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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday........

Super bowl Sunday

            Hey folks Forsy, signing in here on the blog on a seemingly mild day around campus.  Now of course everyone is aware of this but today is Super bowl Sunday and the boys are starting the prep for our gathering.  Mitch just came over and awoke me from my beauty sleep, which I certainly need, to get some snacks for the boys.  Now were thinking wings are must and I’m thinking mozza sticks are an absolute necessity.  I’m sure most of the boys we’ll have some pretty decent snacks lined up.  Since gambling is a strict NCAA violation I will be doing no such thing but I am going to say I think Seattle is going to win, but I kind of want to see New England win just to see Eiserman’s celebration.  After the tough weekend it will be nice to hang around the boys and talk something other than hockey for a few hours, as we know our week of prep for pink the rink is ahead of us.   

Special shout to my parents who drove all the way to Morrisville this weekend, I really appreciate when you guys come do that for me.  Well folks I’m going to go enjoy my Sunday and hope you all do the same… 

Thanks Forsy. 

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