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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In Nashville, Tennessee for 5 days, and let me tell you, Music City was a treat!

Mike Freeman here, back again with another blog.

So I know its a few weeks after Spring Break, but I have to share how awesome of a break I had. A few of the boys and I were lucky enough to get the chance to go to Nashville, Tennessee for 5 days, and let me tell you, Music City was a treat!  We found a great apartment that was a stones throw away from the heart of downtown to rent for the week, and between the pool, BBQ and the billiards room, it was down right decent. There were many highlights from our trip, from catching some of the best live music ever on a nightly basis, to packing on some of Jack's Famous BBQ joint on a near daily basis.

Out of all the fun we had, I would say the best part of our trip was getting the chance to see the Predators play on a Saturday night. I had never been to a Nashville game before, but I knew the place would be jumpin' just from the atmosphere you see every night around downtown. And let me tell you, the fans sure do love their Preds. Truly one of the best hockey environments I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. After that game, I now consider the Predators my second favorite team and am excited to see what they can do in the upcoming post season. 

Until next time, Devils faithful!

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