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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Blue Crew is coming........

Hello all!

Junior, forward, Marcus Ortiz checking in for my first blog of the new year!!

We are just getting started and in the swing of things as we have completed week 1 of conditioning which concluded with our triathlon yesterday. The boys have already noticed a good chemistry with our new guys and it only continues to build.

In other news, my roommate, Hunter Long and I both received jobs as dishwashers at a local Italian
restaurant to help make a little extra money on the side! Tough to find a way to fit that into our busy schedule, but we find a way.

We also started something that we hope takes off soon and that is the new, Fredonia Blue Crew.  We will be attending sports around our campus and forming a rowdy, school spirit-filled student section, starting at next week's Women's soccer tournament! This is something we hope

Look for the Blue Crew next weekend! Till Next time!!
to get up and off the ground by the time our season starts!! A lot of good things on the horizon here!!

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