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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hunter giving love and shooting geese.........

Hi there everyone,

Hunter Long back for my 2nd blog of the year.  A lot has happened since my
first one and I have been very busy this year. As well as getting ready for the hockey
season, early goose season ran through the whole month of September. Had a couple
early mornings of trying to find birds in the area, once we found them we asked
local farmers for their permission to hunt their land. Had a couple good hunts with
my new teammate Shawn Geary. Although my best one was from a solo mission which
I took 7 geese and was at my 11 am class later that morning. So its nice to be able to
get out, find peace and a little quiet time which is a good change for once.

Fall weather is finally moving in and fall is my favorite time of the year. After being in
Nashville all summer and is being 95+ everyday these 60 degree days feel unreal.
But with fall being here also means that hockey season is right around the corner so
I'm looking to our first games here in 29 days!!!

We also started a new club here called the Blue Crew, sounds cheesy, I know. But, this club we started is a student section club. Most schools have these kind of school pride clubs and gets people
involved in sports at their college. Being here for 3 years now, and not being apart of
1 student section has made me irritated, I mean that’s what college is all about.
Especially coming from the south where Friday night football games shut down local
stores in the town and everyone comes from the community to believe in something
as a whole, and to have pride in their town. Its something that might help spark a
new era of tradition, and making the sporting atmosphere better as whole. My belief
is why go to a game and just sit there and watch…obviously that’s boring. So by
creating this club, we hope that it will be something that brings the campus closer
together and showing some school pride. I'm proud to be a Devil, if I wasn’t then I
wouldn’t have chose to come here for 4 years of my life. Hopefully before my time is
up here I can leave something behind that has affected the campus in a positive way.

29 days till puck drop!

PS -shout out to coach, he is still kickin from rotator cuff surgery, although I still hold all
the records for shoulder surgery. 4 in 1 combo deal. Been teaching myself to throw a
football lefty. My Qb days are over unfortunately .

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