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Friday, September 11, 2015

"The veterans on the team have been welcoming all the rookies with open arms"

Hey Everyone!

Freshman, forward, Dan Mainello here
checking in to my first ever Blue Devils

I will give you all a little background about
myself. I am a 1995 birth year from Troy,
New York. For those who don’t know
where Troy, New York is, its about 15
minutes from Albany, New York. Do have
to give a quick shout out to my friends and
family back home.

Really excited to be on the campus finally
after a long summer of workouts and
skating. Looking forward to the upcoming
season and school year. Actually glad to
start school again after my two years of
junior hockey with the New York Appplecore Club.

Had a great first day on campus with all the boys. I got pretty lucky with my roommate Nick
Harper. I walked into our dorm in Hendrix Hall room 309B and it was already set up with all the
essentials, 39 inch TV, PS4, Xbox 360, and a huge fan. The fan has been the most important
thing in the dorm so far because we have had nothing but nice HOT!!!! sunny days up here in

The veterans on the team have been welcoming all the rookies with open arms. It's only
been about 3 weeks up here but I have already learned many things from the returning players,
and a couple Swedish words from Oscar and Daniel.

Can’t wait for the first game of the season!


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