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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A good first day of lifts......

Hello blog world, unfortunately are season has come to an end. I wish all the seniors the best of luck in the future and it was a pleasure playing with all of you. My stall buddy Steven Castriota will be missed and never forgotten. To the rest of us returning, we without a doubt have the guys to turn this thing around. We will take the past as a learning experience and something to rise above. We will take the necessary steps to work as a team to put a plan in motion to ensure we are on a successful path! I plan to workout hard with good buddy and future Marine Chris Eiserman! We had a good first day of two a day lifts and plan to continue to push each other. On another note school is starting to get a little more busy, I have two tests this week and a couple papers due so this extra free time with definitely come in handy. Anyways I am off to take care of one of my papers and want to wish everyone a good week!

Take care,
Frankie Hart #8 

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