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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Everything is starting to get ramped up..........

Hello all,

It's Kurt Gottschalk #6 signing in for my third blog post of the year.   Its been pretty  busy these past few weeks at school as the semester is coming to its final stretch. As everything is starting to ramp up these last few weeks has made time fly. This past  week I was pretty busy with school, I had three exams that consisted of Geology, Accounting and Macroeconomics. Along with that I had a few Computer Science assignments to complete and a few short story history novels to read. Its that time of year where you have to stay ahead with your studies or you will fall behind.

Aside from school this weekend we had our big trip to Potsdam and Plattsburgh up in the Northern Country. On Friday we played against Potsdam and ended up in a 4-4 tie.Yesterday we lost against Plattsburgh in a 4-1 loss. Every game we play I find our team is getting stronger and stronger building a solid chemistry. I think we have a lot of potential as a team and we are only going to get better as a unit. This upcoming week we have Buffalo State then we are off for the American Thanksgiving break.

Just wanted to wish my teammate Darren Trebes a Happy Belated Birthday.

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" -Friday Night Lights

Till next time,

Kurt Gottschalk #6

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