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Saturday, October 31, 2015

SUNDAY FUN DAY..........

Hello everyone, its junior, forward, Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into today's portion of the blog. I hope everyone had a good weekend and was safe out there during Halloween. Also to add to that as well as a successful weekend as our team did.
This past weekend we played our rival Buffalo State Bengals on Friday in which we ended up tying 1-1. That was a very well fought battle our team put up against a veteran team. Everyone that night did what they had to do, and played for each other. It felt good again to be playing real hockey games since last year we ended early February.
On Saturday night everyone played a heck of game from start to finish, and in doing so we ended up with a successful 7-3 victory over Southern New Hampshire. All the boys were rolling that night and again played with a lot of heart and passion.
We have a very tight group working together day in and out, and were very excited to be playing with each other and an opportunity to compete with each other as well on the ice.
This Sunday I will be taking care of all the bumps and bruises I have obtained over the past two nights, since they were both battles and you really have to give everything you got to be able to compete and win hockey games. Also with a lot of icing myself I will be watching a lot of football and catching up on any homework that I missed.
Also a shout out goes to freshmen, Kyle Jelinski for getting his first goal along with Luke Rivera, and also to goaltender Eric Bogart on his first NCAA win.
Anyways I hope everyone has a great Monday, and for all those kids out there I hope you guys got a lot of candy from trick or treating last night. Till next time.
Mackenzie McAvoy #27

Friday, October 30, 2015

The day is finally here!!!!

Hi everybody, Daniel here again!

The day is finally here!!!! Today is the day when the boys are going up to Buffalo to get our first two SUNYAC points for the season. We have been working hard this whole spring and summer, got back to school and had one hell of a good captain’s skate, and after two weeks on the ice with the coaching staff. I can say with confidence that these Blue Devils are ready for this season!!

The puck drops at 7pm in the ice arena of Buffalo State, it is only 45 min away so there is no excuse to not come and support us!

Until next time,


Thursday, October 29, 2015

WE ARE SO CLOSE..............

Here is my blog.

Hello everyone. WE ARE SO CLOSE! Just one day till game day number 1 for the fellas. It’s practically Christmas Eve for us! We have all been grinding day in and day out getting ready to make a huge statement to the rest of the SUNYAC, and it starts tomorrow when we take the ice against Buffalo State. We are ready to take a lot of people by surprise. Every doubter or critic of us here at Fredonia is just fuel to our fire. Our time to shine will be from the puck drop tomorrow at 7pm, right up until that final buzzer sounds. I know I speak for the rest of the guys when I say tomorrow couldn’t come any sooner. 

Keep an eye on us Blue Devils, because this year is sure to be a fun one.

Till next time,

Eddie Cordero #12

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

There are haters out there, but that just gives us more reasons to win.......

It's finally time folks.  Just two more days before the Blue Devils hit the ice against Buffalo. Everyone is super excited as I can already tell from the solid practice sessions we have been having since coach stepped on the ice.  
Today there is a goalie session and I am extremely happy about that as I want to work on a few things specifically and this will give me the time to do so.  I have been getting ready for this Friday since we stepped off the ice last year and I am ready and so are the fellas.  Expect the Blue Devils to surprise some this year and be those underdogs that we all know we can be.  
There are haters out there, but that just gives us more reasons to win.

Everybody ropes, Everybody rides!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Three practices to go.......

Three practices to go, that is all we have left until we make the trip to Buffalo State to start off the season.  The start to the season has come quickly and the excitement inside the dressing room is building every day, and I can't wait to put on the Blue and White and go to battle on Friday
Aside from hockey it is also advising week and the boys are busy looking at classes for next semester, which is always a talkative time in our room as people are trying to plan schedules and asking each other about classes.  That's on my list of things to do today as I have finished my classes for today which included Yoga with Frank Hart and Mitch Kaufmann.  As I head to the library I'll have to put hockey in the back of my mind for a couple hours, but practice is coming up and we are getting more and more prepared for the weekend and a couple of wins
Till next time

Taylor Bourne #29

Monday, October 26, 2015

the boys looked good.......

As the first game of the season approaches quickly everyone is starting to get very excited.

