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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hello there folks.  This is Mackenzie McAvoy tuning in for today's edition of the blog.

Today is a very exciting day as the boys are heading to North Country to take on Potsdam and Plattsburgh. Even better, it is  starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here, since today is the first day of snow fall we have had in Fredonia.

The past couple weeks have flown by since we have been to the North Country twice in the past two weeks, and that consist of only 3 day practice weeks. It feels like we're young again playing minor hockey, missing school to go on road trips and stay in hotels, minus playing mini sticks in the hallways of the hotel.

Today for us will consist of a long bus trip up to Potsdam with a lot of movies along the way. Everyone is very excited to get on the bus and head up there and play on Friday. Nothing better to start the weekend with a road trip with 25 of your best friends. We have been preparing for Friday night all week with 3 days of intense practices, and tomorrow we will get on the ice for a little
pre-game skate and hit the ice Friday night in Potsdam.

Anyways I better get back to packing all my stuff and getting ready for this road trip. I hope you all tune into our game Friday night in Potsdam. Have a good weekend and until next time.....

Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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