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Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's JD back for my second day on the blog, still grinding work out in the library with Wilkie #25 and Kauf #24, taking a quick break to rest my brain from calculus and physics homework.  It was a pretty sad day for our hockey team as a whole returning all our equipment that was issued to us at the beginning of the season. Seeing the seniors taking their name plates down from their stalls and packing their bags felt weird thinking that they will not be with us next season guiding us through all the adversity.  They have done so much for me on and off the ice, whether its Eddy #18 and Nunner # 17 helping me out with calculus, Nosky # 5 and Mueller # 26 knocking me around the ice making me tougher, or Hehrsy # 4 teaching me how to block shots, they were always there for me in some way improving me as a person and a hockey player.  I'd like to thank them for the great experience I had for my freshman hockey career and will remember it when I am a Senior and need to help guide the incoming Freshman through there first college experience.
Till next time,
John DeFeo # 15 

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