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Friday, September 18, 2015 new band of brothers......

Hey folks!

Eric Bogart here for the first, your newest addition to the goaltenders here at Fredonia! 

That's me on the left with my boys Frankie and Sam,  along with Rose
Real excited to be here with my new band of brothers and get the season rollin'. Been a great few weeks so far getting to know the boys and skating a few times a week …and occasionally learning a thing or two in class. Last week we volunteered in the community by helping the elderly with chores around the house, my group helped a lovely lady named Rose edge her lawn and clean her windows. 

Bigger news from last week though, my new kickers finally came in, hopefully they stop a puck or two this year, they seem to work well against a few of the boys so far, lets hope that carries over. Last night the boys came away with a huge victory in flag football so we're already off to a great start, gotta keep the undefeated streak going! 

Anyways that’s all she wrote for me today!

Stay Classy,

#1 Bogs

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