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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Frankie closes with "Au revoir! "......

Hello blog world,
Frankie Hart here to wish everyone a welcome back from spring break and hoping everyone had a nice time away. On my break I went back home to Canada, more specifically Timmins, Ontario. It was a long 10 hour drive but I finally got there and was greatly by my family with a nice home cooked meal. To my surprise it was still winter up there. Even though I was not able to sit outside and get a nice tan by the beach I made the best of it and went ice fishing, snowmobiling and enjoying the outdoors that the great white north offers.
These next few weeks will definitely fly by so I am going to make sure to enjoy and get the most of everyday that I am here!
I am looking forward to nice 6am team workout session with the boys tomorrow, it will be good to be getting a sweat on as a unit again. Just another necessary step to make sure we are all ready for next year and to accomplish something memorable in my senior year.
Hope everyone has a great rest of semester!
Au revoir!
Frankie Hart #8

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