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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NHL season coming down to the wire for the last few trying to find playoff spots.....

Not too much has happened here on my end since my last blog post. 

The NHL regular season is coming to a close with most teams having only two games left.  This year is really coming down to the end with 4 spots still up for grabs in the East and 2 spots in the West.  Both my favorite team, Detroit and my hometown team, Calgary are still trying to get into the post-season. 

Baseball season has also started and I am not too sure if many guys on the team are paying attention but Harps has definitely taken notice and is trying to get in as many Mets games as he can watch.  Along with the regular lifts many of the guys are playing intramural sports to get in a little extra competition after the hockey season, among them are; basketball, floor hockey and soccer.
As far as school goes for myself, nothing much changes around my schedule with exams, homework and project being assigned at a steady pace, one leading into the next. I did however have to give a presentation in my CSIT class about the newest technology at IBM, which might not have been as boring if I had not had to follow Damo and his much more exciting presentation about technology in hockey.  Coming into my senior year next year I have the privilege of picking classes earlier than most for the upcoming fall semester, my time happens to be tomorrow morning and I was able to get a few good suggestions from JD before I had to decide.
Until next time,
Taylor Bourne #29

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