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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wynia ready for another SUNYAC battle

Well we are all back and ready to finish the first half of the season with some big wins. Coming up Friday will be our first game back since our thanksgiving break against a good Buff State team. The game is going to be a tough battle but we have been doing an amazing job at practice since our return and every player is getting more and more excited as the days keep counting down. It's going to be a fast paced 3 weeks of the term left here as well with school and hockey before the Christmas break. All the boys are battling hard everyday as we continue to grow as a hockey club. Can't wait for the weekend!

Jared Wynia

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sanborn says it 'go time'!

It was good to have a chance to go home for a couple of days over the Thanksgiving break and spend some time with our families.  It gave all the boys some well deserved time away from the classroom and the ice rink.  After recharging the batteries at home, it feels even that much better to be back with all the boys and ready to make a good push with both hockey and school.  SUNYAC play finishes up for us on Friday night when we go to battle at Buffalo State.  We don’t like Buffalo State and they don’t like us, plain and simple, which makes the game just a war.  Friday is a game that we need to win, and that we will win.  The boys have been working hard in practice the past couple of days and can’t wait to be on that ice Friday night. 

Bill Sanborn 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kenny sees battle on the horizon

Coming up on the first of December and we're listed as sixth in the conference with a (2-3-2) record. This is way under where I forecasted our team to be, but from what I’ve learned about the team since coming here is that we never give up. 

Everyone In that room is giving 100% all the time and things will come together. Our team is way better than our record shows and no one is happy about it. This Friday is the last conference game of the 2011 year at Buffalo State and we can jump from sixth place to third. Needless to say we are all focused and ready for the battle that awaits us.

Ken Nosky

Monday, November 21, 2011

Douster says, nothing better than SUNYAC hockey

Now with the SUNYAC conference games, I've noticed a whole new level of intensity. From both the opponents being more physical, tough and strong as well as my own team mates especially with their work ethic in practice and the gym. I can't wait to see how this amount of work will pay off personally and as a team! I would have to say that my favorite moments as being a Blue Devil has to be the very first weekend  and just the hype and atmosphere of our first home games. The crowd was loud and energetic while many players added their first collegiate points in their first couple games with the help of the skilled veterans!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nunn looking forward to family time

Thanksgiving break is coming up really soon, but unlike normal students i am not looking forward to friday for the break, I'm looking forward to playing Oswego Friday.  On the school side of things, I just successfully got the lights of the library flashed on me, signaling closing time, two nights in a row.  It's getting to be that time when everything starts to over lap and hockey is picking up to its peak.  The only thing you can do is put your head down, work hard, and get through it.  I'm excited to spend some time with the family for thanksgiving, I don't get to see me brother and sister, Jeremy and Chelsea , too often.  I'm hoping we can squeeze in some family bowling, a Nunn Family favorite past time. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  

Bradley Nunn

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cizz bury's one against Potsdam and is grinding it out in the classroom

Our SUNYAC conference play is fully underway and we are currently 2-2-1 in league play, and have seen every SUNYAC team with the exceptions of Cortland and Oswego, who we play this weekend as well as Buffalo state who we will see 2 weekends from now.  

Seeing every team and by looking at scores you can see just how wide open the league is this year.  This year more so than years in the past, any team can come home with the hardware come March.

With just three weeks left of classes its crunch time in the library and the computer lab for most of the boys.  I’m currently in the computer lab with Ian Ellenberger, who is working on a Power Point presentation.  Having 3 papers due on Friday as well as an exam on Thursday, I plan on spending the majority of my night here, it’s a battle but I don’t want to be the reason the hockey doesn’t have the highest GPA on campus this semester and break the 11 semesters in a row streak we are currently riding.

Until next time,


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Palmy chirping TJ and the rest of the Canadians in showdown

After coming off a big win on Saturday against Potsdam and a tough loss Friday against Platty, the boys and myself are ready and prepared for the next week of practice leading up to another tough battle on the weekend when we face Oswego and Cortland at home. Two good teams coming into our barn right before Thanksgiving? We need these points. Oswego is going to come flying at us with everything, after beating them in their barn during playoffs. I also would not take Cortland lightly, They're playing pretty well this year with a couple of rookies putting up some points. I hope the boys are ready for the weekend.
As for practice, its never an easy day on the ice. After suffering a few losses in the USA-Canada showdown, this week the the boys from the states are going to be waving our flag. After all, all the pressure is on the Canadians. Freeze and Holly cant stop every puck... The supposed leading scorer (in his own mind) TJ Manastersky, has posted some low numbers this year. being only about 1 for 7. that's only 14.3% of the time..

