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Thursday, April 14, 2016

GO KINGS GO ......

Luke Rivera #23 back on the blog here to just give everyone a little inside on what we've been up to. Most of you know, when the season is over it is time to kick back and relax. Well here at Fredonia, we have our fun sure, but we have also been getting up at the crack of dawn for team lifts, stretches and bonding. Nothing brings a team together more than not wanting to get up in the morning. We get some great laughs out of it. We just recently also had a meeting talking about what are we going to do to be a successful team next year. We have three groups one of which presented a couple of days ago. We talked about the little details that we can improve on for when the season starts. We are all very anxious already. We want the SUNYAC championship and it's only April which is why I have nothing but great beliefs that we can do it and even more with the guys we have right now and the guys we have coming in. Also, NHL playoffs have started and nothing is better than getting the boys together and screaming at the tv. We have some super fans for their hometown teams and we have some haters so it's all fun and lots of laughs. Till next time. GO KINGS GO

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