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Sunday, March 1, 2015

a big week of mid terms and papers.......

Hello everyone,

Currently sitting in the library with some academic weapons Zach White and
John Defeo AKA “Donnie Slugga” these guys are studying Quantum Physics and it all
looks like gibberish to me. Ill stick to my Sport Manager 1 page paper, and call it a

Couple big weeks coming up for me academically, mid terms are approaching
and I learned that if you do well on your mid-terms the 2nd half of the semester is a
lot easier to handle. Another big event coming up is my shoulder surgery March 16th
over Spring Break, this will be my 2nd shoulder surgery in 4 years, but looking on the
bright side at least I am getting it fixed now after the season, rather than it
happening the beginning of my senior year or something like that so in reality the
timing is perfect. The only down side is golf season will be non existent, ill have to
practice my short game or putting while I am on the IR. Hopefully I can still practice
putting with one hand, and ill become Mr. Drano around the cup about 5 ft and in. Ill
be more than ready to lace em up come next October.

Big shouts to the seniors, it was an honor to play with ya, and , it should have ended
on a better note.


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