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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gotta go paint my face!

Hello all,
Marcus Ortiz back for another blog. Well its a sad time around the rink for us right now as reflections on missed opportunities and personal strife throughout the season lingers in the mind and the reality has sunk in.
On a positive note, the boys are all excited and getting geared up for tonight's home playoff game for women's basketball. we hope to cheer them on to a first round victory tonight and let them know that we are behind them 100%. 
We are at a time of year when we see more of the boys in the library and the gym than ever before. Lots of resting and recovering from a long season is occurring right now, as we all wish we were gearing up for a playoff game Friday... Well, its almost game time around here, gotta go paint my face!
Till next time,
Marcus Ortiz #28

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