Bring it Canadians.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gunner wants to load up and grind again

This past week I had just got through a really tough week of school and hockey. I had two tests one day and an exam the other it was really a trying week but I got through and managed to do well in each of my tests.

This past weekend we also had a tough battle against Plattsburgh and Potsdam we came up short against Plattsburgh, but on Saturday we wouldn't be denied as we set a grueling pass for 60 minutes that saw us come out on top 9-1. Its things like this that show ourselves and the league that we if we put our best foot we're a handful for anyone.
Were going to show that again next week when we go to war with Oswego and Cortland. I'm looking forward to being apart of it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muhser got the boys ready for Potsdam

This past week was a battle for sure, I had to spend most of my time in the library for two tests but besides that, I thought we had a good week of practice.  It's now Saturday and tonight we have a big game against Potsdam which I'm sure we are all looking forward to tonight.  I think everyone is focused and will be ready to go tonight because as we all know now, it's going to be important to make sure we put together a full 60 minute hockey game in order to come out with the win.
I thought it has been really interesting this year taking a look at the scores around division III hockey and specifically the SUNYAC.  There has been a lot of parody in the league this year in that with many games, it seems as though anyone can beat anyone like with Brockport beating Geneseo at home in decisive fashion and as we have learned, a lot of it comes down to just plain hard work and discipline.  I think that our team is on the right track and it will continue to be important to keep pulling out the positives while learning from our mistakes in order to keep evolving as a team.

Let's give Potsdam hell tonight, it's time to take back Steele Hall tonight fellas.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Turkey time getting closer, but first big SUNYAC weekend!

Just another day back on the grind. Feeling a little under the weather think I'm starting to get sick, not a good thing. Recently I went to the Bills game vs Jets with some teammates. What a great experience, now I know why the Bills fans still root for the Bills even when they  aren't very good. The game could have been better, the Bills didn't put on a top performance for us in any way, the Jets really took it to 'em. But all in all it was a great time.

School has been flying by now that hockey started it seems like Mon-Thu go by in a blink of an eye then its Fri and Sat games. Can't believe its almost Thanksgiving, but at the same time I'm excited. It will be a nice change of pace to go home and see the family and get a delicious, home cooked meal.  Boy do I miss mama bears cooking. Can't believe Joepa got fired, my parents have been season ticket holders at Penn State ever since I can remember at and it will be weird going to the games and not see Joepa.  He was a legend in college football.

Will McLaughlin

Sunday, November 13, 2011


First I would like to take a second and thank our veterans, on this veterans day,  and everything they are doing/did. I am sitting here watching TV with Ben Waldman as we are getting mentally prepared for the biggest test of the season. I know all the boys are fired up because we owe them one after the way our season ended last year. It's gonna be an exciting/physical game and I cannot wait to get it started.

Brett Mueller

Saturday, November 12, 2011

'Fredo looking forward to North Country teams visiting Fredonia

I can't believe that it is already November and it is still warm out.  I am just waiting for the change to come quick and for it to start snowing and it being freezing outside.  I am definitely not looking forward to walking to class in all the snow.
This past weekend I scored my first goal against Morrisville.  I feel that my play has picked up a lot since the first games we had as a team but I am still working on the little things like keeping my feet moving at all times.  I am excited for the SUNYAC home opener against Plattsburgh and then Potsdam on Saturday.  I feel like we worked hard all week and we are ready for both teams.  If we play as a team and stick to the game plan I know we will come away with a big 4 points on the weekend.

Friday, November 11, 2011

'Teck and 'Fredo ...unbeatable NHL Champs!

I can't believe it's already November and its still in the 60 degree range.  There are just a few short weeks left in my first semester and we have a pretty big weekend coming up I'd say.  Our team has gotten better and better every weekend and Friday is the biggest challenge we've had so far.  Its going to be a great atmosphere Friday night at 7:00 and I can't wait to see the boys just battle.

