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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunny Sunday...........

Hello there, it's Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into today's blog post.
I just would like to start off and say how beautiful it is out today finally, and I have to spend it all day in the library since this up coming week I have 3 test and some presentations. so hopefully everyone is outside enjoying the weather and also having a BBQ going on this lovely day.
Also for all you golf fans out there its an even better Sunday because the Masters is on and  this nice weather is really making me want to get out to the range and work on my stroke for this summer. I personally believe that the way Jordan Spieth is playing he isn't going to slow down, and will probably win the Masters, but anything could happen in golf.
So since the weather today is so nice I really hope its an indication of how nice the rest of the semester and summer is going to be. we only have a couple of more weeks left 4 weeks of classes and 1 week of final exams so these last weeks will fly by but its crunch time to do well in the classroom, and the nicer weather helps a bit too, and puts you in a better mood to get things done. always nice to wake up and see the sun shining and be at least 60 degrees out.
Anyways not too much exciting things are going on in my world except for going to the library,gym, and classes. But i must say I do make a pretty decent intramural goalie for ball hockey. So I mean coach if we ever in desperate need of someone to straps the pads on, il be the first one to put them on and be the Dominator for the Devils like Hasek was for the Sabres.
I hope everyone is enjoying their lovely Sunday with their friends and families and having a great BBQ on the deck. But for this guy, I'm gonna enjoy a nice Cranston dinner at the Marche' and get some homework and studying in. until next time.
Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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