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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello from Whitey.....

Hello everyone, Zach White here for another blog post.   

This Sunday happens to be one of the most important Sunday’s of the year for Americans, its Super Bowl Sunday.  Super Bowl 49, looks to be like a good battle between the Patriots and Seahawks.  Although I can’t say I like either team, so I’m taking the neutral approach and not routing for either team. 
            My Sunday has a bit of a change of plans; I was planning on going to Rochester for the night to visit my girlfriend for the night.  However, Western NY is supposed to get a big snowstorm tonight and into tomorrow, so I decided to stay off the roads and stay here in Fredonia.   

I intend on catching up on my homework today and get prepared for the week ahead of us.  At night I most likely will watch some of the game once I get my work done.

                        Happy Sunday,
                        Zach White #5

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