This weekend we got to play in our annual blue-white game, and the boys looked good. This was the first real game action anyone has had in a while but we all came out to compete and push each other to keep getting better. Starting today there are only four more days of practice and we can not wait to hit the ice in Buff State. It has been a long time since the blue devils have played a meaningful game and this Friday night will be a huge night for our new team. Everyone has been putting in their best effort to get our team ready, but we all know that we are just getting started and there is a lot more hard work to come. I am extremely excited to see what this group of guys can do this year and can't wait for this weekend.

Until next time,
Ryan Wilkinson #25

Sunday, October 25, 2015

preparing for our first game which in only 5 days.....

Kauf here for my 3rd blog installment this year after our first full week of practice for the upcoming 2015-2016 season and what a week it has been preparing for our first games which in only 5 days land us at Buffalo State. Yesterday we capped the week off with our Blue and White game where the boys were able to showcase themselves but also practice specific in game situations and adapt to some of the NCAA rule changes since the previous season. With the craziness that has amounted this week with our season starting I'm glad to say it's Sunday and I can watch some football today! 


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Everyone is chomping at the bit......

Hey everyone!

First week of practice has come to an end and let me tell you, the boys are looking pretty strong. Everyone is chomping at the bit to get up and show Buff State what we have. 6 days! On another note, here in a few hours we have our big Blue vs. White game. All the boys are excited to hop on the ice and play a game in our unis. Big things are coming in the near future for your Blue Devils!

Stay tuned,
Jimmy Morgan #22

Friday, October 23, 2015

"Fredonia Hockey Blog Talk"

Mike Freeman here again here to shake things up in the Fredonia Hockey Blog world!

This week, we bring to you the first ever "Fredonia Hockey Blog Talk", featuring standout freshman goaltender Eric Bogart!

Click on the link below to watch Bogs, "Get the Earth movin'!"

Thursday, October 22, 2015

....the boys have established a "don't lose" mentality......

Good morning folks, Jon Carlson here with my second blog of the season. Three days of 2.5 hour coaches practices under our belt and the common theme has been intensity as the boys gear up for our first game in Buffalo State.

The team has been working hard both in the gym and on the ice and can hardly wait for that first puck drop October 30th. Blue and White inter squad game coming up this Saturday at 12:30pm at your local Steele Hall Arena and judging by practice this week I'm sure it will be nothing but intense, competitive, competition as the boys have established a "don't lose" mentality that we hope to display all season long.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Until next time, 
Go Devils 
Jon Carlson #4

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lots of things are happening at this point of the year......

Hey everybody! Ben Casale checking in on a beautiful sunny day here in Fredonia.

Lots of things are happening at this point of the year. We started our first official practice Monday and did it with a nice 2 and a half hour practice. All the guys are on the same page, working hard, and coming together as we get ready for our first opponent, Buff State.

 Along with our season starting we also are wrapping up midterms this week. It's safe to say this week is a busy one with class, hockey, and studying. On that note I'm going to get back to hitting the books, wish me luck.

-#19 Ben Casale

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hard work seems to be the theme.......

As the season opener quickly comes upon us, the boys are finally on the ice with the coaches. After a long fall of captains practice it is nice to finally get things started. We had our first practice of the season yesterday and the boys were feeling excited to get off to a good pace. Hard work seems to be the theme as of now and success only comes with hard work. Moving forward we look to keep our work ethic to a maximum while we keep improving every day!

Bobby Polachek #21

Monday, October 19, 2015

Today is a big day for the boys, first official practice.....

Good morning Fredonia!

Eric Bogart checking in here again. Today is a big day for the boys, first official practice starts at 3:00 today and we couldn't be more ready to get the ball rolling. The boys have been working hard in captains practices and in the gym, now its time to put the throttle down and giv'r out there.
Real excited to see make some noise on the ice this year and see what this season has in store for us!

That's all she wrote for today folks! See you in Buff State

Stay Classy,


Sunday, October 18, 2015

The alumni are in town........

Today in Fredonia is a great day. The alumni are in town and we had a great meeting with Marty Diamond today at noon. Monday we get to hit the ice for our first real practice and I couldn't be more excited and fired up. It's a new season a new team and a chance to prove to everyone that we have what it takes to be great!

Max Ross #17

Saturday, October 17, 2015

....we had a great presentation from alumni Marty Diamond!

