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Monday, April 25, 2016

Kauf ate pucks like nobody I have ever seen....

Today is my day on the blog and I wanted to tell you how much appreciation I have for one of our seniors, Mitch Kaufmann and what he has meant to our hockey program.  Kauf was also one of our  team captains.

First, what he wasn't.....he wasn't the guy, like Bourney, Whitey and Slick who ended up on the score sheet all the time.

What he was....he was a fearless player who put his body in front of bombing slap shots while killing penalties....he was the guy who other teams hated but his teammates LOVED.....he was the guy who worked so hard in practice that it was impossible for his teammates to work any less than what he was giving.....he was the guy who had a goal this season of leaving the team better than he found it.  I know he accomplished that goal.

How did he do that?  His personal standards of organization are meticulous.  He set an example for his fellow players and coaches by his actions.  You could just tell, when he had that look in his eyes, that he was not going to be denied....and he wasn't.
Through his actions as a student, hockey player, and member of the Fredonia community, Kauf has definitely left Fredonia better than it was when he arrived four years ago.

Thank you Kauf,

Coach Meredith

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