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Friday, February 19, 2016

Senior Night .............


Hello everyone its Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into todays blog. I just wanted to say I am so glad its Friday, the weekend is finally here after a long week of study and presentations for me.

So last time I was on the blog I talk about how I broke my hand and unfortunately my season was over. Well just to update everyone, I have had my cast off for about a week now, doing therapy on my hand and it getting better each day. I have one more week left till I am officially able to lift weights or play any physical sport. So for me I am very excited to be able to use my right hand once again especially to write with and do school work.

So now to talk about a little hockey here, we have our to last games of the regular season tonight and tomorrow which we play against Cortland and Oswego. The guys have been practicing all week gearing up for our seniors last weekend playing together. The feeling for myself has not sunk in yet that these guys will be leaving at the end of the year, in which I am grateful to have great friendships with. For everyone out there that doesn't really know our team too well, we have a very close group of guys, and its always hard having guys leave and having in their last weekend of hockey.

Our Senior Night will be held Saturday to honor our seniors for the 4 years or less that they have been for. For myself I want to thank the seniors who are also my closest friends like everyone, on the team, for these past 3 years I have been here. They would t been the same without you guys and you will be missed but never forgotten that is for sure!

Knowing the team we have, these last two games will most definitely be selling out for the seniors, because they deserve that sort or character from the boys and I know no doubt the guys will do that for them.

Yours in hockey,

Mackenzie McAoy#27

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