough month for me following my surgery. Found out when I went home for Christmas that I needed hernia surgery that couldn't wait. But on a different note it's good to be back up with the boys. You don't realize how much of a family you really have until your gone for an entire month. Hoping I can get back in to the lineup soon, it's going to take a bit of skating to get back in shape but I'm hoping it'll be a fast process.  Well that's all I got for you guys today going to enjoy our Sunday off and watch some all star game hockey. Melks #2 is really enjoying the high scoring of team foligno.
Hang loose,
John DeFeo #15

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nice breakfast with hotel roommates.........

I have just got back from a nice breakfast with hotel roommates Brian Doust and Steven Castriota, with less than 12 hours till our game against Oswego we are getting prepared and forgetting about the tie with Cortland last night, with a team meeting in an hour I am sure we will be ready to play our game come puck drop tonight.  I always have a little extra dislike for Oswego when we play them and would love to get a win on their home ice tonight.  Away from the rink spring semester is finally upon us, the students are all back in Fredonia and the quiet of J-term is gone.  I am looking forward to the challenge of my Spring semester of my Junior year but more excited about the upcoming playoff push of our hockey club.  With a big two points on the line tonight its time for us to get prepared and show Oswego real Fredonia hockey tonight

Taylor Bourne #29

Friday, January 23, 2015

"had a lot of growth playing on the road in January and we're ready" says Wilkie........

School is finally back in session which also means we've reached the final stretch of the season.  The boys are geared up and ready to go after a very good j term.  We're very excited that our last ten games are all SUNYAC games which we know will be a battle every night.  We had a lot of growth playing on the road in January and we're ready to head in to Cortland and show the Dragons and the rest of our conference that we are a new team.

Off the ice it's  always good to see all of our other friends and students come back to Fred.  It was starting to get a little lonely in town only seeing the same mugs that I see in the dressing room everyday.  However I'm not excited that I already have some homework to do and a couple projects assigned.  I definitely did not miss that part of school.  But all in all I'm excited to kick off the second half off the year. 
Until next time, 
Ryan Wilkinson #25