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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thank you have no idea how much we will miss you!

For over 30 years Mike Kozlowski has been a big part of the Fredonia Athletic Department.  Koz as he is known to everybody, is the heart and soul of Dods and Steele Hall.

His official title lists him as 'Launderer', but for those who knows him, Koz is the guy who makes sure everyone's games go off on time, are organized with event management, and that the officials are taken care of.  Additionally, he takes care of every teams equipment, orders, and inventories all the gear.  If I were to list each and every thing that Koz does, it would take pages.

I really think that we will not know the full scope of everything Koz does until he is gone and it is time for something to get done.  We will look at each other and wonder who was going to take care of that and then it will hit us....."Koz always took care of that".

Koz is retiring in July and we will truly miss him.  He is Fredonia Athletics and we wish him well in his retirement and the next stage of his life.  Thanks for everything Koz!

Coach Meredith

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