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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

JD logging in for the blog #3 of the year today..........

JD logging in for the blog #3 of the year today,

After finally completing my 10 page formal lab write up this morning I managed to get myself out of the darkness and outside for a bit of fresh air.  It is a beautiful day here in Fredonia, mid 50's and sun is starting to shine through.  A quick week here for the fellas on the hockey team as we depart on Thursday afternoon to head all the way to Canton for our first road trip of the season.  Road trip weekends are my personal favorite during the hockey season.  Some guys dislike the long bus trip and staying at a hotel, but I see it as an adventure and another experience to remember with all of the boys.  But on another note we started off practice right yesterday with an energetic and vocal practice from the guys all around.  It was a hard nosed practice focusing in on the fine tuned touches.  We hope to continue that all the way through the weekend in seek of our first win of the season.  Wish us Luck!

-Hope All is Well
John DeFeo #15

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