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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Senior Work Day for local senior citizens in Fredonia a big success

L to R: Eric Bogart, Frankie Hart, Rose Cerrie, and Sam Wilbur
The Fredonia Hockey team took to the neighborhoods this morning, reaching out to local senior citizens, and doing all sorts of odd jobs.
L to R: Marcus Ortiz, Mrs. Bingham,
Zach Pease, Mr. Bingham

Twelve groups of players went and performed yard work, window washing, and many other tasks in an effort to help out in the community.

Professor Thomas Bingham wrote, "Thanks again to you and to your players for all their hard work once again. Our back and front yards look like civilization again! Nice bunch of guys, and hard workers to boot. You can be proud of them!"  

L to R: Dan Mainello, Oskar Gerhardson, Eddie Cordero,
Mrs. Phyllis Knight, Ben Casale, Mackenzie McAvoy

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