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Monday, February 15, 2016

I know I won't soon forget Fredonia.........

It was a war of a weekend with two overtime losses, there was never any quit and we were a resilient group but unfortunately with the way things are, next weekend will be the final weekend of my college hockey career.  Reflecting back I still remember getting here meeting my new best friends Day 1.  The seniors that first year tell you just how fast it goes by and to take advantage while you're here. I think Mitch, Ryan and myself did just that and have had a great 4 years filled with more memories and experiences than we can count. I know that the relationships that I have developed here will be with me for life. It is also special that the three of us who have been together for 4 years are all from Alberta, who would have thought 5 years ago when we were playing against each other in the AJHL we would become more than teammates. Looking back I have definitely grown as a player and a person throughout my time here and have learned a lot along the way. I have had the pleasure of having the opportunity to play in a program with the best teammates, and I can't say enough about the guys that have been in the locker room throughout the years.  I wish the best to all the players that have been here and will be here in the future, I know I won't soon forget Fredonia.

Taylor Bourne #29

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