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Monday, November 3, 2014

"Everybody Ropes, Everybody Rides"............

With our first two games behind us and a shorter week of practice because of the longer travel to Canton next weekend we have a lot to work on and not a lot of time. 

For me this applies to both on and off the ice as I know many of guys will be in the same boat.  After Saturdays tough loss I was greeted by some familiar faces from my past, my billets from my junior days in Olds, Alberta flew down to visit me and take in their first Fredonia game. Unfortunately we didn't get the win, but they said they enjoyed seeing me play for the first time in a little over three years.  We chatted quickly after the game and they also got to meet fellow junior, John Defeo, they headed back up to Buffalo where they were staying and where I would be meeting them on Sunday 

On Sunday I drove up to Buffalo and had a great day and a good visit with them, we went to Famous Dave's to eat, a place I had never been before and then we got to attend the Sabres take on the Detroit Red Wings at the First Niagara Center. My billets are big Oilers fans but myself being a Red Wings fan they were happy to cheer for Buffalo and bug me a little along the way.  It was a nice way to get away from Fredonia and relax a little on Sunday and spend time with good people. They are staying in Buffalo till Tuesday and may even take in Niagara Falls from the American side so they can get the full perspective.

Well it's still a little early here with it being pretty quite in the library but I am off to my first class.
Seeing as I saw my billets, a little saying from my days as an Olds Grizzly
"Everybody Ropes, Everybody Rides"
Taylor Bourne #29

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