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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sergi's Pizza Roll............

Hey there Bloggers,
JD is back for another rep here on the Fredonia Hockey Blog.  Today I had a request to talk about the best post game meal on the road we've ever had in the past three years.  We traveled all the way up the North Country one weekend and I can remember thinking to myself that there is no way we are going to get a decent bite to eat all the way up here in the boonies, boy was I wrong.  After a SUNYAC Meatgrinder battle my tummy was rumbling, strapped the suit back on and hopped on the bus.  Started unraveling what I thought was the usual Chicken Parm Sub but what I revealed was a famous Sergi's Pizza Roll, AKA the Slugga.  Deep fried to perfection the slugga melts in your mouth satisfying your pallet to the fullest.  Cross between a donut, calzone, and slice of pepperoni pizza its the best of all three worlds.  You could hear the boys on the bus "MMMMMMMMMmMing" on account of how much they enjoyed them.  Well thats all I got for you guys today hope next time your up in the North Country you stop by and grab one of them Pizza Rolls ( sluggas ).

Hang Loose,
John DeFeo

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