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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Your favorite Swede #11 Marcus Andersson here with another post!

Hi bloggers, your favorite Swede #11 Marcus Andersson here with another post!

It’s February 12th and there are four games left of the season. Even if it’s really too soon to summarize it – we have four games left to win – I must say that this season has been the fastest season of my career.  

We did know from the beginning of the season that we only had around four months to play and compete, but I could never imagine it would fly by this fast.
Here’s one thing many people didn’t know about me: my first TEN years of my hockey career, I played on an outdoor rink. Back then, when growing up, my teammates and I never knew how long the season would be. A sudden heat attack or too much rainy weather could destroy the ice any day.

But that didn’t matter – I loved every second on that rink.
However, when the weather was getting warmer in the beginning of March, my teammates and I knew that the season was coming to an end. The ice could be ruined overnight, which meant that the season could end very abruptly. It was always tough. When I was 16 years old I changed teams.

Now, I have the privilege to play in Steele Hall Arena. Even if this season seems to be shorter than what we were all hoping for, we still know that we have three more chances to show our home audience what we can do. I can appreciate the small fact that we actually know the end date. It will still be tough, but at least it makes it possible for us to prepare for life without skating every day.

We know when the end is, which means that we know that it still isn’t over. We will keep fighting all the way to the end, which Buffalo State will see this weekend.

Still, we have more to show. Still, we have more hockey to play. No heat attack or no rainy weather can change that. 

Thank you for reading,

#11 Marcus Andersson

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