Hello everyone! 

13 days until puck drops and the boys cannot wait!

To start off the weekend we had a great presentation from alumni Marty Diamond! It was awesome to listen to an alumni who still follows Blue Devils and who is such a huge supporter of the organization. Marty really emphasized on why we are all here and what we are here to accomplish.
We are all here for the same reason and that is to win. As a group we will be successful to accomplish our goals as one; we need to come together as a team and as a brotherhood to be the best we can be. 
If we all dig deep and work for that "why" factor we will be unstoppable. 
Later this evening we have the Pat Coughlin benefit games. It should be pretty interesting to see how the alumnus games are holding up. I am looking forward to meeting and conversing with a few more of the alumnus. 

Hope everyone tunes in for opening weekend!

Todd Schauss #7

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Zach LOVES those Jays.......

     Zach Pease checking in on the blog.
Fredonia is starting to look really nice with fall
kicking in and the leaves on the trees changing colors. But what's really starting to look real nice is our team with our new gear and everybody in the same colors. There are only four days until coach steps on the ice, and only fifteen days until our first game at Buffalo State. I am really looking forward to the start of the season.
A couple weeks ago I got to experience my first NFL game with teammate Sam Wilbur. It was a last minute trip but we had a lot of fun. Buffalo Bills played New York Giants. The Bills played terrible, but the fans were wild. 
      Fall break was a nice treat. Relaxing at home and getting away from school for a few days was nice. Over break I got to watch game two of the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers in the ALDS. I had great seats, and the whole city was going crazy. Tonight, the Jays beat out the Rangers and move onto the ALCS. Go Jays Go.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Everybody is on the same page and the same mindset to have a successful season........

Hello everyone!  This is Samuel Wilbur for my second blog.

I hope everyone had a good break this past weekend and had a pleasant time. I got to go home and visit my family in Michigan which was fun! Big 16 days left until the Blue Devils hit the ice finally in our first game. The team has been working hard on and off the ice. We have strong team core that you can already feel in the locker room that is electrifying. Everybody is on the same page and the same mindset to have a successful season.

Make sure you put it in your calendars to come support the Blue Devils October 31st!

Have a good day!  #11

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Counting down 17 days here until Buffalo St.

Counting down 17 days here until Buffalo St.

So far it's been a hardworking environment not only on the ice but off as well. It's been nothing but fun and already a great experience here at Fredonia. This is one of the tightest groups I've been a part of and I can't wait to go to battle with every single one of these guys. The returning guys have been nothing but unbelievable role models to the 16 new guys we have here and it's done everything to make us tighter as a group and very comfortable with each other in the best way possible.

This is going to be a great week of skates to prepare us for the real thing next week. Looking forward to it and can't wait to get it going.

#23 Luke Rivera

Monday, October 12, 2015

A little time at home in the mud..........

../../../var/folders/wy/vfh16yxd0b1273_kb3s4cm3r0000gn/T/ Blue Devil Fans,

Dan here checking in again on this Monday. Starting school back up again after a nice little Fall Break. Fortunately, I was able to make the trip home for this short fall break. It was nice to finally be able to see my family and friends. The best thing about this Fall Break was that I was able to finally catch up on some much needed sleep. Also I was able to take the quad out and get it nice and muddy during this gorgeous fall weekend.

The first hockey game is right around the corner. The boys and I can’t wait to hit the road to Buff State. Looking forward to start the season off on a win! Wish us some luck, and let’s go BLUE DEVILS!

Dan Mainello #10

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Harps pulling for the Mets........

Hey everyone!

Nick Harper here checking in for my second blog post of the year. Since our fall break began Thursday, these last few days at home have been great. It's nice to hang around at home with family and friends not having to worry about schoolwork. These breaks always go by fast but since hockey season begins in about a week, it makes it a whole lot easier.

I think this is the best time of year for sports. First off, you have football already a few weeks in so every Sunday you have games to look forward to. Secondly, it's playoff baseball which is always exciting to watch. Especially for me this year consider my New York Mets are in the playoffs for the first time since 2006. The boys had a big 3-1 W Friday against the Dodgers so hopefully they can carry that momentum into the rest of the series. Lastly, the NHL just began so it's great to be able to watch all the games. Unfortunately as an Anaheim Ducks fan, I don't get to see them on TV too often.

