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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Old Devil Lives On!

The Old Devil Lives On! 

Mike Freeman here coming in hot with another blog.

Recently we were fortunate enough to have brand new carpeting put in our locker room featuring the most recent Fredonia Blue Devils logo, and boy did it come out beautifully. Nothing like crisp, fresh, new carpet to revamp our space. With the installation of the new carpet came the removal of the old carpet, including the vintage Blue Devil that has been the centerpiece of the room for many many years. Upon seeing the old logo uprooted from its home of so many years, I immediately began to wonder what was going to be done with it....

Once the end of the week arrived, it came to my attention that the logo, which at this point was now loose and in its individual pieces, was to be discarded if it was not removed from the room within the day. My roommates, Kyle Jelinski, Jimmy Morgan, Chris Paulin, and I knew then that we were going to take the logo and give it a new home.

This past Saturday, Kyle, Jim and I (with tons of help from Todd Schauss, and Max Blitz who had the important job of providing the tunes) decided to piece the puzzle that was the Old Devil carpet together and secure it to our basement wall, where it can live forever in Blue Devil history.

Needless to say, all the boys love the placement of the Devil. It’s pretty awesome how something as small as spending an hour or two gluing a logo to a wall can give the boys such a strong sense of Blue Devil pride. I look forward to having the Old Devil grace our wall for the remainder of my career and throughout future careers here at Fredonia.

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