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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Everybody likes Stick Day with the CCM rep..........

Hello all!!
Marcus Ortiz here yet again to update you guys on what the boys have been up to as of late.
Today was our first day of classes in almost 5 days and mine kicked off with an exam this morning in Accounting (prayers for Hunter Long and I on that one).   Leaving the room feeling as if we did alright it was time for the days workout where I met up with the Swedes, Frankie, Garrett, Jamie, and Chris to get our pump in for the day. Leaving the gym struggling to walk, we proceeded to our Stick Day and meeting with the representative from CCM hockey company. After looking through all of the options and making our selections on every detail of our individual sticks next year we left for dinner and to study.
We are coming up on a month left in the school year, it's time for all the boys to buckle down on our schoolwork. Till next time!!!
Marcus Ortiz #28
Fredonia Men's Hockey

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