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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Det var allt för mig denna gången.........

Hi everybody, Daniel here again!
After two rough SUNYAC home games this weekend we had both yesterday and today off from practice. To me that was something that I needed since my skates broke after the first period on Saturday. This is stuff that happens now when the season is going towards its end, the equipment has been used frequently and sometimes breaks, but I was lucky enough to be able to borrow #5 Zach White’s extra pair of skates for the remainder of the game.
So yesterday Nick, Damien, and I went to Buffalo to try and fix them but the store closed at 5pm and we did not arrive until 5.02pm… Two minutes, too late. We could see the guys who worked there looking out through the window, laughing that we missed closing time by two minutes. Since we did not have practice today I had another shot to fix them and today I was there far before closing time. I actually got lucky. Got them all fixed and ready for a new week with new possibilities and a new pair of skates.
Det var allt för mig denna gången,
#18 Daniel Mårtensson

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