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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Grinch reveals all in the library

It's crunch time here in Fredonia. For all the Moms and Dads out there it's 'Dead Week', otherwise known as the week before finals. For many students this week serves as preparation for the exams to follow, and also gives you a week to finish off any papers, or projects that may have "slipped your mind" over the semester. It's 10:30 PM in the library and there are at least 10 of the boys in here doing work. I am currently working on a Marketing project with Bryan Ross, however his contributions have been minimal. To my left, Dave Ridos is nose deep in a book, Matecki is chewing some data to my right, and Mueller is across from me filling his enormous head with knowledge. It's a tough time of year but together I think we can get through it. I have to get back to work or my group members might start calling me Mat Hehr. Happy Holidays! The Grinch

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Waldman getting ready for exams

Today starts the all so quiet “dead week” here in Fredonia, which means it is the week before finals and one step closer to winter break. During this week there are 24 hour quiet hours all week, and a scarce amount of chairs in the library. I myself have 4 finals next week, really looking forward to completing them and getting a nice needed break from the classroom. Although it is beneficial to my life its always good to take a rest. Thus concluding my blog for the week, Good luck everyone on your finals and have a great holiday.

Ben Waldman

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Castriota says 'we need to finish on a good note'

With two weeks until the Christmas break it is time to buckle down on school work and studying.  I am looking forward to the break for some much needed time with family and friends.  But before the break we have two games against Johnson and Wales at home.  We are looking to end the first semester on a good note with two wins.  I feel like our team is really starting to put everything together and am excited for the future.  This break will do us some good and we will come back ready and focused for a strong second half and make our push towards the playoffs.

Stephen Castriota

Monday, December 5, 2011

Eddy looking forward to family Christmas time

It's already a couple days into December and the weather here in Fredonia cannot be beat. 15 degrees Celsius here is much more appealing than the -15 at home yet I am counting down the days until finals are over and I get to go home for Christmas. I haven't seen my family since I arrived on campus in late august so I am looking forward to seeing them and also spending some time with friends. Every year that our family is home for  for Christmas we have a big celebration on Christmas eve with the whole family and lots of friends. During the day we go sledding and play in the snow and at night we put together a large shinny game on the lake. Everyone plays and everyone gets dumped into the snowbank a couple times. It's a lot of fun and I just can not wait to continue the tradition again this year with my family.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

SUNYAC Jammed up Christ says

As we got back from a short but sweet break for thanksgiving. We had a very intense week of practice before we faced our western NY rival Buffalo State, which turned out to be quite the battle with a 3-3 tie to Buff State made the standings that much closer. With that game down, we now have a new focus, to go into Elmira and get a huge win against a very skilled team. With our very talented team I have no doubt in our mind that we can't accomplish that.
Andrew Christ

Friday, December 2, 2011

Perks just fired up and lovin' the boys

Alex Perkins here, sophomore forward, 3rd time poster. Really looking forward to the next two weeks heading into the break, crunch time for both school and hockey. Excited for a must win game Friday in Buff State and another good test with Elmira the following night. On a personal note, so far so good enjoying my second year with the team, wouldn't mind chippin' in with a goal one of these days but who's counting. Overall, love the boys more and more all the time and feeling positive about where we are and where we're headed.
Alex Perkins #11

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rosser looks to hook the big one on Friday at Buffalo State

At the end of my Freshmen year one of our seniors picked me up from the dorms on a Sunday morning at around 8am. He had told me about a creek that fish go up and I was super excited to try my luck. I really like going fishing and had no idea that steelhead and trout run up the creek when the water level gets high enough. I saw tons of fish my first time and fished for 3 long hours with out a single bite . Finally an old man who was doing much better right beside me told me to stop fishing with eggs and use flies. It was spring time and the fish were not interested in eggs but much more prone to take a bite out of a fly that hatched during spring time. So the next day I went and got flies and went back to the same spot. What do you know but I got 2 10lb Steelhead in the first 30 min. From now on I always use flies in the spring and eggs in the fall.

Bryan Ross