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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Garrett the barber.......

Hi hockey followers,

Garrett Moore here, coming to you from Fredonia. Things are starting to change here as the spring season is upon us. School is also in full swing now as we have two more weeks until spring break. We have some extra time put into our schooling along with some off-season free time to relax a little bit.

On another note, Hunter Long decided to cut his hair today after two long years. I, being the team barber, was approached by Hunter earlier today with the plan to get his ears lowered. Quite hesitant at the start, he held it together despite his uneasy feeling about cutting it all off. Hunter did not leave the shop disappointed though as he was all smiles after seeing his new "doo".

 All in all, things are well here in Fredonia. Thanks for reading!

Garrett Moore #17

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