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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Just wanted to thank all the boys for the warm welcome...

Just wanted to thank all the boys for the warm welcome and all the help they gave me and the other freshman getting settled and adjusted to school! First day was pretty solid. Living with Blitzer is a blast, although he has only slept in his own bed a total of 3 times since we have been here, couldn't tell ya where he's been. On the ice is great, some days not so great, still working on getting the nerves out and finding a way to be comfortable and trying not to overthink everything out there. Counting down the days till we all put the Fredonia sweater on as a team and go to war. All the boys are focused and want to have a huge year and  take this program to the next level. So again, thank you coaches and boys for all your help! Have a great day boys and try to learn a few things here and there at school. - Defer

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