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Friday, April 22, 2016


Mike Freeman here coming back with yet another blog!

Well as some of you may know, the Detroit Red Wings (AKA my favorite team), were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night. With their elimination comes the question mark of what Pavel Datsyuk will do next season. Datsyuk has one year left on his contract with the Wings, but he has expressed that he will most likely be going home to Russia to be closer to his family. While selfishly, I want him to stay and play out the last season, I think Pavel will be departing Detroit next season. I grew up watching Datsyuk play and have always admired not only his skill, including his often times mesmerizing hands, but also his professionalism on and off the ice and the amount of respect he gave and received throughout his career. He was truly a role model of mine and a perfect example of what an NHLer should be.
Good luck and thank you for giving us Wings fans your all every game, Pav!

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