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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WWE Monday Night Raw.....


Hello everyone, it's Mackenize McAvoy tuning into today's blog post. Hope everyone is having a better week than this weather we have been getting here. It has been very rainy, and wet and cold. Fortunately this week has not been to busy for myself since last Friday I had 3 exams. Let me tell you, nothing is more rewarding than finishing the week and starting the weekend after a hard week of work, and studying.

Since I had such a rough week last week, myself, Jamie Young, Nick Harper, and Mitch Kaufmann decided to treat ourselves this past Monday, by going to WWE Monday Night Raw, which is wrestling entertainment. we got to relive our childhood glory days and see some of our favourite wrestlers today that night as well. down below is a picture of where our seats were during the match. we all had a very good time, and enjoyed the entertainment as well.

Also tomorrow is the beginning of October, it is only 30 days now till our first season game.

I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday, and to everyone out there, just think it's almost the weekend!

Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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