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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Younger at Frozen Four......

Hey there hockey fans,

Happy spring...sorta...

Anyways, I am lucky enough to be able to spend this weekend in Tampa, Florida at the men's
division one frozen four. Each April since 2008 my family and packed up and gone to see the last four teams square off for the national title. 
We've seen some pretty great games over the course of the years and last night was no exception. First semi-final was between Quinnipiac and Boston College. QU got out to a quick start and held the advantage till the end. Can't say that I wasn't happy to see BC go down since it seems like they are here every year. The next game was between North Dakota and Denver - a game of some very large and strong hockey players. Game was full of action on both sides. ND went up by two till Denver decided to score two in the third to tie it. The deadlock was broken with a ND goal off a broken face off play with 55 seconds left - crazy finish!! 
Anyways, it's 75 and sunny here right now and I'm off to the course for the afternoon, don't tell my professors...
Enjoy it,
-Younger #3 

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