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Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Zach Pease and welcome to Fredonia......

My name is Zach Pease and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Last year I played Jr. 'A' hockey for the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners. I have come to Fredonia to study Psychology and to play varsity hockey for the Blue Devils. 

This is my seventh year way from home, and unexpectedly I was nervous thinking about starting my first year of university. I loaded my truck and I headed down to Fredonia solo. Upon arriving I unpacked, settled in and started my next chapter of my life. I am really enjoying my time at Fredonia. The hockey is faster and physical as compared to Jr. A hockey. It is a good challenge and I can truly say after a few days I was back to feeling comfortable. The facilities and the change room are great. I am quickly learning the importance of balancing my time. I am looking to balance my academics, my on and off ice workouts, and my social life. Everything in balance. Everybody on the team and on the campus are very friendly and very easy to get along with. Our team went to the men's soccer game Friday night and really like the idea that the boys put together of the Blue Crew ‘Athletes Supporting Athletes’. We had a great turnout for the first night. I am looking forward to see a good student section when hockey starts up!

After putting in a good amount of work Saturday morning with the Bingham's for our Senior Citizen Workday, I left to go to Toronto for two days to celebrate my birthday yesterday. It was nice to see my family and friends again for a short visit. 

Thanks for reading. Can’t wait to step on the ice for the first game and get this year going. We’re going to have a good hard working team!

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