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Monday, September 26, 2016

I cannot believe how fast this semester is flying by......

Hello everybody, I hope everyone had a great weekend, and what better way to start off a week with the Bills winning the first of the season on Sunday. Even though I am from Canada I live so close to Buffalo I grew up a Bills fan, and how could I not, it’s the closest team to me.

With that being said I cannot believe how fast this semester is flying by. We literally have 3 weeks till coach steps on the ice with us and prepare for our first game against Utica. I am very excited to get the season going, as it is my last year, and want to make it a memorable one. Everyone is getting excited as the weeks and days tick down until the first day of practice starts. Its even starting to feel like hockey season, as summer is over, some of the leaves on the trees are changing colors, and fall is here. Also for my American friends who may not know but the Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up in about 2 weeks, as we always have ours early in October rather than here when it is in November, so I am looking forward to going back home for all the fixings.

Last but not least, I hope everyone is watching the world cup of hockey, as we see Canada in the final, and team Europe in which no one ever thought they would make it to the final, as they were underdogs the entire tournament. They obviously have a lot of skill, but it just goes to show that hard work pays off. Hopefully Canada approaches this game like every other and beats them in the gold medal game.

Anyways I hope everyone has a great start to the week, and remember everyone at work this week  “if you kill the joe, you better make some more” Terry Tate Office Linebacker. One of my favorite sayings from a video clip for a little humor to start off Monday.

Mackenzie McAvoy.

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