I'd also like to say that Monfredo and I are NHL 12 champs.  Hehr and Mueller put up a very poor effort in both games that they faced us in.  Not to mention in the championship game blew a 3-0 lead.  Better luck next year.

Tyler Matecki

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bellzy on that 'football headed' Hey Arnold

If I was to choose my favorite TV show growing up, I would probably have to go with either 'Scooby-Doo' or 'Hey Arnold'.  I have to say both shows were pretty popular when I was watching them which would be years and years ago.  They were on back-to-back when I would get home from school so I was glued to the TV for at least an hour before starting my homework.  I actually watched an episode of Hey Arnold the other day because they have it on Netflix.  I must say it definitely still is a great show, but does not have the same affect it did on me back in the day.  I still know friends that watch these shows all the time so they can't be half bad.  But on another note, big weekend ahead against Platty and Potsdam.
Bellzy #24

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Melky revs up the troops with an eye on the future

Although life after school seems a long ways a way, being a freshman, I don't think its too early to start thinking about what I am going to do after school. After school I would like to be involved in hockey in some form such as a coach, assistant coach, scout or something along those lines. I really don't see myself doing anything accept hockey, but if I had to I would like to have my own sports agency. I always thought being a sports agent would be a good job for me because I would be working with people involved in sports. 

With school and hockey I have been busy here in Fredonia. I have been in the library alot lately trying to get all my work done and study for the three exams I have coming up this week. For hockey we have our first big test this weekend against Plattsburgh.  Lets get 'er going boys!

Cory Melkert

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Junger got his start from his Dad

It is hard to believe that it is already November.  Time is flying by just like it always seems to do here at Fredonia.

I have been playing hockey all my life so it is really hard to pinpoint when I started playing or how I got started in it. If I had to say anything I would say I got started in it through my Dad. Hockey is something I can remember doing for pretty much ever whether it was playing around the house or watching it on TV, or my dad taking me and my brother to Salt Lake Golden Eagles games. I know that I started skating right around the age of 2 I can remember going to skating lessons or my parents taking the family to open skates.  First grade is when I started playing any real organized hockey I can still remember my first jersey, ugly gray and maroon. Even though it is hard to pinpoint when I can say that it is definitely my Dad who got me started and I have loved it for as long as I can remember.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Holloway for got my vote!

Clearly everyone is aware of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement that has been rapidly growing in popularity over the recent weeks. Well, this movement has inevitably reached our small town of Fredonia and has worked its way into our SUNY campus. You can see the signs posted all around campus stating "We are the 99%". But 99% of these people probably have no idea what they are even protesting. I hear the trivial discussions about the movement all over campus from classrooms, dining halls, or in the library, but it seems as though they all either have no idea what they are talking about or they all have different opinions on what their cause is.

This makes me wonder how many of these students (or staff) are actually committed to a universal purpose, if there is one, or if they are just protesting for the sake of protesting. I am not saying there is no reason for the movement, but in my opinion it is a very disorganized and misguided attempt. Why Wall Street? It is the government that has ruined the economy, not wall street. Wall Street didn't drive the US economy trillion dollars into debt, Washington did. So, if there is to be any sort of new political paradigm to eliminate this disparity between the 99% and the 1%, it is not through standing in the streets holding up signs.

An economic change is not going to happen by disregarding your jobs in order to proceed with this futile demonstration. There is a presidential election coming up in 2012, if you want a change then take your opinions to the polls where you can actually have an impact.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hehrsy on the bus.......

We are just on the bus on our way back to Fredonia. It's nice actually having a bus with internet accessibility. We got a big two points in the SUNYAC with a greasy hard working win in Morrisville. It is big to get points early on because we all know how important they are come February. It will be nice getting back to work in our barn in our SUNY home opener this Friday.

