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Saturday, September 17, 2016

I have a 12-3 record against Deefer in NHL......

Hello everyone!

My name is Austin Bianchi and I'm a freshman forward, checking in for my first blog here at Fredonia. First I would like to start off by saying we are led by a couple of great captains in Hunter Long and Jamie Young. They have done a great job so far keeping everyone focused and organized as we prepare for a battle of a season. All of the upperclassmen were very welcoming and its safe to say, we have a great group of guys this year. So far school has been a lot of work and my days have been filled completely with things to do, which is probably why time it seems like times flying. We are already a month into classes this semester and it feels like I was moving into my dorm room the other day. A little fun fact over here at the dorms is that I have a 12-3 record against Deefer in NHL. He won't be too happy when he reads this.
Till next time, Austin Bianchi.

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