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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Calgary going crazy for the Flames......

Hi there everyone, Damo here to bring you today's blog.

Things are winding down here at school, as the last few weeks and finals are approaching. School work is ramping up and everyone is baring down in all their classes. While school is important we still need to keep on top of our gym routines and making sure we're ready for next years hockey season. Everyone's been working hard to maintain and gain a level of fitness. A routine that me and some of the other first year guys have had throughout the last few weeks is playing some basketball after our workouts. Myself, Nick Harper, Jamie Young, Oskar Gerhardson, Daniel Martensson and Marcus Anderson all take part in the post workout ball session. The three Swedes have never really played basketball before so the first few days were quite comical. Everyone has gotten a lot better! Although we're very average basketball players, we still have fun!

Another exciting aspect of life right now is the NHL playoffs! The first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs are always the best. With multiple games on each day and a very high competitive level of hockey I can't get enough. Every game has so much emotion and so much meaning it's really fun to watch, especially when the Calgary Flames are leading in their first round series. 
Talking to family and friends back home in Calgary has me jealous. The city always gets crazy when the Flames make the playoffs and the atmosphere in the whole city is amazing! Exciting times to be a hockey fan! Well time for me to hit the court and show these guys a thing or two!

Until next time folks
Damo #14

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