As I mentioned earlier, our season officially starts in about a week, October 19th to be exact. Our  skates have been fun and good, however it's about time for the season to start so we can stop talking about it, and actually get after our goal of being a championship team. All of the boys just can't wait until October 30th and 31st so we can get our first SUNYAC win, and first home win.

That's all from me today! Until next time.

Nick Harper #30

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oskar at Dunky's and doing bridesmaid things on his break.....

Hi everybody,

Oskar Gerhardson signing in again, just rolling up to the window at Dunkin Donuts to get the day going. Fall break is here already and since we have a few days off I went to see my girlfriend in Scranton, PA. 

Tonight her twin sister is having her engagement party so we are running around town making sure they have everything and it gets ready for tonight

The season is only a few weeks away now and I couldn't be more excited. Can't wait to get back into games and battle alongside my teammates.  That's all for this time are you soon again!

#9 Oskar Gerhardson

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Younger encouraging fans to dress up for Halloween Home opener.......

Hey there hockey fans, Jamie Young checking in here for my second blog post of the year,

Well, it's getting down to crunch time for the fellas here on campus. With only one full week left of skates left, the guys are ready to put on our new gear and get on the ice with coach on the 19th. 

October brought the cold weather and also all the hockey you can watch. The NHL season started on Wednesday night and it's been great being able to watch the best players in the world get after it finally. Fingers crossed that my Blue Jackets will get into the playoffs this year!! 

Fall break is this weekend and I've been able to bring a couple of the guys back home with me. Todd and Max came for the ride back to Cleveland before we're off to go see a couple more of our buddies in southern Ohio. Fall break is great because we're able to recharge our batteries before the beginning of the season push. 

Well, that's all for now, we hope to see everyone at our home opener on Halloween against Southern New Hampshire. Don't be afraid to dress up!! 

- Jamie Young #3

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

23 days until Buffalo State.....nuff said......

Hey guys! Kyle Jelinski here,

In the last month a lot has happened here for me at Fredonia and everything is going well. Doing well in school as well on the ice as the season is rapidly approaching time really is flying by. The intensity in practice is picking up more and more each day as we get ready for the season opener against Buffalo state.

In addition to that, another thing that really made me even more excited for the season than I already am was receiving my gear and team apparel as well as getting to take a look at my jersey. It was a cool process and I'm looking forward to representing our team with pride off and on the ice for the rest of my time here.

Until next time,

 Kyle Jelinski

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The boys are headed East for Fall Break......

Hello bloggers, this is Zach White checking in here for another edition of the blog. 
This is an exciting week for the team here because our Fall Break starts this Thursday and it is our last chance to get home before Thanksgiving rolls around.  The crew headed East to Rome, NY with me includes fellow roommates Marcus Ortiz and Hunter Long as well as Freshman Johnny Carlson.  The long weekend will allow us to get rested up before the start of the season.  The boys are looking forward to getting out in the woods to hunt and to just get away from the constant go of school.  Hopefully we get some decent weather so we can have a few campfires at night and roast some marshmallows.  All in all we have a great break ahead of us.  Until next time enjoy the week folks.
                                                Zach White #5

Monday, October 5, 2015

Frankie looking forward to getting home for Fall Break....

Hello again blog world,

Frankie Hart here with his second blog of the year already. Hard to believe that a month and a bit has already gone by! But I must say this truly is a great thing due to the fact that in 14 days coach steps on the ice and that means the first game of the season is just around the corner! I could not be more excited to get the ball rolling with all my teammates. We have all been working hard to get better every single day, but its hard to call it work when you enjoy what you are doing with the teammates around you. On another positive not everyone survived advanced conditioning, which was not a surprise considering the shape everyone is in. 

On a school note, things are going well. I am still very intrigued with my psychology and philosophy classes. Me and freshman Jon Carlson are working together at achieving greatness in philosophy. I feel myself becoming more and more philosophical everyday. 

This Wednesday I have the pleasure of returning home to the North Pole for some long overdue family time. I have not been home in roughly 3 months because of the fact my summer job had me driving everyone but home to instruct hockey camps. I am looking forward to some hunting with my father and eating mothers great home cooked meals!