Well I think everyone of us has had this game circled since last year. My Dad is coming down for it so I am excited to see him and hopefully get two wins on the weekend in front of him and our fans. Coming out of the gate to our fans being loud and cheering is one of the best feelings as a Fredonia athlete. It fires the boys up and gets us ready for battle. We have a big week of practice ahead of us and a lot of work to do this week to prepare for Platty on Friday. I'd like to also mention that Monfredo had a sick D to D pass against Morrisville. I guess since he got his first gino right after it.  I'll stop chirping him now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eddy helps Fredonia down Morrisville 5-1

Right now I am sitting in the library without Mark Friesen studying for our big stats test tomorrow. Not only is Mark not here, he is also not answering his phone. This is posing a big problem for me because i need to ask him about some of the questions from our last quiz. In an attempt to find help elsewhere i have been doing laps in the lib looking for someone (anyone) that is in my class to help me. I cant find anyone. Apparently everyone in my class is not as concerned as I am about our second midterm tomorrow. If they aren't concerned I guess I'll just move on as well. I have many tests this week to study for.
In a different light, one that is more important to me right now than a good test score, I recently and finally just got my first point as a Blue Devil over the past weekend. I gave a pass across the blue line to Nunn and he put it towards the net.. then Christ put it in.. a point is a point and now hopefully my buddies back home can stop chirping me. Also, it looks right now like me and Nunn might be reunited this upcoming weekend on the road against Morrisville and Im looking forward to playing with the offensive powerhouse (4GP 1G 5A). If it so happens I can get on the score sheet again, great, but we all know the most important points are the ones for the SUNYAC standings. Can't wait until Friday when we get the chance to out battle our rivals in their barn, a barn where we had success last year.

Ryan Edens

Friday, November 4, 2011

Freeze leads Canada to 3-0 record in Thursday's US/Canada Showdown

Now that the season is finally underway, we are working harder than ever as a team. Practices so far this week have been filled with battles and hard work, as we realize just how much effort it takes to compete in this league. We didn't get the results we were looking for this past weekend, but I feel that it was a good experience to learn from, and I feel that the new guys got a feel for just how tough it is to be successful in this league. With the short schedule, every single game is extremely important, and the level of intensity required is very high.

I am looking forward to our road trip this weekend, as we continue to establish our identity early on in this season. We will continue to work hard the next few days, and I'm also looking forward to out U.S. - Canada showdown at the end of Thursdays practice. Canada is currently 2-0 and we are looking to keep the streak alive! It is a very focused atmosphere at the rink these days, as we all know there is much work ahead of us. I enjoy this competitive feeling, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mark Friesen

Thursday, November 3, 2011

College workload keeping Ian Ellenberger busy

Since our first game against Assumption two weeks ago, it seems like things here in Fredonia have really started to move in fast forward. The schoolwork has started to pick up, as my professors are scheduling tests and assignments, one after another. It's hard to believe that November is here already, and soon enough winter break will be upon us.

Although this past weekend we went 0-1-1, we're taking the positives out of this past weekend and are looking forward to this Friday night vs. Morrisville. An intense week of practice will have us prepared for another conference showdown, and we're all looking forward to getting two W's this weekend already, and getting back on track.

Now that I'm playing college hockey, its strange to think that I began skating 17 years ago. I remember attending early Saturday morning clinics at the Hershey Bears' outdoor practice facility, located right behind the HersheyPark Arena. I remember some of the Bears would come out and skate with us, and I was thrilled to be out on the ice with them. Once my morning clinic was finished, my older brother would skate with us clinic later in the afternoon. Most Saturdays, I would skate in both my morning clinic and my older brother's afternoon clinic. I would be out on the ice for a total of four hours every Saturday, and I loved every minute of it. Its interesting to look back and see how those freezing Saturday morning clinics were the beginning of my ice hockey career.

Ian Ellenberger

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gunner gearing up for battle

With the Weather getting colder,classes getting tougher and every time we step onto the ice it turns into trench war. I couldn't be happier. This past weekend we got our first taste of SUNYAC division hockey. It was nothing short of a war in both games. We battled hard but didn't quite live up to expectations, it was a step in the right direction though. We will continue to work towards the future and our untapped potential. We just have to dig deeper, battle a little harder and only success is in the immediate future.

Declan Gunovski

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ben Waldman offers his best 'Trip Advisor' tips on Fredonia

My favorite part about the village of Fredonia would have to be all the local town pubs, each with a very unique theme and excellent food. Although there are so many places to choose from it is nice in a way because they are all very close to one another making it an even closer community. Also several times a year the farmers market and concessions get set up throughout downtown with a band playing in the village green, which makes you wish the sun never goes down.