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Saturday, September 26, 2015

It is definitely "Sunny" Fredonia around campus..........

It is definitely "Sunny" Fredonia around campus right now, with both the weather be so nice it has brightened the mood of campus with everyone's schedule getting busier, there are a lot of smiling faces walking through campus.

For myself it hasn't been too bad yet, I just had my first exam on Monday, but I have been in the library most nights this semester so I know there will be more coming my way.  It has been nice to be able to find some nights to relax, as Wilkie was saying just hanging out and watching a movie.  We also have a dart board in our house, so I have tried to get back some of my skills since my 3 month hiatus from playing darts.

The excitement around October 30th is really growing in our room, everyone is getting ready and preparing for the first puck drop at Buff State, but we are all anxious for that first puck drop to come as soon as possible.

Until next time 

Taylor Bourne #29

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