I want to wish everyone a great fall break and an exciting return back afterwards to get the season started!

Take care,

Frankie Hart #8

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bule Crew makes debut.....

Hello Again Fredonia faithful, Marcus Ortiz, junior winger for your Blue Devil hockey team checking in once again for another post on the blogspot. 

Inline image 1It has been quite the weekend for our group as we have used this time to further take care of our bodies both in the gym and in the training room but we also have spent our time supporting our fellow Fredonia athletes. We attended the Volleyball tournament this weekend where we kick-started our whole Blue Crew organization with a Whiteout. All of the boys and our fellow athletes and fraternity brothers showed up in white and created a tough environment for the visiting team to perform in. 

Everyone had a great time and a bunch of laughs and smiles to go around, and all in all, every guy on our team got even more pumped up for Halloween night at the Steele Ice Arena to see what kind of support we will have and the new environment being created at the athletic events at our school. We are very excited to get rolling here soon with the season and we hope you are too!!! Till next time folks!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hope everyone has an amazing Fall Break....

Hey everyone its Shawn Geary back on here again!

It's getting really close to the official beginning of hockey season.  I can't wait to get on the ice with our coaches for the first time and get after Buffalo State on the 30th. For all the Bills fans out there I know last weeks loss was a tough one against the Giants but we're bouncing back next weekend and making a playoff run.The athletes supporting athletes program seems to be going well so far a lot of support at the volleyball game last Friday was great! Only a couple more days left in the week here then we have a nice four day weekend where I'll be spending my time back home in Buffalo doing some fishing and eating a lot of home cooked meals.

Hope everyone has an amazing Fall Break talk to you all next time!

Friday, October 2, 2015

In Flag Football news......

Hey guys Rich DeMarco here on the blog.
No better feeling than getting done with your last class on a Friday. Really looking forward to not waking up at eight and catching up on some much needed rest this weekend.  After emailing and getting a response from a fellow Fredonia hockey alum, Phil Jenner '90, it was nice to hear all the positives he had to say about his experiences over twenty years ago.
In flag football news the boys are struggling to rack up some W`s. We had a tough loss yesterday, losing by two points, but to anyone watching they know who should have really won. If there`s one thing that we learned from that game is that Boggs might be able to catch a puck but definitely don’t throw him the football!
That’s it for my time here on the blog so I hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hunter giving love and shooting geese.........

Hi there everyone,

Hunter Long back for my 2nd blog of the year.  A lot has happened since my
first one and I have been very busy this year. As well as getting ready for the hockey
season, early goose season ran through the whole month of September. Had a couple
early mornings of trying to find birds in the area, once we found them we asked
local farmers for their permission to hunt their land. Had a couple good hunts with
my new teammate Shawn Geary. Although my best one was from a solo mission which
I took 7 geese and was at my 11 am class later that morning. So its nice to be able to
get out, find peace and a little quiet time which is a good change for once.

Fall weather is finally moving in and fall is my favorite time of the year. After being in
Nashville all summer and is being 95+ everyday these 60 degree days feel unreal.
But with fall being here also means that hockey season is right around the corner so
I'm looking to our first games here in 29 days!!!

We also started a new club here called the Blue Crew, sounds cheesy, I know. But, this club we started is a student section club. Most schools have these kind of school pride clubs and gets people
involved in sports at their college. Being here for 3 years now, and not being apart of
1 student section has made me irritated, I mean that’s what college is all about.
Especially coming from the south where Friday night football games shut down local
stores in the town and everyone comes from the community to believe in something
as a whole, and to have pride in their town. Its something that might help spark a
new era of tradition, and making the sporting atmosphere better as whole. My belief
is why go to a game and just sit there and watch…obviously that’s boring. So by
creating this club, we hope that it will be something that brings the campus closer
together and showing some school pride. I'm proud to be a Devil, if I wasn’t then I
wouldn’t have chose to come here for 4 years of my life. Hopefully before my time is
up here I can leave something behind that has affected the campus in a positive way.

29 days till puck drop!

PS -shout out to coach, he is still kickin from rotator cuff surgery, although I still hold all
the records for shoulder surgery. 4 in 1 combo deal. Been teaching myself to throw a
football lefty. My Qb days are over unfortunately .